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Best VPN for Warzone (COD) in 2023

The Call of Duty franchise has released many popular titles over the years, the current prominent one being Warzone. It’s a free battle royale that anyone can try on their favorite platform, be it PC, mobile, or console. New maps, enemy types, guns, and customization options are added every season, keeping the experience fresh and rewarding.

While engaging in tactical warfare and no scoping unsuspecting opponents is tons of fun, the skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) of Call of Duty: Warzone quickly ruins the mood. Getting thrown into lobbies with evenly-skilled or better players is frustrating when you’re not playing for competitive reasons.It gets even worse when sore losers decide to lash out instead of taking the L and moving on. There’s no shortage of people getting hit with Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks to disconnect them from the match and automatically suffer defeat.

A surefire way to sidestep these issues is to utilize a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Just connecting to another server will allow you to enter potentially easier lobbies. Plus, you won’t be targeted since encryption will hide your actual IP address.

Best VPNs for Warzone:

  1. NordVPN: The best Warzone VPN you can get your hands on. The server list is vast, and the speeds are arguably the fastest in the industry, thanks to its in-house tunneling protocol.
  2. Surfshark VPN: This provider offers extra security tools useful for geo-block circumvention. The plans are very cheap, and you get unlimited simultaneous connections no matter which you subscribe to.
  3. IPVanish: Does what it says on the tin and even excels at it. The complementary antivirus tool is nice for everyday browsing, and there’s no device limit for securing everything you have in the house.
  4. PureVPN: A handy VPN for Warzone if you tend to play while connected to public Wi-Fi. It has one of the largest server fleets, allowing you to connect to any regional Warzone lobby you want.
  5. Proton VPN: This is a Swiss-based service with an independently-audited no-logs policy and open-source apps. A great choice if you want to boost protection and avoid potential DDoS attacks altogether.

How to use a VPN for Warzone

  1. Subscribe to the best Warzone VPN. I’ve found that NordVPN excels on all fronts that matter when playing online games.
  2. Install the VPN client on your device. Most providers have dedicated apps for major operating systems, so choose accordingly. If you want to play on consoles, you’ll have to set up the software on your router.
  3. Connect to a server of your choice. It’s enough to pick the nearest one to you to avoid cyber attacks. You’ll have to choose an appropriate country if it’s for accessing specific regional lobbies.

Once you’re successfully connected, remember to do an IP leak test to make sure your actual location isn’t visible. After that, launch Call of Duty: Warzone and enjoy easier and better gameplay.

Why do you need a Warzone (CoD) VPN?

I’ve stated two of the most pressing issues with Warzone above: the matchmaking system that pits you against better players and the high risk of getting DDoS’ed. But when you’ve spent enough time on such online games as I have, you know the problems don’t just end there.

For one, Internet Service Provider (ISP) throttling is still common practice, and it seriously affects matches (in a negative way, obviously). Just use up more data than the average person, and your bandwidth can get drastically reduced to avoid congestion on the network. All it leads to is longer lobby loading times and annoyingly laggy gameplay.

Warzone error message

And what about people traveling abroad who want to play with their buddies back home? Since CoD: Warzone doesn’t have a way to change the region in-game, most are forced to run around in foreign servers having a miserable time.

Thankfully, I’ve found that Warzone VPN technology can solve the obstacles above. By using it, you’re essentially hiding your online identity, IP address, and activities linked to it. Once everything’s cloaked, all that’s left is to play the game unhindered and the way you want it.

Best VPNs for Warzone: detailed list

Finding the right CoD: Warzone VPN is tricky, but I’ve managed to whittle down the list of potential providers to ones genuinely worthy of your attention. The best VPNs passed many performance tests, have massive server networks, and great tunneling protocols for the best gaming experience.

1. NordVPN

I consider NordVPN to be the best Warzone VPN on the market. It includes all the essentials you need to upkeep your privacy – AES-256 encryption, a kill switch, leak protection – plus a couple of neat extras. DDoS attacks, lag and ISP bandwidth meddling will be a thing of the past with this provider.

I’ve enjoyed smooth gameplay with this VPN, and the proprietary NordLynx protocol outdid the rest available ones. Getting access to foreign lobbies was easy, and connections remained stable throughout several tests. The server list is enormous as well, with plenty of regions for circumventing SBMM.

Those worried about appearing suspicious to other players for constantly changing IP addresses can get a dedicated IP. You can pick from five countries – the UK, the US, the Netherlands, Germany, and France – and these offer better stability and browsing experience to boot.

NordVPN has dedicated servers useful for other activities, which is a nice touch. P2P ones are optimized, well, for torrenting, and obfuscated ones hide VPN traffic if you’re trying to connect from internet censorship-heavy countries. Then there’s Double VPN for twice the encryption and Onion Over VPN, which adds a layer of Tor-network-flavoured security.

