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BEST VPNS FOR FACEBOOK: The best apps for TV platforms 2021 (5 paid and 5 free)

Updated: July 12, 2021 By Dean Chester

By giving people the power to share, we're making the world more transparent.

Mark Zuckerberg

Here is the list of the top VPN providers for Facebook 2021. Have a quick look at them:
  1. ExpressVPN: Best privacy: diskless servers (no ability to keep logs), secure jurisdiction on the BVI, and crystal clear reputation. 94 countries support.
  2. NordVPN: US state standards level of encryption, introduces diskless servers, and has an open vulnerability search program. Interesting in the possibility of double encryption and has a huge selection of servers (more than 5800).
  3. Surfshark: The best combination of functionality, reliability, and price. Supports double encryption, has additional security features.
  4. PIA: One of the most respected services among security professionals. It has an unrivaled number of features to control the maximum number of connection parameters.
  5. CyberGhost: Universal VPN service with a list of special NoSpy servers in Romania, to which only company specialists have access.
Free VPN services for Facebook *:
  1. ProtonVPN: Free limited edition of one of the best VPNs. It differs in the absence of a traffic limit, but it severely limits the speed, the choice of countries (4), and the lack of access to secure servers.
  2. The main difference is that it works without any signup. Has a limit of 10GB per month, 3 countries, low speed, and connection failures.
  3. Windscribe: It has advanced features for bypassing lockouts, but only standard features work acceptably. 10GB per month, 10 countries.
  4. TunnelBear : Excellent speed, 20+ countries, AES-256 support, user-friendly interface. The disadvantage is 1500MB per month.
  5. VPN Gate : A non-profit project promoting the strong SoftEther protocol. Disadvantages – locations are mainly in Asia, there are no classic servers. Instead, computers of other users are used.

 * Free services often don't provide sufficient anonymity and security.

? Table of contents:

Facebook VPN logo

Facebook is the best free social media networking site that gives people from all over the world the freedom to share pictures, photos, events, news, memes, etc., to their friends on the Internet.

By the summer of 2020, the total number of users of this social network was about 2.5 billion. This is approximately a third of all active inhabitants of the Earth.

Unfortunately, Facebook is blocked in some regions because of certain reasons. What are the reasons to block Facebook?

We’ll promise you to answer this and a range of other frequently asked questions about Facebook. One of the most important parts of today’s post will be the rating of VPN services for you to choose the best one to work for Facebook!

4 Facebook facts for you to know

It is probably the most popular social network in the world. We’ve got used to Facebook and there seems to be nothing new to learn about, but we’ve found some facts that may be interesting to you:

  • Facebook is translated into 70 world’s languages;
  • There are more than 350 million people registered on Facebook. So, if it was a separate state it would be the 3rd largest population country after China and India;
  • More than 70% of all users are not from the US;
  • The US psychologists have presented a new diagnosis of Facebook dependence or FAD.

Have you found something new? We hope so.

Well, Facebook is the most popular social media network in the world. There are many people logging in to their Facebook account to check out the status of their friends and family and to be informed about the business world. Millions of people are sharing information, photos, videos, their current status, etc. through the Facebook media. It is hardly difficult to find a person without a Facebook account these days.

Let’s Turn To Old Faithful Statistics To Learn Facebook Even Better:

Some Stats:

  • More than 2.5 billion users upload photos each month;
  • More than 55 million statuses are published on a daily basis;
  • More than 3.5 billion content’s pieces, such as links, photos, videos, stories, notes, are shared each week;
  • More than 14 million users upload videos each month;
  • More than 65 million users connect to Facebook using their phones.

