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Instead of disconnecting every time you see a threat coming when you are enjoying some content from restricted websites, stay connected with the help of Disconnect Me. Disconnect Me is one of the best VPN services that you can get to protect your online identity, shield your online activities and allow you to access websites that are inaccessible in your location.

It is important to stay safe online because internet hackers can commit identity theft or get access to your private banking accounts if they can log into your online accounts and get hold of some sensitive information.

In the past, it was just about impossible to be safe online but now, thanks to secure VPN software, you can be as safe online as you would have been if you didn’t have an internet connection at all. Disconnect Me is a simple and straightforward VPN that restores your online privacy for free.

Tariffs and prices of Disconnect Me

Nothing is better than free protection. I guess that is why we love our parents so much. They protect us for free. In a way Disconnect Me is also a guardian angel that keeps you safe and makes your life simpler and easier. The membership options available from Disconnect Me are:

Basic – The basic membership is completely free. A single browser will be completely protected and all tracking and censoring attempts to this browser will be blocked out instantly.Pro – This membership blocks trackers and malware on your entire device and all browsers. The speeds are 44% faster and 39% less bandwidth and battery life. Pro version is also free of charge, but only for iOS, Mac OS, and Android.Premium – Enjoy protection for Mac OSX, Windows, iOS and Android devices with the premium option that provides privacy, high performance, secure Wi-Fi and mask your location. You can get all this at an annual cost of $50 and connect 3 devices simultaneously.

Disconnect Me server information

Disconnect Me is accessible from anywhere in the world and has servers in a whopping 114 countries. You can pretend that you are not at home by logging into any one of these 114 countries and enjoy the internet as if you were in a foreign destination. All the benefits of 114 countries can be yours instantly with this reliable VPN service.

Functions of Disconnect Me

This good VPN service has a lot of benefits and functions that will definitely improve your online experience. Some of the top functions that VPN clients can enjoy are:

  • Connect to servers in 114 countries, so you can have access to websites and content that are only available in these countries.
  • Stay anonymous no matter which sites you visit because VPN software will protect your IP address and thus your online identity.
  • Three security protocols are used to ensure your safety when you use the internet.
  • Connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots securely and keep nosy people out of your business.
  • Bypass censorship and unblock sites and social media sites that are restricted in your area without the risk of getting caught by these censoring programs.
  • Enjoy SmartDNS TV anywhere and access channels that would have been restricted in your area.
  • Choose the location you like and connect to a server that gives you the same freedom as those who are native to that country.
  • Fast connectivity speeds despite all the protection software from the most private VPN service.

Security and Privacy

Disconnect Me VPN software uses a 256 bit AES chipper for the OpenVPN and IKE2 security ports that will keep all the websites you access and the information you download encrypted and completely confidential. The USA VPN also keeps no user logs which mean no one will be able to track your URLs and browser history. Disconnect me only uses credit/ debit cards which means that there is no way you will be able to use their services completely anonymously and they will have the means to discover who you are if they really want to.

Support service

For support, you can refer to the website. The FAQ can guide you to some of the most common inquiries that most clients are faced with. You can also contact them by email to get any problems that you cannot solve yourself solved. The response is relatively fast but can vary for different locations.

Account setup

You can sign up for their premium membership via the website or an app. The VPN software can be downloaded and installed for free and you can use the basic membership for free. Once the registration is done, you will also have to pay the premium amount by entering your credit card details. Once the payment and installation processes are out of the way, you can start using the VPN software and enjoy the best protection for all your online activities.


Disconnect Me uses multiple platforms that include Windows, Mac OSX, and mobile apps for Android and iOS (compare OS compatibility with Avast VPN). The iOS app uses the IKE2 VPN protocol and not the OpenVPN one that all the other apps use. With the membership, you can connect three devices at once, which is perfect for flexible VPN clients who want to connect their desktop devices and mobile devices so they can travel or use the internet at home and remain completely secure and anonymous.


Disconnect Me has a lot of impressive features. The most outstanding features are the free download and free basic membership that offers you free protection. The fact that you can connect three devices at ones is also greatly flexible and the prices are affordable if you consider all the benefits that you will receive.

The security is fantastic and provides the needed safety for all online activities, not to mention that you can access geologically restricted websites and enjoy sites like Netflix no matter where you go. The server locations are not ideal for P2P but are still a great investment for travelers, individuals, and businesses who want to ensure that their privacy is the main priority.

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