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Last updated: May 19 2020 By Dean Chester

Brazil is a country seen by most people as free as far as access to the internet is concerned. However, there is the prohibition of the anonymity of journalists.

This means that internet providers and search engines are under pressure by the government to ensure that they monitor their customers’ online behavior. This is why you require accessing the best Brazil VPN services which will ensure that you access the internet freely and without looking over your shoulder.

Have a look at the best VPN providers for Brazil in 2020:
  1. ExpressVPN: a nice choice for Brazil with apps for all popular platforms, unlimited speed, or bandwidth.
  2. NordVPN: a perfect provider with IKEv2/IPSec protocol and AES 256-GCM ciphering.
  3. Surfshark: good VPN for Brazil, it offers unlimited server switch and robust encryption.
  4. CyberGhost VPN: a great service offering a 45-day money-back guarantee and fast connections.
  5. Private Internet Access: an amazing provider that supports 10 multi-logins and a 7-day money-back guarantee.

With the Internet penetration of 59.7%, the residents of Brazil suffer from blocking of some websites and online services. To be more specific, people living or visiting this hot country don’t have access to some social media platforms and applications.

Restrictions in Brazil

Social media websites and blogs undergo blacklisting in Brazil regularly. Some become inaccessible forever, others at regular intervals.

Thus, it is not always possible to browse a page of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo.

Moreover, WhatsApp messenger was blocked several times by the authorities:

  • December 2015
  • May 2016
  • July of 2016

In view of constant apps’ blocking and websites’ filtering, it is recommended to use VPN services in Brazil to surf the Internet with minimal or no restrictions.

Anonymous web browsing in Brazil

According to the local jurisdiction, it is prohibited to conduct any activity anonymously. That is the reason why WhatsApp messenger was blocked several times. The thing is that WhatsApp communication is encrypted, which contradicts the laws of Brazil

What is even more surprising is that the Internet Service Providers in Brazil are obliged to provide the government with the IP data if it is required.

Though any resident of Brazil may be easily monitored, still there is a way to surf the Internet anonymously – Virtual Private Networks. With a good VPN set up, you can always check your IP and be convinced it's safe to surf the Internet.

Do I need a VPN for Brazil?

Perhaps, you do!

Otherwise, you would not be given an opportunity to…

… browse the Internet anonymously

VPN services will easily encrypt all your traffic including IP address, web history, and transferred data.

… use apps blocked for Brazil

WhatsApp, Telegram, or any other app and website will be available for you in Brazil after you change your IP address into a VPN server’s IP.

… get access to the US Netflix library

Unblock Netflix originals and get access to the full library of Netflix. All you need is to change your IP into an American one.

VPNs for Brazil: Conclusion

It doesn’t matter what you are going to do on the Internet, but it is 100% true that your web surfing will be completely different from the one you got used to. Look through the short VPN reviews and find the best VPN for you in Brazil!

If you still hesitate what VPN to subscribe for, leave your question in the comments and we will assist you in making the right choice!

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