Now, I’d like you to look through all the ticks once again and answer one question:

Some ‘Sweet’ Facts about Android OS

  • The first device based on Android OS was released by HTC in 2008. It was called the HTC Dream. It was supplied with a full-size hardware keyboard but there wasn’t a standard headphone jack.;
  • Everyone knows that each new version of Android has its own ‘sweet’ name, which is selected in alphabetical order. Android 2.2 Froyo, Android 2.3.3-2.3.7 Gingerbread, Android 4.0.3-4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.1.x-4.3 Jelly Bean, Android 4.4 KitKat, Android 5.0-5.1 Lollipop, Android 6.0 Marshmello, Android 7.0 Nougat.;
  • Android 3.0 Honeycomb is inappropriate for Smartphones, it has been specially developed for tablets.;
  • In 2010 Sony Ericson released watches LiveView on the Android platform.

But still…

One more thing, you like travelling and for this very time you’ve decided to go to Peking because you have always dreamed to visit their eastern gardens and join the culture. But here is a problem, the Chinese authorities have imposed restrictions on Facebook and you can access neither Facebook nor Skype. What will you do then?

In another case, you want to access Facebook at lunch hour but it’s impossible because you are banned to connect to such sites by your employer. What should you do?

Let’s look at these cases deeper!

How to unblock Facebook: awesome checklist for users

If you want to avoid all the above-mentioned situations and unblock Facebook when it is not available (we’ll tell you a bit later why and where Facebook is blocked), you need to make use of a special service to do your best. Got intrigued what it is?

Use a VPN to unblock Facebook and keep yourself private and secure while chatting via this social network.

How VPN works to unblock Facebook:

VPN app takes 2 main steps:

  1. When you connect to VPN, the service changes your IP address into a ‘’fake’’ one. It makes you ’’invisible’’ for Internet Service Providers. Your personal IP is hidden in the VPN tunnel.
  2. All the data transferred through Virtual Private Network is codified. Internet Service Providers and other ‘’prying eyes’’ won’t see what traffic is passed. 

We have picked out 5 best VPNs for Facebook in 2021 and it is based on the following criteria:

  • VPN’s server park
  • Connection speeds
  • Data encrypting protocols
  • Compatibility with various platforms
  • VPN apps
  • Simultaneous connections
  • Usability

The Best VPN for Facebook based on the test results

Comparing more than 40 VPNs of various levels, I’ve selected the best 5 services that properly provide security and privacy. The best of these is ExpressVPN.

NordVPN, Surfshark, PIA, and CyberGhost are also well suited. They differ from ExpressVPN in functionality, speed, and supported technologies. 

Read on for a quick introduction to each of them.

Comparison of the main features of VPN services suitable for Facebook

Service Ranking (out of 10) Encryption standard Kill Switch Speed, Mbps Country selection Price (monthly)
ExpressVPN 10 AES-256 + >100 94 $6.67-12.95
NordVPN 10 AES-256 + >60 59 $4.13-11.95
Surfshark 9 AES-256 + >50 63 $2.49-12.95
PIA 9 Optional + >50 45 $2.69-9.95
CyberGhost 8 AES-256 + 40-70 90 $2.25-12.99

Read also my latest review of the best VPNs for Amazon Prime Video.

Keep reading to learn about the features of each of the five best VPN services for Smart TV.


Main advantages:

  • Better level of user security
  • High speed (over 150 Mbps)
  • Positive reviews
  • All platforms support


Over its 10-year history, ExpressVPN has been a leader in both equipment and popularity for most of the time. This was reinforced by relatively little competition.

I test this service at least once a month and I can say with confidence that today it is a leader in the VPN market.

As for protection when using social networks and bypassing lockouts in countries and individual networks where access to is prohibited, ExpressVPN has everything you need:

  • Impeccable reputation of a service that doesn’t share the information about its clients, no matter who they are.
  • The presence of the  Kill Switch technology, which protects against data leakage in the most extreme conditions.
  • Support of all OSs and platforms, including Chromebook and MacBook
  • One of the best country coverage (94)
  • Using diskless servers that cannot store user activity data

The tests showered 100% data protection even on mobile platforms in conditions of uncertain signal reception.


