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VPN Providers to Use in Indonesia: Rating Based on Test Results

Censorship in Indonesia is some kind of headache for people. Internet service providers block access to websites and the number of such websites constantly grows. Access to over 800 000 sites was restricted in 2017 and 70 000 more sites were blocked in Indonesia a year after. Thus, visiting this country might become rather stressful for some netizens. To prevent such problems, I recommend using a VPN service for Indonesia.

Best VPN apps for Indonesia

  1. ExpressVPN: Perfect VPN which will help you to stay secure online in Indonesia!
  2. NordVPN: Amazing provider with unlimited bandwidth and speeds!
  3. Surfshark: A Trustworthy service which will help to unblock any site in Indonesia.
  4. CyberGhost VPN: Military-grade encryption of this provider will make your Internet connectivity in Indonesia anonymous and secure!
  5. Private Internet Access: You won’t fall victim to cyber-attacks due to its security protocols and 256-bit encryption.

Free VPNs for Indonesia

  1. ProtonVPN: A reliable VPN tool that guarantees privacy and security while surfing the Internet.
  2. Windscribe: It serves to make your online surfing anonymous and your browsing history hidden from the prying eyes.
  3. hide.me: A VPN with advanced security features can be used free of charge without time limits.
  4. Hotspot Shield: The app can be installed on any platform making it 100% protected.
  5. TunnelBear: A user-friendly app with easy navigation and lots of servers.

All the apps mentioned in the rating are available on the territory of Indonesia. Study its characteristics to choose the best one for your needs. Remember that free VPNs restrict their users in features.

The current situation in Indonesia

If we speak about Indonesia, Internet censorship here has been greatly upgraded in the last few years. Since 2014, the authorities try to punish online defamation and struggle with fake news.As a result, all websites that the government has considered negative have been blocked. This includes news portals, some blogging platforms, video streaming platforms, and other sites.

Censorship in Indonesia

But not only social content has been prohibited. According to the report of OONI and the Sinar Project, 161 political sites, focused on criticism of the authorities, were subjected to blocking.Besides, about 300 social media accounts have been restricted because of “hate speech”. It was done to prevent hostile expressions against the president and the national police chief.Websites that contained the information about the independent movement in West Papua were also blocked several times by a ministry institution.To top it all off, legal amendments strengthened the government’s power to censor content.But the truth is while they are trying to keep their people safe from fake news, hoaxes, defamation, and depravity they are restricting them because internet users no longer have freedom and businesses suffer as a result of the offcut from other organizations, content, and companies.

A VPN is the way-out

However, despite the current situation on the Internet, connectivity in Indonesia remains highly concentrated, especially in the western part of the archipelago. It is also encouraging that a huge amount of users has access to the Internet through mobile phones. Moreover, there is a developing blogosphere in Indonesia. More and more applications and platforms appear on the market due to the rapid increase of a tech-savvy urban middle class. All these give a good chance for residents to gain complete internet freedom by using the help of five of the best VPN services in Indonesia.

Comparison of VPN services for Indonesia

JurisdictionBritish Virgin IslandsPanamaThe NetherlandsRomaniaUnited States
No-logs policyIndependently audited
Independently audited
Independently audited
Independently audited
Speed100+ Mbps 100+ Mbps 100+ Mbps 100+ Mbps 100+ Mbps
Servers 3000+ servers in 105 countries5900+ servers in 60 countries3200+ servers in 100 countries10200+ servers in 100 countries30000+ servers in 84 countries
Simultaneous connections86UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Starting price$8.32/month
ReviewExpressVPN reviewNordVPN reviewSurfshark reviewCyberGhost reviewPIA review

So what’s the best VPN for Indonesia?

A reliable VPN app for Indonesia should have a big server park with fast servers, affordable packages, AES-256 encryption, and other security features. All these characteristics are combined in ExpressVPN – the #1 VPN provider for Indonesia.

1. ExpressVPN


While testing ExpressVPN on the territory of Indonesia, I’ve experienced no data leaks. The speed was fast on all servers so I could stream Hulu, Netflix, and other services without buffering.The kill switch function has also shown good results – my connection stayed safe even when I had to switch between mobile internet and WiFi hotspots.


1 month6 months1 year
Price (monthly)$12.95$9.99$8.32
Money-back guarantee303030


  • Split tunneling allows routing some of your traffic through a VPN
  • TrustedServer technology serves to stay 100% anonymous
  • Access to any content on 8 devices simultaneously

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2. NordVPN


I’ve tried its pro-level apps on all devices I’ve brought along to my trip to Indonesia: iPhone, iPad, and Windows laptop. On all of them, it showed steady operation and quick connect.Besides, I like the speed. I could hardly notice that I use a VPN – so fast my internet speed was.


