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Best VPNs for Pokémon Go

Updated: January 3, 2022 By Dean Chester

The information in this article will help you play without speed limits and locks. Using VPN is simple and effective. Join millions of users from all over the world.

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Pokemon Go VPN logo

Pokémon is a fantastic game centered on collecting the fictional creatures named Pokémons. The player of the game who is referred to as a Pokémon Trainer is required to collect all the Pokémons in a certain fictional region. A player is striving to accomplish the Pokédex. When hunting for a Pokémon, a trainer has to throw a PokéBall to catch it. In Pokémon GO you can train the captured Pokémon and gather a team which is to compete against other trainers’ teams. Winning all the challenges will make you the winner of the league. 

But it is not always available from everywhere.

For this reason, have a quick look at the rating of 5 best VPN for Pokemon Go 2022:
  1. ExpressVPN: our experts’ best choice of VPN for Pokemon Go!
  2. NordVPN: good VPN for Pokemon Go to protect your online gaming!
  3. Surfshark: great VPN to safely play Pokemon Go everywhere!
  4. CyberGhost VPN: a no-log VPN for Pokemon Go!
  5. PIA: an outstanding VPN for Pokemon Go with the servers in 30+ countries!

The game supports both iOS and Android platforms

Pokemon Go Mobile

  • Nintendo has released over 17 feature films about Pokémon for these 20 years;
  • ‘Pokémon’ is short for ‘pocket monsters’;
  • The US players make 60% of the Pokémon Go’s players total number;
  • Pokémon GO has outweighed Tinder in a week after its release;
  • To catch and train your monster you have to go out;
  • The game uses GPS to display a Pokémon location;
  • Many cafes use the game to attract potential visitors;
  • Pokémon Go creation aim is to make people go out and communicate.

Pokémon GO Restrictions

According to the game developers Niantic Inc., only a handful of countries, such as Australia, the US, New Zealand, and 26 European countries can play Pokémon Go. It is also due to the server overloading, which is caused by the overwhelming number of people who want to play the game. People in 34 countries can play this Pokémon Go without restrictions.

Many other countries citizens are therefore wondering what they should do to play Pokémon GO.

How to Download Pokémon Go outside the US or Access Pokémon Go Using a VPN:

One of the best ways to get Pokémon is by changing your virtual location. Pokémon GO can be played anywhere using a VPN. VPNs offer a safer alternative to play Pokémon GO because it spoofing your virtual location and encrypts all the data.

Why do you need a Pokémon GO VPN if you live in one of those ‘lucky’ countries?

The reason is simple you need a qualitative Pokémon GO VPN service to stay secure while playing it. Here is one of an argument for using a VPN for Pokémon GO: the fact is that if you are an iPhone user the application (Pokémon GO) will get a full access to your Google account, which is obviously unnecessary for any game. The creators have assured that the mistake will be removed during the next application updating.

Top 10 tips to play Pokémon Go risk-free

  • Trust only the official version

Pokémon Go is still unavailable everywhere, so you should wait a little bit to get the official version than download from untrusted websites. There are many sources which are traps for new users. Offering to download the game they are going to get your private data. It is surely your system will be hacked, your information will be stolen, you will be disappointed. On the whole, the safest way is to download from Niantic.

  • Only HTTPS links should be used

For getting pokécoins it is necessary to pay for it. Making any payments check that an “https” URL is used. It is the only link you can trust.

  • Don’t share the private data

If you want to log in, your credentials from Google account will be asked after which all your private information will be accessible for the game developer Niantic. It includes shared information, browsing history, emails. So your data will be at threat.

The best way is to create a special account for playing the game. You may not reveal all your private data. It should help to protect you also.

  • Permissions should be paid attention

The application always requires your location information. It is alright as the game is based on it. Moreover, the storage is also needed for extra information for the game.

It is strange that your contact list is also required. The application is considered to be a multiplayer experience. But it isthe only rumor. What should you do? Using your settings you should withdraw contacts permission. Don’t be afraid, the application continues working.

  • It is necessary to know what you agree to

Of course, you do not read the Terms and Conditions often. But it is high time to start reading it for avoiding some troubles.

If you have found out that you can’t share something you have already agreed, you can send an email to the support service.

  • Removing the application delete the data

If you’re fed up with the game and decide to remove it, do not forget to delete your personal data. You should go to Niantic’s website and fill the form where you should write your email, the reason for deleting and some other information.

  • Avoid using Wi-Fi hotspots

Playing the game try to avoid using public Wi-Fi as it can lead to negative consequences. As you may know, public networks are used by hackers for stealing user’s information. It is considered to be insecure.

If you do not have a chance to avoid using it, you should use CyberGhost VPN which can protect you from being hacked.

  • Be protected in real life

Speaking about online privacy it is also necessary to mention the threat which is in real life. Nowadays virtual reality and real life are combined so sometimes it is difficult to distinguish them. If you have children, explain them the importance of being protected all the time despite how amazing the game is. Tell them about danger and potential threat.

  • Inform the company if you’re not satisfied with something

Do you consider the location where you catch pokemons is unsafe? Is it dangerous for your life? Don’t be afraid to inform the company about it. Your feedback can help the provider to change something and improve the game. Using their website you can contact them.

  • Do not provide extra information

Do not link your account using Facebook, Twitter or Google as it provides your additional private information. Changing the settings you can remove their authorization.

What Decision Have We Arrived At?

With the inclusion of the incredibly popular Pokémon Go and Pokémon X and Y, which have made up the 7th generation versions, the company has managed to surpass the $46 billion, which is a resounding success.

But there are still some shortages that we can bring through using a qualitative VPN for Pokémon GO. As we have already mentioned if you are an iPhone user the application will get a full access to your Google account, which is obviously unnecessary for any game. Moreover, VPN allows getting Pokémon GO if you live in a country where this game is inaccessible.

But, while playing Pokémon GO even using a VPN don’t forget about these cautions:

Despite the fact that Pokémon GO is a virtual game, it is an out-door-game. It means that you should be very careful while playing the game, because sometimes terrific things may happen.

Pokémon GO players must be careful also because some experienced criminals have tried to use the game in order to lead their victims to deserted places.

So, be careful with these pocket monsters and don’t forget to use a VPN service.

Make your online games more private and secure!

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