The table lists the ExpressVPN tariff plans:

  1 month 6 months 1 year
Monthly cost $12.95 $9.99 $6.67
Money-back guarantee, in days 30 30 30

You can subscribe to the service and download the apps on the ExpressVPN official website for safe access to Facebook.


  • ExpressVPN has a perfect reputation
  • Has more than 3000 servers in 94 countries
  • Has the best base of manuals for setting up any devices
  • Up to 5 devices per subscription
  • It doesn’t keep logs and is one of two VPN services I know that use diskless servers.
ExpressVPN Preview
Get an extra 20% discount through our link

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ExpressVPN for Facebook


Main advantages:

  • 5800+ IP addresses in 60 countries
  • Progressive WireGuard protocol
  • Double VPN
  • Convenient apps with connection visualization


NordVPN is especially close to me because it combines not only the highest standards of data protection, but also supports the technology of “secretive” use of VPN - obfuscation and works incredibly fast on Windows.

I want to tell you more about this feature.

You are unlikely to meet connection speed testing on various platforms somewhere. And this directly affects the quality of VPN use, and especially, it is relevant for Windows, where some services can connect to the server for up to a minute.

So, I always check the speed of connection to the VPN. And NordVPN with the NordLynx protocol WireGuard does it in about 3 seconds. Ten times faster! In practice, this difference is very noticeable, and after NordVPN most other VPNs just do not want to use.

A small drawback compared to ExpressVPN is the lower speed at US locations (measurements showed 30-50Mbps versus 50-70Mbps from a competitor).


The table lists the NordVPN tariff plans:

  1 month 1 year 2 years
Monthly cost $11.95 $4.92 $4.13
Money-back guarantee, in days 30 30 30

You can subscribe to the service and download apps on the official website of NordVPN.


  • NordVPN supports advanced technology
  • Effective for data protection and discreet bypass of restrictions
  • Has a large number of positive feedbacks from users and experts
  • Up to 6 devices per subscription
  • Uses diskless servers
NordVPN Preview
Use advanced technology to access Facebook

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Main advantages:

  • Best budget VPN for Facebook
  • Functionality focused on privacy and circumvention of restrictions
  • Obfuscation
  • Suitable for any OS


Surfshark has an excellent balance between the effectiveness in protecting personal data, the ability to cope with locks, and an affordable price.

This VPN service is rapidly gaining popularity and expanding its capabilities, but at the same time, it does not raise the price which is the lowest not only in our top five but also among all extra-class services.

Technically, it is somewhat inferior to the first two competitors, since it has not yet announced the use of diskless servers and does not support WireGuard. But this does not mean that it is worse. Before the advent of these technologies, access to the Internet via VPN was no less secure.

60 available countries, double VPN (MultiHop), additional security features to protect against tracking, static IP are just some of Surfshark’s features, which will be more than enough for you to unlock Facebook or protect your conversations.


The table lists the Surfshark VPN plans:

  1 month 6 months 2 years
Monthly cost $12.95 $6.49 $2.49
Money-back guarantee, in days 30 30 30

You can sign up, choose a tariff plan, and download software for your devices on the official Surfshark website.


  • Surfshark is cheaper than competitors
  • Advanced features
  • Quietly circumvents censorship
  • Support of all platforms for Facebook
  • Allows you to connect an unlimited number of devices per one subscription
  • Doesn’t keep logs
Surfshark Preview
Save money with extra class VPN service

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Private Internet Access

Main advantages:

  • Known as one of the most secure VPN services.
  • WireGuard
  • Affordable price + student discount
  • Has rare connection settings


I advise PIA to those who are well versed in protocols, encryption standards, DNS servers, DHCP, port forwarding, and other VPN settings. Only with this provider you can create a VPN tunnel without encryption or use 4096-bit authentication directly from the app.

For ordinary users, Private Internet Access will be interesting because of a good price with good rates of privacy and speed.


