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Twitter account of the government critic, who criticized the president of his country in a social network, was blocked. The activist, who left an uncomplimentary comment regarding the local authorities, was accused of libel. And the judge, who wrote that the president put pressure upon the internet users, was discharged.

Such suppression of freedom is rife in China, but not in one of the most democratic countries of the world – South Korea.

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South Korea, with its trendy K-pop videos and cool Samsung phones, is emerging as a vibrant and developed economy despite the political troubles with its Northern brother. The country boasts some of the fastest internet connection speeds in the developed world. However, these impressive broadband packages are also highly censored.

In 2013, Freedom House, a censorship advocacy group, ranked South Korea as “partly free” when it comes to internet freedom. South Korea is listed among Russia, Egypt, and Thailand on the list of “Enemies of the Internet” published by Reporters without Borders. According to The Economist, thousands of websites are blocked each year by a government-appointed independent body.

Internet restriction in South Korea

South Korea, like many other countries, regulates internet access to prevent the spread of prostitution and illegal gambling. All pro-North Korea sites, blogs, and social media accounts are blocked, of course.

While this long list of restrictions may make sense on paper, it is not necessarily so when practice. For example, South Koreans cannot access Google Map data for their own country because of a law prohibiting the distribution of maps when the country is at war (South Korea is technically at war with North Korea).

Clearly, this presents serious access issues to South Korean internet users, who may be restricted from visiting seemingly innocuous sites due to vague national security laws.

South Koreans also have little privacy online, as government spies are constantly monitoring comments and posts for North Korean sympathizers. South Korean users can bypass these unfair rules by purchasing one of the following VPNs:

Internet censorship in South Korea

The country is a world leader on the Internet and the broadband network, but South Korean residents don’t have access to the free and unstrained Internet. The government of South Korea regulates the content on the Internet and censors the websites dedicated to the elections, North Korea, and the sites the Korean government considers to be subversive and harmful for the society.

According to the investigations of “Freedom House”, the online freedom in South Korea score is 35. Thus, the websites that contain materials relating to politics are blocked.

According to the investigations of “Freedom House”

What about the bloggers?

The year of 2007 became crucial for many bloggers, as many of them were censored and arrested. Their posts on the Internet were deleted by the police. In this connection, big internet platforms required the identity verification of their users one year later.

Obscene websites

The websites offering gambling games and South Korean adult content were banned. In case a resident of South Korea made attempts to access such websites, he/she was redirected to the page with the warning “This website is blocked according to the governmental regulation”.

What do VPNs give to the Koreans?

  • Free access to the services on the Internet is guaranteed. Stream any content being in South  Korea (best Korean porn websites, music, and movies will not be blocked).
  • Censorship will not restrict the Koreans in expressing their thoughts on social networks.
  • Monitoring will not be discussed in your family, as with the best South Korean VPN provider it is simply impossible.
  • VPN for Korean games is the best way to play any computer game you like. Just find an ideal VPN provider and subscribe to it without delay.
  • Protection against hackers for both average netizens and state agencies (during the first half of 2017, the Foreign Ministery of Korea underwent cyber attacks 8200+ times).


Michael Breen wrote in his book, that not long ago, the role of the country was extremely important for the welfare of the nation, as it was like a benevolent parent for the Koreans. But nowadays, this parent became too strict. A lot of services and the websites on the World Wide Web are forbidden for the residents of this Asian country.

Having subscribed for one of the best VPN services for South Korea, it is possible to access any content on the Internet without limits or punishment.

With a VPN Korean citizens will be allowed to stream video on the Internet, read news, and be unnoticed by the ISP.

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I never tried anything to

I never tried anything to hide my identity to use the internet in South Korea free. Our local laws are very strict and we are monitored all the time. It’s good for me that I know English quite well, so a found this article with the best VPNs for South Korea reviews. Now I know enough to accomplish my dream. I want to become an active gamer, but it is hardly possible, as many, very many things in my country are blocked. I was ready to refuse my dream, as my account in one of the social networks was blocked several times. I promise to write here again after trying to access the internet again with one of the VPNs. To tell you the truth, I’m still hesitating, what VPN to choose, as they all a great (at least, I’ve understood it by means of the description. I hope it’s true

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Hi Ye-jun! The best VPN

Hi Ye-jun! The best VPN services for South Korea are presented in this article. All of them serve to bypass local restrictions efficiently. To find the best VPN provider for you personally, you are to pay attention to the following features: price (what can you afford); number of IPs (essential for those who want to brows without restriction); unlimited bandwidth and speed (a must for users who want to be protected all the time); compatibility with various operating systems (be sure that the VPN is compatible with the device’s OS you are going to protect); number of devices per 1 VPN account (some VPNs allow connection of up to 6 devices per 1 account).

I neither live in South Korea

I neither live in South Korea, nor want to travel there. But this article caught my eye immediately, as I never thought that there are such serious problems in this democratic place. The info presented here arose my cognitive interest not only to the issue of security but to the similar problems in other countries, as I like travelling. Thank you and be sure you’ve got one more regular reader. Now I see how important it is to think about online security before doing this or that action.

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