2. Surfshark

If you want to spice up your security while playing Warzone or even browsing the web, Surfshark VPN is the way to go. Not only does it come with the necessary VPN essentials, but the provider also gives plenty of additional features on top of that. And the fact every plan includes unlimited simultaneous connections just gives it bonus points.

You get DDoS protection, a malware blocker, and the neat Bypasser feature which allows you to utilize the VPN connection for Warzone only. Camouflage and NoBorders modes will help if you ever find yourself in a restrictive country, and GPS Spoofing is handy if you’re diving into Call of Duty: Mobile.

Surfshark VPN’s fastest tunneling protocol is WireGuard, and while it’s no NordLynx, it’s more than enough to enjoy the battle royale without issues. I’m sure Software Defined Networking (SDN), introduced with the Nexus upgrade, also plays a significant role in performance by routing all VPN traffic through one grand network instead of separate servers.

Of course, there’s plenty to do besides using this VPN with online games. Accessing foreign libraries on such streaming services as Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video is easy as pie. The provider even accommodates file sharing via P2P.

3. IPVanish

Another Warzone VPN that won’t disappoint is IPVanish. This service has multiple things going for it – tight security measures, no limit on devices, all physical hardware, and much more. Plus, it’s nice that the highly respected cybersecurity firm Leviathan audited its privacy policy.

Whenever I played Warzone in the evenings, when internet usage was at its highest, connections remained stable throughout. And there was no lag or noticeable framerate drops, which is a big plus. The WireGuard tunneling protocol yet again lived up to its name.

I’ve found the addition of a proprietary antivirus, VIPRE in this case, interesting. As expected, it protects users against all kinds of cyber threats, which is helpful if you’re constantly ending up on the wrong side of the net. Stealth VPN will also help against Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) meant to cripple any VPN usage.

In terms of versatility, while IPVanish is great for torrenting, I can’t exactly say the same for streaming. Specifically, I mean getting access to foreign content – the best I got was Netflix’s US library.

4. PureVPN

If you want the quintessential security tool package plus one of the biggest server fleets in the Warzone VPN market, you can’t go wrong with PureVPN. It’s a reliable service with guaranteed optimal performance whether you’re streaming, torrenting, or diving into some good ‘ol battle royale action.

The WireGuard tunneling protocol appears again, so everything is as smooth as expected. I‘d also like to note that most of the provider’s servers are 10 Gbps and that 20 Gbps ones are popping up as the months go by. I did notice a slight speed boost once connected to them (London, Manchester, Washington DC).

Now, Call of Duty: Mobile is meant to be played on the go, and it’s not unusual to find yourself connected to public networks while doing so. At this point, it’s common knowledge that unprotected Wi-Fi networks are riddled with cyber risks, so PureVPN’s Secure Wi-Fi feature is really neat.

I also appreciate the inclusion of split tunneling, but not so much the fact it’s only available on Windows and Android. Separate DDoS protection and dedicated IPs are useful for CoD: Warzone, yet you only get them after paying an additional fee.

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5. ProtonVPN

For those who want some of the best protection features from their VPN for Warzone, I recommend Proton VPN. Hailing from Switzerland and being the brainchild of the CERN scientists who created ProtonMail certainly gives it brownie points. The fact that everything here is audited and open-source also boosts the provider’s reputation.

While Proton VPN puts security first and foremost, it doesn’t neglect other important aspects, like connectivity. Yes, you’ll find the WireGuard protocol here, but what I really want to touch upon is the VPN Accelerator feature. Your connections remain stable, and the speeds are excellent no matter how far away you are from the chosen server.

There are plenty of neat features like NetShield for avoiding the usual web dangers like malware, intrusive ads, and trackers. Then you get split tunneling, Tor over VPN, and Smart Protocol. The latter ensures you can use the VPN while connected to networks that might block such technology, like at school or work.

I also want to point out that you get protected from DDoS and other network-based attacks with Proton VPN. The Secure Core feature routes your traffic through multiple servers, making it nigh impossible to trace your actual IP address. And since Warzone has its fair share of toxic & vengeful players, it’s just what you need to avoid their wrath.

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How I tested and selected VPNs for Warzone

Not every VPN in the market works great with Call of Duty: Warzone, so you can’t just subscribe to the first provider you find. When doing research, I made a list of specific requirements the services must meet and rated the VPNs accordingly.