The table lists the plans for Private Internet Access:

  1 month 1 years 2 years
Monthly cost $9.95 $3.33 $2.69
Money-back guarantee, in days 30 30 30

Students can get an extra discount.


  • PIA is suitable for users with any level of knowledge in the field of virtual networks
  • All platforms support
  • Not suitable for streaming
  • Up to 10 devices per subscription
  • Considered one of the best VPNs for privacy
  • Doesn’t keep logs

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Private Internet Access for Facebook


Main advantages:

  • More than 6200 servers in 90 countries
  • NoSpy servers
  • Flexible pricing
  • 45-day money-back guarantee


CyberGhost is interesting primarily because it is the largest VPN service in 2021. Not a single competitor has such a developed technical base.

Kape Technologies, which owns CyberGhost, also owns the previously described Private Internet Access and ZenMate, a large budget service.

This fact in combination with a 9-year history of the service speak of the team’s experience and that you can trust them if you want to save money and choose a 3-year subscription, which has a significant discount.

CyberGhost does not always deal with censorship and does not have “invisible” protocols. It should be taken into account if there is a risk of problems with the law from the fact of using a virtual private network.


The table lists the CyberGhost tariff plans:

  1 month 1 year 3 years
Monthly cost $12.99 $3.99 $2.25
Money-back guarantee, in days - 45 45

CyberGhost offers a record-breaking period for testing apps during which you can return the money.


  • CyberGhost VPN - a large service with extensive experience
  • Doesn’t have ultra-modern features
  • Up to 7 devices per subscription
  • Doesn’t keep logs

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Concerns on Facebook Censorship

The censorships on Facebook and other social media sites is not a new problem at all. The censorship issues pertaining to social media are increasing every day. There are many countries with stringent policies and regulations about what content can be available to their people on the Internet.

As Facebook is a very common platform that most people use to express what they have in mind, many governments are very cautious about opening up the social media platform in their country. There may be a multitude of reasons from the government’s side pertaining to censorship of Facebook and other social media sites. What this all means is that an ordinary law-abiding citizen is deprived of his online freedom.

With censorships on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social nets and streaming services, Internet users have started to look out for various tools that will help them to get over such restrictions and censorships in their countries. So, how to unblock Facebook and start to communicate with friends and family through Facebook? One of the best tools to unblock the Facebook censorships in your region or country and to access it from your homes or offices is the VPN service. Using a VPN you can access Facebook from any point on the map.

Concerns on Facebook Censorship

Breaking free from Facebook restrictions

There are many tools that will help in unblocking the restrictions imposed on Facebook in your country. You can try to access Facebook through unblock Facebook proxy, but there are a lot of risks. In spite of bypassing the restrictions imposed and giving you access to Facebook in the censored country, it will also open its doors to hackers, cyber criminals and government snoopers accessing your online data and traffic. You should ensure that the tool that you use does not give freedom for others to interfere into your online privacy and security.

What tool can be actually used instead?

This is the reason why many people prefer to use the services of a highly ranked VPN service when it comes to bypassing restrictions and censorships placed on many social media sites and online video streaming services in many countries. It is the most secure tool on the planet giving you practically complete online freedom to access anything and everything you want on the Internet by ensuring your online security and protection from data leakages, hackers, snooping agencies and your own ISP provider.

Unblocking Facebook at work

Have you tried opening your Facebook page at your work or college? The network administrator at most workplaces and colleges is blocking Facebook in order to prevent the use of Facebook during work hours.

There are many ways you can use to unblock Facebook at work, but none of them will offer you a complete online privacy and security like a VPN service.

Why? Just because…

  • You can easily unblock the restrictions imposed on Facebook at your work using the free VPN for Facebook as it will change your present IP address and location and make Facebook ‘think’ that you are accessing the service from another country or region.
  • Also, the connection between your device and the VPN servers will be passing through a 128-bit or 256-bit encryption tunnel, depending on the VPN services you choose and hence it is very difficult for any hacker to crack the encryption.

