How to hide your IP address on the Web

  • Posted on: 16 February 2019
  • By: Sam

Have you known that approximately 98% of Internet users sitting at a computer right now are not aware of their IP addresses and even don’t know how it looks like? However, today this knowledge is vital.  

Keep reading if you want to learn what is an IP address and the best way to hide it on the Web. Don’t worry. I do not get too techie to you.

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Ready? Let’s start.

What is an IP address?

What does your friend need to send you an email? Right! It’s your mailing address. The same is for remote computers. They need your IP address to communicate with your computer on the Web.

As well as your house has a certain address to get mail, your connected device has an Internet address in order to receive information on the Net. This address allows smart devices to communicate with others through the Web.

A cool fact…

Every website has its own IP address, but it goes by its name instead:,, etc. Without the IP address, they will not be able to share their information with you and you will not connect to them.

Isn’t it simple? In fact, IP (Internet Protocol) addresses are nothing more than system identifiers. The common type of IP addresses is known as IPv4. However, there is also IPv6 that supports a maximum number of IP addresses that will never run out.

Here are some examples of valid IP addresses:

  • –
  • –

Why hide an IP?

Actually, there are a lot of reasons why to hide an IP today. Some Internet users prefer to stay invisible on the Internet in order to bypass geo-blocking or access restricted websites, others – to hide online activity from prying eyes.

Despite your IP addresses does not disclose your name, address, bank details or other extremely sensitive data about you, it can tell your ISP or other third-parties where you are and what websites you are visiting. A lot of cautious netizens are not satisfied with such a fact and prefer to use different tools in order to ensure privacy on the Internet.

Fortunately, today it is quite easy to mask an IP, especially if you know what tools to use. Are you ready to learn more about them? Then, let’s start.

How to hide your IP address?

The main benefits of VPNs1. VPN Software

Actually, a VPN is the best tool for convenient IP changing. A VPN technology was initially developed for employees who worked remotely

and had to connect to the servers privately. Today this technology is available for all individual Internet users worldwide. Moreover, some

of VPN providers are free of charge. But how can it change your IP?

Here’s the deal…

A VPN changes your IP by assigning you a virtual IP address (as a rule you can choose among various addresses worldwide). Your real

IP address will be used for a connection to a VPN. However, all other traffic will be tunnelled over your private network. It means your ISP

or other third-parties will see only your virtual address, not a real one.

Today individual users, as well as businesses, prefer a VPN to other tools for IP masking. It is understandable. The truth is a trustworthy

VPN provider has a lot of benefits which are crucial with today’s unsafe situation on the Internet.

Major benefits of a VPN:

  • Masks your IP;
  • Encrypts your traffic;
  • Allows to get past geo-blocking;
  • Allows torrenting safely.

To set up a VPN client takes minutes. Moreover, a lot of VPN services have a user-friendly interface that makes safety on the Web extremely simple and convenient.

2. Proxy Servers

Proxy servers are immensely efficient at getting past geo-restricted website, though slower and not so safe as VPNs. Proxies mirror your activity on the Internet. They take your traffic and control it. So, the website you are going to connect “see” only the traffic intercepted by a proxy server.

The main advantage of using this tool is the availability to connect to any proxy server in the world. As you might have known some streaming services like Netflix or BBC restrict certain content for other countries. However, with a proxy server, you will easily bypass this restriction. Just connect to a proxy server based in the UK or the USA and all content will be available for you. Nice! But…

Here is the catch…

Proxy servers are far from being safe. Let’s say, you have accessed restricted content of Netflix from your country. However, your traffic will not be encrypted. It means, your private information will be still available for ISP, government or other third-parties. Exactly for this reason, it is not recommended to use proxy servers for torrenting.

Pros and cons of proxy servers

3. The Onion Router

The Onion Router, or simply Tor, was developed for the USA Navy in the 90s in order to transfer data secretly. As well as VPN software, today Tor is accessible for everyone on the Internet. Despite it is usually associated with dark web and cybercriminal activity, it has its own advantages. In fact, Tor technology provides anonymity to servers and websites you are visiting. How can Tor mask your IP?

Tor anonymously connects you to a volunteer-operated network of servers (over 4,500). Instead of a direct connection, a user applies the network by connecting through a series of virtual tunnels. This enables you to get a new IP address.

Besides, with Tor, it’s possible to access some websites that are not available with ordinary browsers. At the same time, it uses apps that are not protected and can put your personal information at risk. Tor is not able to guard your sensitive data against higher authorities and your ISP. Besides, if you use Tor browser for BitTorrent or other torrent clients, your IP address will be easily revealed.

However, the main disadvantage of the Onion Router for Internet users worldwide is connection speed. With Tor, your traffic goes through several nodes, that’s why your Internet connection speed reduces a lot. It makes surfing on the Internet extremely inconvenient.

Pros and cons of The Onion Router


I hope this article was useful for you. Today changing an IP is one of the main security measures on the Internet. There are a lot of ways to mask your IP nowadays. However, a VPN is rightly considered to be the most secure one. Such VPNs as Windcribe or ProtonVPN will help you to stay anonymous and safe on the Web.