  • Substantial network size. Connecting to a server considerably far away from you impacts latency, no matter how great the tunneling protocol is. That’s why many experts recommend picking the ones closest to you and having a sizable server fleet makes sure you have several options.
  • Optimal performance. In-game lag is the byproduct of high ping and can occur at the worst possible moments, causing you to lose the match. The Warzone VPNs that made it to the list maintained low latency, never raising ping above 50ms.
  • Security essentials. Whether you want to avoid ISP throttling and vindictive players or be able to play the game from anywhere, you can’t do without several necessary features. A VPN for Warzone must include high-grade encryption, a kill switch, and leak protection to keep yourself hidden. Additional tools like split tunneling, Stealth VPN, and dedicated IPs earn bonus points.
  • Router support. This point mainly concerns players that engage in Warzone on consoles. The thing is that gaming systems like Xbox and PlayStation don’t support VPN software natively, so you have to set it up on your router if you want to change locations for better lobbies. Hence, only providers compatible with routers made it on the list.
  • Versatility. Chances are you’ll want to use the VPN for Warzone not only for online gaming. I’ve also considered how good the providers are for other online activities, like streaming and torrenting.

What are bot lobbies and SBMM on Warzone

So, Call of Duty: Warzone operates like many other online games when it comes to pitting people against each other. It employs the Skill-Based Matchmaking system, or SBMM for short, when creating lobbies – you basically get put into matches with players of a similar skill level to yours.

When you’re fresh to the battle royale, SBMM throws you into rookie lobbies until you get the hang of it. These lobbies are unique because they mainly comprise of people with a low K/D ratio. It’s much easier to play here because most participants aren’t pro-level.

Naturally, as you get better, you’re less likely to get these ‘bot lobbies’, and the system will start matching you with better and better players. If you want to make it to the big leagues, that’s fine, but most find Warzone’s SBMM very tiresome. It’s especially true when you just want to have some genuine fun instead of being constantly frustrated.

That's why there’s such an interest in VPN for Warzone bot lobbies. You can use this technology to essentially bypass SBMM and get easier matches to improve your K/D ratio or just entertain yourself by killing less-experienced opponents.

How to get bot lobbies in Warzone with a VPN

  • Pick a suitable Warzone VPN. My top pick is NordVPN, as it provides excellent performance and is beneficial not just for gaming.

Warzone setup1

  • Create an account, download the software, and install it on your device.

Warzone setup 2

  • Connect to a server in a country where it’s morning or daytime. Some regions have much fewer players as well, which can help with getting bot lobbies – do some additional research.

Warzone setup 3

  • Boot up Call of Duty: Warzone and make sure your in-game location matches your VPN’s. You can do this by going to Options and then Account – it is indicated under Networks settings as ‘Geographical Region.’

Warzone ping

  • Double-check the ping by connecting to any kind of online match. If it’s too high, try another server – anything up to 100ms is considered very good for gaming.
  • Everything is good to go – begin playing.

  • The best VPN location for Warzone

    Finding the best VPN location for bot lobbies in Warzone is tricky and depends on many factors, such as regions, the time of the day, etc. You also have to remember that what works for one player doesn't necessarily mean it will net the same results for you.

    If you want to find the best VPN countries for Warzone suited for you, try following this general advice:

    • Connect to a country where the game isn’t as popular – Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most played games in the US, the UK, Brazil, Germany, and even China. I think it goes without saying that it’s best to avoid servers located in these regions if you want matches with less skilled opponents.
    • Try getting the 5AM-1PM window – a majority of players will be either at school or work during this time, so it’s your best chance of entering bot lobbies. Just don’t expect to get matched with completely inexperienced people in every lobby.
    • Do further research – the best Warzone VPN locations change with the seasons and trends. A few months back, Egypt and Singapore were the go-to choices, and now some report that Canada and India are better. Look around some Warzone forums and Reddit to see what other players are saying.

    I want to emphasize that you’re not always guaranteed to get bot lobbies every time. It’s a lot of trial and error, and what worked yesterday won’t necessarily do the trick today.

    VPN isn’t working with Warzone (COD): solutions

    Sometimes the software bugs out, and you may find that your Warzone VPN is not working anymore. The game is up and running, but the system shows your actual location instead of your chosen one. Plenty of users are reporting this problem and looking for answers in forums.

    Warzone VPN issue

    Now, there are several things you can try to fix the issue:

    • Restart your VPN and connect to another server – don’t forget to reboot CoD: Warzone as well to make sure you get a fresh start
    • Check if your IP address isn’t leaking – toggle the settings, cycle through the available tunneling protocols, and perform an IP and DNS leak test
    • Update the VPN software – download the latest version if possible. You can also reinstall the client to see if that helps.
    • Contact customer support – there might be problems with the VPN beyond your knowledge. It’s best to get some professional advice just in case.

    As the user in the screenshot noted, using other Warzone VPNs fixed the problem. So, if the steps I mentioned above don’t work, your best bet is to switch providers. And I strongly recommend the ones I’ve listed in this article since they had no trouble changing my region.