How to get Facebook unblocked at work?

These several simple steps will make your Facebook account unblocked at work:

  1. Choose a VPN service from our rating in this article.
  2. Visit the official website and subscribe for the VPN service you have selected.
  3. Download their VPN app on your PC at work.
  4. Turn your VPN app on.
  5. Connect to Facebook account via the VPN’s server.

It is worth saying that one bypass Facebook restrictions in the same way at school. For further reading, read our post ‘’Unblock Facebook restrictions at school’’ where we give our followers simple tips for it.

Using Facebook in China through a VPN

China is a country where there is strong censorship and stringent policies in place as far as the Internet is concerned. There is a Great Firewall of China that needs to be bypassed in order to access many of the popular social media and streaming websites when you are in China.

This is why a lot of the Chinese Internet users have started to make use of the VPN services to access all the popular websites without any restrictions. They use popular and strong VPN services to get over the big firewall created by the Chinese government and access all favorite websites. There are many VPN services that are working despite strong VPN censorships.

We have tested whether Facebook is available in China and found out that one will fail to access it in Beijing, Shenzen, Inner Mongolia, Heilonjiang and Yuannan Provinces.

Make use of these best VPN China Facebook services to access Facebook without being tracked by the Chinese authorities.

A simple solution to unblock Facebook is to use the VPN tool. You'll also need a VPN for South Africa or Asia as you will find Facebook inaccessible in these countries as well.

A simple solution to unblock Facebook is to use the VPN tool

 Including everything that have been already mentioned it’s becoming apparent that to make your social net safer you need the best VPN for Facebook.

5 steps to unblock Facebook in China:

  1. Firstly, obtain a VPN subscription before you go to China.
  2. Secondly, download the VPN app on the device you are going to use Facebook.
  3. Thirdly, every time you want to chat on Facebook, be sure you VPN is on.
  4. Fourthly, connect via one of the foreign servers offered by your provider.
  5. Finally, your Facebook is expected to be unblocked in China.

Learn more how you can use Facebook with VPN in China in our special post.

Free vs. Paid VPNs: Which is better for unblocking Facebook?

When choosing a VPN provider, you should know what is more essential for you: strong protecting, low pricing or the chance to use it in a free way? Let us give some arguments for you to make a reasonable decision more easily.

You know, when one is allowed to obtain free VPNs, it doesn’t always mean that all the features proposed on the commercial base (for instance, strong data encoding or plenty of servers), will be provided for free. With a free VPN you won’t be as secure as with a paid one because the traffic is encoded with weaker data encrypting protocols. If it doesn’t bother you very much, you may download a free VPN. Why not?!

Paid VPN providers possess more servers in various possible countries. Therefore, you have great chances to choose among them and find the most suitable position for unblocking Facebook. Moreover, geo-location of the server affects the net speed as the longer distance data move across the, the slower internet connection is expected to be.

One more point which should be noted it is privacy. In case the matter of being private concerns you much, you should keep in mind that complimentary VPNs are believed to store their users’ logs which might be shared with outside organisations. Read a privacy policy carefully andchoose a logless VPN.

Next, I will introduce the five best VPN services with free use that Facebook is compatible with.

Warning: All free VPNs or proxies have significant drawbacks. For Facebook, they are too “dirty” IP addresses that can be in blocklists of and other resources that pay special attention to security. Besides, free solutions have slow speed, there is often a limitation in the amount of traffic and there are no technologies for “invisible” use.

Free ProtonVPN
ProtonVPN logo

Free ProtonVPN, more precisely, the free version of this Swiss VPN service, allows you to access blocked Facebook more effectively than other free VPNs.

The service does not support obfuscation but uses AES-256 to encrypt data. Testing showed no leakage of IP address and personal data.


