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Whoer VPN Review


However, the company was created long ago. Since 2008 the company’s website has been specializing in providing a variety of information about a customer by using an IP address and data transferred by web-browser.

The company launched its VPN service with the possibility of free using from 2016 to continue the mission of providing privacy on the Internet. I tested Whoer VPN and prepared the review of all opportunities of Whoer VPN, including a free version.

 Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of this provider. Keep reading and you'll learn:

The opportunities of Whoer VPN

In this chapter, I will tell you about all the opportunities offered by the provider and describe the features of both paid and free versions.

General characteristics

+ Availability of a free plan

+ The jurisdiction of Cyprus

+ Kill Switch available

+ no IP leaks

+ Double VPN

+ Configurations for routers

- Servers in 16 countries

- No apps for Android, iOS,  and  Linux

- Information about the company-owner is not available

As soon as you pay for the service, you can choose among 16 servers all around the world. Whoer offers server in 16 countries:

  • USA,
  • Russia,
  • Canada,
  • Germany,
  • Netherlands,
  • France,
  • Ukraine,
  • Italy,
  • Sweden,
  • Switzerland,
  • Singapore,
  • Spain,
  • Romania,
  • Hong Kong,
  • Lithuania.

As you can see the range of servers is wide. The main advantage is that Whoer has a server in the USA. It means you can easily access American paid streaming services and unblock whole possible content of such services.

The features of free version

Most people who ask questions about Whoer VPN look for a free VPN. In this chapter, I will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of a free plan and in what cases you can use it. Whoer’s free plan is a trial one. But it's not entirely true. Free trial VPNs have limitations by the time of use. It is usually from 1 to 7 days. Whoer VPN limits the time too, but … until 01.01.2025.

period of free use

2029 of free usage

That’s great news, isn’t it? But take your time. During this period only one location in the Netherlands will be available for you with a 1Mbit/s speed. Speed test showed less than 1Mbit/s – 0.87-0.90 Mbit/s:

Speed test for Whoer

Naturally, Double VPN wouldn’t normally work. Why? It provides a double connection to maximize privacy and requires at least 2 locations.

What can you do with a 1 Mbit/s speed VPN?

- to unblock websites without video content (or with the minimum quality of videos);

- to hide IP for sites where speed is unnecessary (NL IP available);

- torrenting of small files;

-  protection in public Wi-Fi networks.

What can you not do with a free Whoer VPN?

- use the Internet as always;

- unblock Netflix and other streaming services;

- use the servers located in the other 15 countries;

- use Double VPN.

I didn’t have any problems such as slow connections or disconnections when I used a free version. But I recommend this plan only for simple tasks which don’t require any speed. And I don’t suggest it for constant use because the time of opening and downloading of webpages is significantly high. Moreover, the only available NL location won’t be useful for many people.

How to get Whoer

You may download Whoer VPN from the official website. A full paid version consists of three plans:

1 Month Plan: $9.90

6 Months Plan: $6.50 ($39 every 6 months)

1 Year Plan: $2.45 ($29.7 per year)

Prices of  Whoer VPN

Three Whoer paid plans

The most remunerative is the 1-Year Plan. It allows saving 60% of the whole price. As you can see below, Whoer supports different ways of paying: cryptocurrencies or online payment settlement systems. As to me, it is rather convenient as such paying methods are up-to-date and becoming more and more popular among Internet users nowadays.

But is it worth paying the money, even if the top 10 VPN services have lower prices? Keep on reading to keep more about that.

Want to get Whoer for free? It is not a problem! Let's see how to do it!

Platforms supported by the service

Right now you can download the client only on Windows, OS X.

For Linux and other systems, only OpenVPN configurations to install it manually. Read the website step-by-step instructions, for example, the one for Linux.

Concerning the extensions for browsers, Whoer offers a good range. There are plugins for:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Yandex Browser

Remember, a Whoer browser extension is not a VPN, but a proxy. It means that not all technologies related to Virtual Private Network will be accessible for you. It concerns fully secure tunneling of traffic for protection in public Wi-Fi and encryption of DNS requests. If you need a browser extension with a full-fledged VPN, you may use, for example, ExpressVPN.

Is there any mobile performance?

Unfortunately, WhoerVPN doesn't support any mobile app. However, Whoer developers are in progress of making it.

Furthermore, for those, who wish, the application is already affordable for testing on Android on this link (APK file).

What encryption methods are applied

Whoer is a highly secure VPN. It uses 256-bit encryption for the traffic passing through the network.

It's generally believed that 128-bit encryption is enough for most of the tasks. However, in the pursuit of a client, most VPNs rely on more complicated and reliable 256-bit encryption of traffic.

Whoer VPN does the same.

The protocol that the provider uses is OpenVPN. It's considered the most robust today.

At the same time, the use of this protocol makes it more difficult to configure devices with no apps developed. First of all, download and install OpenVPN software and configure it properly. You may find the instructions on Whoer’s website.

In addition, “naked” OpenVPN doesn’t have Kill Switch and  IP leak protection and, therefore, your anonymity will not be so excellent as with a fully-featured VPN application. 

Whoer VPN: speed test results

All the information mentioned above sounds good. Now let me test the VPN and see if it is fast.

Below you may see the result of the speed without a VPN connection.

I've checked the speed after connection to the free server in the Netherlands and was disappointed with the result. The VPN reduces speed too much.

OK, now let's test the VPN for IP Leak.  I've connected to the same server in the Netherlands. Let's check IP.

The test is successful!