    How to get bot lobbies in Warzone without a VPN

    Of course, I have to note that there are other ways to get bot lobbies in Warzone besides using a VPN. However, they are not as effective, and you’re more likely to run into roadblocks. Either way, you can try these things.

    Proxy servers

    Proxies act as intermediaries between you and the online thing you’re trying to access. So, it’s your PC and Call of Duty: Warzone in this case. It only works on an application level to hide your IP address, and there’s no encryption to keep you and your data safe.

    There are many proxy servers to pick from, and you can get them for free or by purchasing one. Depending on what you’re using it for, they can also be HTTP or SOCKS proxies. Using a proxy doesn’t always guarantee that the game won’t detect your actual location.


    What kind of lobbies you get is closely tied to how long you’ve been playing the game and the K/D ratio. You can avoid this and get Warzone bot lobbies by creating a new account, that is, smurfing.

    But in this case, you’re starting completely fresh, and that’s not precisely favorable if you want to improve your rating. It isn't the best method for those who want to keep their progress, and I recommend using a VPN instead.

    How to change the region in Warzone on Xbox and PlayStation

    As I briefly touched upon earlier, gaming consoles don’t support virtual private network software. It means that you can’t simply go to the respective Xbox and PlayStation stores, download the client, and install it.

    The only way to circumvent this issue is by setting up the VPN on your router and connecting your console to the newly-secured network. I’ve provided the instructions below, but you also have to keep in mind that not all routers support VPNs. You can find out if your model does by checking the manufacturer’s website, and it's also worth checking out which VPNs work the best with routers.

    • Some routers have separate VPN installation guides. Check if yours has them on the manufacturer’s website. Some VPN services also offer their own setup manuals you can find in the knowledge base.
    • Boot up your browser and enter your router's IP address in the search bar. It will open a login screen which leads to this device’s settings.
    • Log in. If this is the first time you’re doing this, you have to enter the default login credentials. Each manufacturer has different default usernames and passwords, and you can look them up online. Change them once you’ve accessed the configuration interface.
    • Once you find the VPN options tab, click VPN client to configure it. You’ll have to enable the VPN and enter the correct settings, which you can find on your VPN provider's website.
    • If necessary, complete any post-configuration steps, like configuring the router’s firewall to allow VPN connections.
    • Perform a leak test to see if your IP address is successfully hidden – if so, you can connect your Xbox or PlayStation console to the new network and begin playing.

    Do I recommend using a free VPN for Warzone

    Personally, I, just like many others, advise against using free VPNs for Warzone. Most costless services come with hidden clauses and can’t even ensure your safety, let alone properly conceal your IP address. Some of the less-than-stellar practices of free Warzone VPNs include:

    • Injecting malware into the software. Yes, you read that right – some providers couple their VPN clients with malicious software, which isn’t limited to just classic malware. There’s a whole range of surprises, from adware and keyloggers to spyware meant to steal your data.
    • Selling user data. What do you do with all this free information? You sell it, of course, and get enough funds to continue running your services. Free providers rarely hide the fact they’re monitoring you and are profiting from all the stuff they gather.
    • Severely limiting capabilities. If complete disregard for your privacy and security isn’t enough, a free Warzone VPN won’t even get the job done. I’m referring to strict data caps and truly meager server choices. You’ll get lucky if the service offers more than three servers, but even then, you’ll never get ping below 200ms, aka ‘stuttering hell.’

    If you’re really strapped for money, I instead suggest taking advantage of the free 7-day trials many premium services offer. While not every single one will give you a chance to test the software before committing, at least you’ll benefit from them temporarily. Once one ends, begin another with a separate provider. NordVPN, Surfshark, PureVPN, and others have them.

    Final thoughts

    Call of Duty: Warzone has lots to offer gameplay-wise, but its SBMM system leaves players more frustrated than happy. The fact that there’s no option to turn it off in the settings has been a turn-off for many casual players. Then there’s the problem of salty players DDoS’ing others just because they lost the match.

    The most effective way to bypass SBMM and get easier bot lobbies in Warzone (CoD) is by using Virtual Private Networks. NordVPN and the other best Warzone VPNs I’ve listed in this article change your location without issue, allowing you to trick the matchmaking system. It also hides your IP, sparing you from the wrath of tech-savvy opponents.

    It’s nice that the VPNs can be used not only for Warzone and online gaming in general. Streaming enthusiasts get more foreign library options, and torrenters can share files via P2P safely and anonymously. Even daily browsing is protected.

    If you know any other great tips for finding the best VPN location for Warzone, please let me know. I’ll test it out, see how well it works for getting bot lobbies, and update the info.

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