1 month1 year2 years
Price (monthly)$12.99$4.99$3.39
Money-back guarantee303030


  • Regular update of server park to go round VPN blocking
  • Advanced security features for real anonimity

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3. Surfshark


When talking about Surfshark, I’d like to point out its Camouflage mode which provides 100% privacy and security for users. But remember that it makes speed slower.So if you are going to unblock torrent sites or stream popular services, you’ll have to think about other servers offered by Surfshark.


1 month6 months 2 years
Price (monthly)$10.99$6.49$2.79
Money-back guarantee303030


  • Surfshark basic features are enough for safe and secure access to the Internet
  • BlindSearch and HackLock are available for an additional charge

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4. CyberGhost VPN


The peculiar feature of CyberGhost VPN is the division of servers on categories: torrenting, streaming, NoSpy. Thus, you are to open the necessary category and choose the most appropriate server.Besides, the system helps to find the fastest server for your location. It’s very convenient as you won’t have to spend time finding a server with good speed.


1 month1 year2 years3 years
Price (monthly)$12.99$4.29$2.03$2.29
Money-back guarantee45454545


  • Great support of Netflix and other popular streaming services
  • The convenient app where you can add some server to the list of 'favorites' for quick access to them

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5. PIA


If you want to be safe and anonymous online, PIA VPN is for you. You can pay for the service with cryptocurrency for 100% anonymity.It copes with the task to unblock websites and services in Indonesia, but some troubles with streaming services are possible there.


1 month1 year3 years
Price (monthly)$11.95$3.33$2.03
Money-back guarantee777


  • You'll like it because of the numerous settings you can change according to your needs
  • It's really safe to use on any platform

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Free VPN apps for Indonesia

There’s an alternative to paid VPNs – their free plans. I don’t recommend using 100% free VPN apps because of too many restrictions. Besides, they tend to use show ads. Otherwise, they wouldn’t exist. Warning: Free VPNs as well as free packages of paid services have serious limits in speed, bandwidth, servers, etc.

Free ProtonVPN

I have a chance to make use of the premium service of ProtonVPN without paying for it for as long as you like. But be ready to have access to servers in only 69 countries.

ProtonVPN overview

Free Windscribe

Another worthwhile tool to unblock restricted content in Indonesia is Windscribe VPN. You won’t have to pay for its free package. But in this case, you can use it until your monthly traffic is no more than 10GB.

Windscribe VPN overview

Free Hide.me VPN

10GB of monthly traffic and servers in 46 locations are available for free thanks to a free plan offered by Hide.me.

Hide.me VPN overview

Free HotspotShield VPN

Make your web surfing unrestricted with a free plan by HotspotShield. Among the restrictions you’ll find 500MB traffic daily and 2Mbps speed maximum.

HotspotShield overview

Free TunnelBear

TunnelBear is a good solution if your monthly traffic is 1.5GB maximum. It has not bad speed on all servers.

TunnelBear overview

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  • Select a VPN for Indonesia (it shouldn’t be blocked in Indonesia) and purchase the VPN subscription for any period you want.
  • After you obtain a VPN for Indonesia subscription, you need to download the VPN app, which is usually can be found on their website.
  • The next step to open Reddit will be installing the VPN app on your gadget. Be sure you have downloaded the app that is compatible with your operating system.
  • If the VPN app is installed and ready for use, you need to turn your VPN on and alter your geo-location. Choose the server location, not Indonesia, hide your true IP address.
  • Now you are ready to visit Reddit and get access to any subreddit you’d like to participate in.

  • Some resources are restricted there. Luckily, a large number of people have the possibility to get access to the Internet. It means they can use a VPN to make their online activity private and secure.

    • The first and foremost reason is, of course, censorship. The government blocks all websites that "cause confusion". "Incorrect" thoughts, news, people, and so on are banned. Using a VPN you can easily connect to a server situated in a country where there is no such restriction.
    • Don`t forget that some social networks, which are so loved and adored, are also blocked in Indonesia. But VPN will allow you to communicate with your relatives and friends without any limits.
    • Taking into account that about 50% of people in Indonesia get access to the Internet through their mobile phones, the use of a VPN on your device will protect you against unreliable public Wi-Fi. Since a risk to become a victim of online scammers is great.
    • A reliable VPN will hide your IP not only from the government but also from hackers. It also encrypts your personal data thereby ensuring your anonymity on the Internet.
    • Protection against malicious software and obtrusive advertising is also one of the reasons for using a VPN.
    As we can see the situation in Indonesia is far from being favorable. The restriction of Internet access is a serious problem there. Thus using a VPN in Indonesia is crucial. A reliable VPN provider will ensure you with anonymity, security, and privacy. Moreover, it will not only contribute to safe online activity but also make your entertainment truly exciting and fascinating.

    The only thing left to do is to ensure our privacy by installing a VPN.

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