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Last updated: July 8, 2020 By Dean Chester

The internet is fantastic. It transformed the world we live in and everyone across the globe now has access to valuable information, news, and education and can even run complete businesses on the internet. But sadly, with the start of some terrorist activities, a lot of countries banned popular sites like Facebook and YouTube which is downright tragic for those who can no longer enjoy funny videos and tutorials or communicate with friends and family from across the globe. is secure VPN software that restores the internet freedom by creating a secure virtual tunnel in which you can do anything you like basically untraceable.

You can once again use all these restricted websites without putting yourself at censoring risks. The private VPN service also helps keep your confidential information completely secure because internet hackers won’t be able to monitor your online activities or hack into your accounts.’s Tariffs and Prices

 We guarantee refund within 7 days of offers packages that decrease in price as your commitment increases. The features of the packages are mostly the same and includes 89 servers in 40 countries (66 cities) across the globe, all new servers are gratis, OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP, Unlimited bandwidth, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS compatible, Premium to site-tools, Private IP as an additional option and a money back guarantee.

  • 1 Day Package – The one day package is perfect for testing the service and includes all long-term subscriptions completely free of charge
  • 1 Month Package – This package charges $8 per month and includes all services accept the private IP as a bonus.
  • 6 Month Package – This is a great package to invest in because you only spend $20 for six months which adds up to only $3.33 per month and gives you all the services.
  • 1 Year Package – The one year package costs only $33 and is completely affordable and worth it if you take in consideration that you will only be spending $2.75 per month and enjoy all the best VPN services.

InCloak’s Tariffs and Prices

General information on is one of the widest spread VPN. This great service is available in all six continents across the globe and has 89 servers in 40  countries. You can choose the country IP address that you prefer and enjoy the internet as if you were in that very country. The USA IP VPN offers fantastic services and security across the globe and is one of the most reliable VPN services that you can try.

What you can do with

A good VPN review can guide you through all the benefits and services of this great VPN. Some of the top services and benefits that you can enjoy once you have VPN software installed are

  • A Web-proxy that allows you to change your IP address and unblock websites that are restricted in your location. You can also hide your internet history for complete anonymous internet usage and protect your privacy online from nosy internet users. The Web-Proxy only works on sites in your browser.
  • VPN technology allows you to use the internet unlimited and anonymously. 
  • Ads are removed from your website to help protect you from scamming companies.
  • Proxy lists will customize your filters and export to csv, txt or xml. 
  • A port scanner will show all open ports on your PC and what they are accountable for.
  • You can enjoy all the support that you need regarding the website and services and rely on prompt responses.
  • A speed test allows you to see your upload and download speeds.'s Security and Privacy

This good VPN service (like Private Internet Access) uses the best VPN security software like L2TP, PPTP and combines it with OpenVPN that will encrypt all your online activities so no one will be able to monitor what you are doing on the internet and so no one can track your URLs in an attempt to gain access to private accounts. With the Web Proxy, you regain access to any and all websites and can browse these sites anonymously without the risk of being censored. You can buy this VPN in the USA and enjoy supreme protection for all your online activities.

Support service

VPN clients can simply go to the website’s support section and fill out the request form. You can choose your error from categories and even attach a picture or screenshot to support your problem. The response rate varies from 1 minute to 1 day depending on the daytime, day of the week and the area from which you are contacting

Client account procedures

Before your membership activates, you will have to buy the relevant package online. allows you to use PayPal, China UnionPay, WebMoney, and PaymentWall as online payment methods but alternatively, you can also use your MasterCard or Visa card to pay for the packages.

After the payment option is chosen, you will have to fill out an online application and download the software. You can download VPN for windows, mac or for your mobile quite easily because the apps and software are simple to set up. Once the software is installed, you can use this great VPN USA to your heart’s content and ensure that you are safe when you use the internet.

Platforms is incredibly versatile and works on various platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and many others. You can connect on any device and enjoy the safest connection for your home or on the go when you use your iOS device to connect. The software is incredibly simple for each of these platforms.

Summary's monthly and daily packages are incredibly expensive but the six month and twelve month options are great value for money. offers what few other VPN offer (read more about what is a VPN). 

With this VPN service you can check your own network speeds, choose the server that you want to use from across the globe and enjoy great freedom through the Web Proxy. is also greatly versatile and is definitely a must if you want to keep your online activities completely secure and anonymous.

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