In spite of the fact that the speed test was disappointing, I was satisfied with the IP Leak Test. This feature is too vital for any VPN provider.

The fact is that Virtual Private Network without additional measures doesn’t protect 100%.  There are ways to find out your current location by peculiar IP leaks of this technology. That’s why the provider of a good VPN service has to think about supplementary actions for increasing safety and privacy.

Russian company Tecman, where WHOIX Ltd ordered the software for desktops, managed to cope with this task. IP leaks are absent during the use of Whoer VPN apps.

Privacy Policy of Whoer VPN

Before installing this or that VPN, one should carefully read a Privacy Policy as his security on the Internet is at stake.

Logs are things number one, you should check before using a VPN.

So, let's see a Privacy Policy of Whoer.

The developers ensure us that the VPN doesn't contain any information about customers, statistics and traffic are kept in secret. I recommend you to pay attention to this advantage as it is crucial.

Whoer VPN: advantages and disadvantages

Let's see if Whoer is a reliable VPN for surfing the Net. Let's cover its advantages and disadvantages as well.

  1. No logs. I have already mentioned that Whoer doesn't keep any logs. I think every person understands how important this feature is for a safe Internet connection.
  2. Amount of servers. A provider has decent location coverage. You can choose a server among 16 countries.
    It’s not so much as other providers have, but it’s not as little as the most popular Betternet has.
    It's also a possibility to unblock Netflix or other streaming services.
  3. Open VPN protocol. Whoer VPN supports the most robust protocol - OpenVPN.
    This protocol is a nice thing, because it has an open code, and it is possible to install it and relatively easy to set for any platforms in the cases when VPN doesn’t have an app to download.
    It is well-protected and doesn’t have any vulnerabilities.
    So, I can say for sure that this VPN is trustworthy.
  4. Reliable encryption. 256-bit encryption is the feature I check on all VPNs first, as privacy comes first. Of course, today almost all VPN providers support such kind of encryption, but it is better to make sure about it before using a VPN.
  5. Offer user-friendly software. The interface of the software is pleasant and easy to use. Mr.Whoer is a cute mascot of a VPN. You don't need to be an advanced netizen to download, install and use the software.
  6. Speed. Unfortunately, I'm not satisfied with it. Speed may become the number one reason to avoid Whoever. Especially if you're going to use it for watching films or downloading files.
  7. The lack of an iOS app. It is an open secret that smartphones are popular today. Some customers are just looking for software to stay safe while traveling. Unfortunately, Whoer will fail to fulfill this task.
    An Android app is also available only in the test format.
  8. The information about the company-owner and its founders is difficult to access. There is a perception that Whoer VPN hides its potential Russian background.

There’s no information that would prove its participation in any projects or conferences connected with its type of activity.

The information about company-owner

As I have mentioned above, the company is located in Cyprus. There is no data about the owners in open access. WHOIS information about the holder of a domain is concealed. Taking into account the fact that only two languages (English and Russian) are available on the website and in the app, as well as a software company is located in Russia. That’s why I consider that Whoer VPN has Russian origin.


Georgiou Zolota, 5A Strovolos, Lefkosia 2045. Cyprus

Website: whoer.net

Whoer.net services

Describing the pros of Whoer, it is impossible not to mention the official website of a provider. The website itself has helpful services for online activity. There are several of them but I want to cover the most useful of them.

Describing the pros of Whoer, it is impossible not to mention the official website of a provider

One of the most popular services is "My IP". You don't have to enter any information, just go to the website and you will see a lot of useful information about your Internet connection: your IP address, country, DNS, ISP, and others. You will be surprised how much data can be determined via your IP only! It is also a good way to check how other websites on the Internet "see" you and what sensitive data they may use for advertisement.

Another helpful feature is Whois. This service shows public information about an IP address or domain. The server can provide an address of a user or a website. To get this information you just need to enter the IP address or domain name in the field, and the service will instantly display all available data about it.

Another helpful feature is Whois

There are other useful services on whoer.net. Visit this site, I think you'll find it useful.

Whoer alternatives

As I have already mentioned Whoer is not the best free VPN for torrenting. It also hasn't got an application for iOS.

In case Whoer is not appropriate for your aims, check out its alternatives.

NordVPN is the best VPN service with incredible possibilities, availability of a free trial version, the money-back policy, and low price.

Surfshark is one of the cheapest VPNs with expanded functionality, the applications for all platforms, reliability, and safety.

CyberGhost VPN is a great VPN, which fits perfectly for torrenting and bypassing geo-restrictions of video streaming services.


Now let's sum up all the information mentioned above.

Whoer VPN is a young and small VPN service, which is only starting to develop its infrastructure and software. 16 available countries and only two platforms with apps (I don’t speak about an Android app because it is still being tested) – are not enough for satisfying paid service, especially for that kind of money.

But if you think about a free VPN, Whoer is the best among competitors because of an unlimited trial plan.

It’s a pity that Whoer is accessible only for desktops.

I believe that Whoer VPN is for those who use Windows or macOS for the tasks where you don’t need speedy connections, but strong privacy is obligatory.

Thank you for reading my review, I hope the information was useful. Good luck!


prefix 3 years ago
I see after using it for ~6 months that apart from its awful name nothing really stands out about this service.
Whoer team
prefix 2 years ago
Dear user, please describe in more detail what you did not like
Ralphie C
prefix 3 years ago
I read that Whoer doesn’t encrypt the urls you’re visiting so anyone can see them. Not secure at all if true.
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