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Last updated: June 1 2020 By Dean Chester

Best VPNs for TWITTERHi guys!

A recognizable blue bird logo is widely associated with Twitter. Being a widely spread social net allowing users from all over the world keep their mini blogs, Twitter has developed ‘Golden Tweet Award’ for a tweet that will get the largest number of retweets. Moreover, Twitter is a main competitor of Facebook that counts 3, 6 million followers.

Being one of the leading social nets in the world, Twitter is difficult to access for many Internet users. The thing is that some of the world countries follow the policy of total censorship.

Here is the list of the best VPN providers that will help you to unblock Twitter wherever you are:
  1. ExpressVPN: 256-bit encryption, 30-day money back guarantee, 24/7 customer service.
  2. NordVPN: fast speed, strong encryption, unlimited bandwidth.
  3. Surfshark: P2P support, strict no-logs policy, 256-bit encryption.
  4. CyberGhost VPN: servers more than in 90 countries, 7 devices simultaneously, fast connections.
  5. PIA: 3380+ servers around the globe, 10 simultaneous connections, 7-day money-back guarantee.

Such countries as China, Iran, the UAE, Vietnam, the North Korea, Bangladesh, Turkey and some others don’t allow their Internet users accessing to this one of the most famous websites.

The reasons for the censorship can be different but most of them come down to the desire of the governments to save the national values through it.

But the kind of censorship is not the only reason for circumspection. There are also such threats on the Internet as eavesdropping, racing and cracking provided by hackers, computer frauds and fishing companies.

In order to do oneself well on the Internet and work securely and anonymously one needs a qualitative VPN service that can help to avoid all the threats we have mentioned.

What is a Twitter VPN?

A VPN for Twitter is a virtual private network that fulfills some of the main functions for your online protection:

  • a Twitter VPN hides your real IP address;
  • a good VPN for Twitter holds many servers in different countries and therefore gives you a chance to choose any virtual location you wish;
  • the best VPN for Twitter helps avoiding any restrictions;
  • the best Twitter VPN uses up-to-date VPN protocols for creating a secure tunneling;
  • a qualitative Twitter VPN encrypts all your traffic;
  • a reliable VPN for Twitter provider doesn’t use any logging data, which makes your online work anonymous.

Having considered the functions the best Twitter VPN fulfill, you can make a conclusion that if you want to have access to Twitter and stay safe while networking you need a qualitative VPN for Twitter.

How to choose the best VPN for Twitter?

In order to make the best choice of a VPN for Twitter you need to know that a high-quality VPN for Twitter is a VPN that holds many server locations.

If you are looking for the best Twitter VPN for China or Iran your VPN service needs to have many virtual locations in those countries where access to Twitter is permitted.

Moreover, the best Twitter VPN tunneling is such a tunneling that is created with the help of the latest VPN protocols for your data encryption.

On top of all that you have to pay attention to the fact that the best Twitter VPN is a VPN that supports multiple devices and platforms. While choosing Twitter VPN for Android, Twitter VPN for iOS, Twitter VPN for your iPhone, don’t forget to look at the technical support the best Twitter VPN provides.

In addition, the best VPN for Twitter should accept different payment methods and provide you with a trial version and money-back guarantee.

The best VPNs for Twitter’ summary

Being the main competitor of Facebook that counts 3, 6 million followers, Twitter is still inaccessible for many users from such countries as China, Iran, the UAE, Vietnam, the North Korea, Bangladesh, Turkey and some others. The thing is that the countries censor the entire Internet concerning their citizen online activities.

If you live in one of those countries or just want to stay safe while networking you need a reliable Twitter VPN. The best Twitter VPN hides your real IP address and encrypts all the transferring traffic. In addition, a reliable Twitter VPN provider doesn’t keep any logging or metadata, which makes the service much more anonymous.

We have taken notes of the main characteristics the best Twitter VPN should have and hope that the best VPNs for Twitter’s rating will help you make a right decision and save your free time. All the best!

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