  • All features are available only for the first 7 days
  • 4 available countries
  • Slow speed
  • Does not circumvent strict censorship

Free logo

The next VPN already has a traffic limit of 10GB per month, but it does not require any registration (just download the app and run it).

Easy enough to use and support of most platforms.


  • Limited traffic
  • 3 countries available
  • Low speed
  • No Kill Switch, which makes it potentially vulnerable when using mobile gadgets

Free Windscribe
Windscribe logo

Windscribe, like the previous service, has a limit of 10Gb per month, but only 2GB is available without registration. Potentially supports “invisible” protocols, but testing has shown that they are so slow that neither the site nor the Facebook app works.


  • Limited traffic
  • Slow speed
  • Interesting modes when using Facebook don’t work

Free TunnelBear
TunnelBear logo

TunnelBear VPN service has an excellent free plan that is almost as good as paid in technical specifications. But at the same time, it limits the traffic to only 1500MB / mo.


  •   Unattractive limited traffic

VPN Gate
VPN Gate logo

The best option for advanced users - VPN Gate. This is not a regular service, but a community of volunteers who provide their computers as servers in exchange for the ability to use a VPN.

The system is completely free and is coordinated by a Japanese university.


  • Mostly Asian locations
  • Using computers of other users
  • Servers can shut down at any time
  • Time-consuming setup, especially the change of “servers”


🕵 Do you think the social net is safe enough?

Let us get all this straightened out!

Considering the fact that any Internet connection is understood as a vulnerable one can we be sure that all this vast information we share won’t fall into unworthy hands? No!

Good, we are moving on.

Now let’s imagine that a photo with your new boyfriend or party’s fellows will be spilled to each Internet user. Will you like it?

Surely, no!

Imagine such a thing, you have come home from a job and found your Facebook profile cracked. (Just remember when last summer HBO and Facebook accounts were hacked).  Do you think there won’t be all the information leakage?

And no again!

❓ Is it legal to unblock Facebook with a VPN?

In many countries applying VPN is not banned but in those having a severe legal system (as in Iran, China, North Korea) it is forbidden. Lately this year, it was reported that a young man from one the Chinese provinces was sentenced for selling a VPN on his website. Getting a VPN for Iran is also a risky affair. If people use those VPN services which are known to the government and they are ‘’approved’’, their personal data is tracked by the authorities.

The authorities of such states are constantly trying to control online chatting or internet activities, due to this chatting with Facebook friends online in these countries is not possible. But when you are travelling to one of the listed states, subscribe for a VPN service in your native place before passing a frontier. That would be more reliable in case you must be in touch with your relatives and friends by using Facebook.

👉 Why is a VPN reliable for unblocking Facebook?

Well, a VPN service is stated to be one of the most forcible tools for deploying Facebook where it is forbidden by censorship. Why is it thought to be so respectable among Facebook users? The answer is almost ‘’on the surface’’.

 First and foremost, it conceals your authentic geo-location which opens the borders for signing into your personal Facebook account. Therewith, the tool encrypts the data which is transferred from one point to another on the internet space. That fact means your private information can’t be seen by anyone, neither a cyber snooper nor your ISP. This may guarantee pretty high security from cybercriminals seeking for victims floating around the Internet.

📲 How to download a VPN on Facebook mobile?

Once you are in China or any other country where Facebook is not unblocked due to certain reasons, you would need a VPN app to unblock your account from there.

Since recently, Facebook has been offering to install an always-on VPN Onavo for a Facebook mobile app. It seems Facebook users are not very impressed with this new protective feature developed by the company.

Indeed, while your internet connection is redirected through Onavo servers, your mobile traffic will be collected, which means that the company will be aware of any online activity you perform on the network.

Let’s sum up the discussion

You’ve learned that:

  • Certainly, Facebook is the most popular social network for today. People from different countries have become users of Facebook. But, there are some countries, which have imposed restrictions on the service due to various factors. By giving people the power to share, Facebook makes the world more transparent and more insecure the same time.
  • A vast amount of different data is shared via the social net, which makes it vulnerable to hacker attacks and data leakage. A VPN for Facebook is a great way out. It hides your IP address, encrypts all the data and bypasses the restrictions by changing your virtual location. The best VPN for Facebook is a simple solution for your anonymity, privacy, and security. 

Here we tried to pick out 5 best VPN services for unblocking Facebook. They have gained great popularity among network users because of the quality functions they bring in their tariffs. They apply strong protocols for data encoding, fast internet connecting and helpful customers’ support.

It is up to you what plan to take, but don’t forget to read all the information concerning the selected VPN for Facebook attentively in order to choose the most appropriate variant for your needs. Good luck!

Have you already chosen the best VPN service for you? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. We are glad to answer your questions. 

If you find the article helpful for you, share it on social media to have at hand!

Senior Researcher
Dean Chester
Cybersecurity and online privacy expert and researcher. He's been published on OpenVPN, EC-Council Blog, DevSecOps, AT-T Business, SAP Community, etc. Dean has been testing VPNs for 8 years.

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7 comments for BEST VPNS FOR FACEBOOK: The best apps for TV platforms 2021 (5 paid and 5 free)

HeartKiller's picture
I have to use VPN for FB

I have to use VPN for FB cause I live in Asia and there's simply no other choice. I've been using PureVPN for a couple of months, but I don't like it when FB asks me for security check so often. What VPN would you recommend to avoid it? It's not a huge problem, but it's pretty annoying. I heard NordVPN is a good one, has anyone got any recommendations?

enbonde's picture
FB kept blocking my accounts

For some reason, FB kept blocking my accounts for five times in a row. The reason is that they suspect my account of "suspicious activity" and all I do is have an occasional chat with friends or family. Can VPN fix it? I suppose, I will have to buy a subscription, but I don't want to spend lots of money on it since I'm not sure it's gonna work. Could anyone recommend a cheap and good one?

reversedance's picture
Censorship on facebook is a

Censorship on facebook is a problem, what freedom of speech can we talk about then. I've started using vpn not long ago, still looking for the best option. Currently, I'm using CyberGhost, but it doesn't always work. I like the prices of Private Internet Access, probably gonna give it a try. As for streaming, not my cup of tea, so for me it should be a great option. Thanks!

jungk's picture
couldn't get access to

couldn't get access to facebook recently due to some restrictions. Now everything seems okay after installing NordVPN. Can't say I'm broad-minded about all that, but I agree with the obvious advantages of this one. I was also quite pleased with the trial period and the lack of pop-ups. The previous service was constantly freaking me out, ugh.

Jamms's picture
I certainly think VPN service

I certainly think VPN service is a much better option than a free proxy. For me, it provides much faster speeds and connections and is more secure than random proxy networks. ExpressVPN is probably the best one, giving whole access to Facebook from any spot. Well, the price is kinda high for me, but I'm ready to pay for good quality of services. Not sure about the other ones on the list, have never tried them before.

Drew's picture

VPN for Facebook? Are you from China or North Corea, comrade? If FB is restricted in your area you need to change your IP via VPN service to avoid facing geo-restrictions. But why do people still use Facebook? It's so boring. I use it only for business purposes to manage our ads. Do you use any sort of VPN when doing your Facebook work? I don't want to get banned by Facebook because I'm on a VPN that's connected to another city or country. Are they concerned more about devices than IP? I haven’t found any useful information about this in Facebook Help Center.

harris's picture
I don't usually recommend

I don't usually recommend products I don't use since I don't feel comfortable doing the other way. I'd say, VPN is worth it for the sense of security being able to change your IP address quite easily. I'd also recommend checking VPN services policies, comparing the number of services they provide and the prices before choosing the best option. As for me, NordVPN works the most efficiently and I've never had issues with that one. The prices are quite convenient, so I'd say a paid VPN is worth it. Hope I gave you some info you really needed, sorry for the long text.