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France is a country where internet access is taken to be free for all. Whether in social, political, and security, the French has been beyond reproach for the past several years as far as interference with people’s enjoyment of the internet is concerned.

However, this does not mean that there aren’t websites you won’t access when in France. There are those websites based in the USA, China, or Peru that you will have no authority or capacity to browse. In order to be an internet savvy person who browses any website, you need to access VPN service providers in France.

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Increase in monitoring in France

Previously, France was famous for its places of interest that attracted many tourists from all over the world. The Eiffel Tower, Louvre museum, the Palace of Versailles, and other picturesque places were visited by millions of tourists.

But nowadays, the state of things is totally different. France is discussed around the globe on account of terror attacks and disorders on the part of inhabitants. 

The negative grass-roots sentiments made the authorities to take over the control of people’s communication. They make efforts to prevent acts of terrorism in the future. It may be done via snooping performed by the government and the special agencies.

Manuel Valls, the Prime Minister of France, claimed that over 2 thousand people will be prepared to identify potential acts of terrorism. The authorities are going to spend about $500 million on this issue. Thus, terrorism became the number one threat for the French.

Should civilian residents suffer from monitoring?

Civilian residents have no connection with the actions taking place in France. But every single person living or visiting France will be subjected to snooping. Such precautionary measures will definitely help the authorities, but what about privacy.

Luckily, we live in a free and democratic world, which means that we have the right to speech, choice, and freedom. And modern services such as VPNs manage to provide us with this freedom.

How does a VPN in France work?

A VPN creates a secure ‘path’ for all your traffic. Thus, all the data one sends or receives through the Internet are encrypted and therefore indecipherable for third parties.

What are the pluses of encrypted traffic?

Firstly, a user will not undergo data or identity theft.

Secondly, all email letters will be private.

Thirdly, a VPN subscriber becomes the only owner of his/her data.

Save your data with the best French VPN

According to the investigation conducted among French residents in the year of 2013, the fear of data leakage is wide-spread among Frenchmen. Users were allowed to choose several variants while answering the opinion poll.

60% of respondents said that they use social networks less than ever before, as there are a lot of adversaries targeted their sensitive information. They steal messages and photos and make money on them.

According to the investigation conducted among French residents in the year of 2013

VPN services for France solve this problem successfully. Thanks to reliable methods of encryption, users’ data are under strong protection. The efficiency depends on the tunneling protocols used to cipher the information transferred via the digital communication path.

Snooping in France

As of November 2014, 47% of Frenchmen were concerned about the issue of monitoring. But after the French Patriot Act was passed, the figures decreased a lot.

Such anxiety is connected with the news that the French authorities were allowed to install equipment for tapping in any place. In this case, people are devoid of the title to private life.

If the government can interfere in humans’ lives, adversaries can do it as well. Besides, there is the threat that the data collected by the French law-enforcement agencies can be stolen by savvy computer hackers.

In order not to be at the epicenter of a possible scandal of a data leak, it is recommended to use one of the VPN services. In this case, you will be just a ringside spectator but not a victim.

How to find an ideal French VPN?

Before making a decision on what VPN to subscribe for being or living in France, it is recommended to pay attention to VPN characteristics. Here we are to save your time and help you make the right choice. 

A reliable VPN service for France possesses:

  • servers all over the world (it allows bypassing censorship and geo-restrictions efficiently);
  • log-free policy (in this case VPN providers don’t keep data on their subscribers’ online activities);
  • fast speed (if you are going to stream, torrent or make distant video calls this feature is a must);
  • reliable methods of encryption (using a trustworthy ciphering protocol, users’ traffic will be almost 100% protected against prying eyes).

Free VPN services for France

VPN services are useful for those, who want to protect the data while using the Internet. They allow changing the IP and being in any place abroad but virtually. It helps to lift restrictions connected with access to online services.

The services differ from each other by the functions and encryption methods. Besides, one may find free VPN services for France.

These free tools offer access to the content on the Internet, but they have one essential minus – data leak. There are even the cases, when, free French VPN services informed the authorities about some individuals.

All in all free VPNs have both strong and weak sides.

Let’s have a closer look at them:

These free tools offer access to the content on the Internet

However, if a user does not want to pay for a pig in a poke, it is possible to make use of a VPN free trial period and check if the service is worthy.


Thanks to this article, it will be dead easy to find the best VPN service for France.One cannot possibly accept the fact that total monitoring becomes a wide-spread phenomenon. That is perhaps the reason why 41% of Frenchmen use VPNs for keeping their anonymity while surfing the Internet.

Thanks to this article, it will be dead easy to find the best VPN service for France. In case you still have any questions or want to add something to this article, leave a comment below!

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I’ve heard a lot of the

I’ve heard a lot of the problems regarding privacy in France. And I reckoned it all was rumors. But I changed my mind soon after the trip to Paris this April. I wanted to stream one of the services I usually use in my native country, but was warned by a message, that it is forbidden. In case I would ignore it, I would face serious troubles with the gendarmerie. Paris, and France in general, was always attractive for me and my family, but now it’s not the best place to spend time without a VPN. For example, for every modern family Netflix is the most used site, as it has a great library of shows, movies and series. But, we couldn’t access it as we do it in the US. VPN service will be the first thing I’ll think about before visiting France again. Maybe my comment will be useful for someone.

Dean Chester's picture
Inna, you have no grounds to

Inna, you have no grounds to worry about access to Netflix in France in case you are already a VPN subscriber. The problems with access to the original Netflix library are possible only in case a person surfs the Internet with a French IP address. But as soon as one has subscribed for a VPN, it is possible (and even recommended) to connect to the US-based VPN server. Netflix will be easily unblocked and one will have an opportunity to watch Netflix originals without restrictions.

I can prove it! ExpressVPN

I can prove it! ExpressVPN unblocks Netflix in France. I choose one of numerous American IP-addresses and the internet is changed. I can open websites as if I am in America. I like it very much. And also I must add that the speed is ok. It reduces just a bit, so it doesn’t make streaming hardly possible. The video is fine. No complaints! Also I should mention ExpressVPN support service. They helped me when I had some questions before subscription and assisted me while installation. Unlike other VPN services, ExpressVPN’s support service specialist answered all my questions and didn’t insist on subscription. I liked it very much!

What a f*ck!!! I can’t browse

What a f*ck!!! I can’t browse some sites in France! Will HMA help?

Dean Chester's picture
Hi Pablo! It is possible to

Hi Pablo! It is possible to use HideMyAss VPN in France. But it is not in the list of the best VPN services for France because of unclear logging policy of this provider. Apart from it, many HMA subscriber complain about numerous errors. Of course, they are described in HideMyAss VPN review. Nevertheless, if you want to browse the net without restrictions and keep your anonymity, it is advisable to subscribe for one of the VPNs described in this article.

I could not agree more with

I could not agree more with the author, as the monitoring became a real problem for Frenchmen and the guests. We understand that that this measure is forced. But I can hardly accept it, as we live in a democratic society. It seems at least strange for me, that we are monitored.

I support your idea Bill!

I support your idea Bill! That’s impossible for the 21st century. All my correspondence is read before it reaches me. One day a row will blow up. The thing is that emails are used to deliver various types of messages. For instance, I work in the company that deals with patents. But there’s no guarantee that our clients’ letters are not read. It may lead to extremely negative aftereffects. I’m even afraid of saying about them… Thus, I dare assume that a VPN for France is the only tool that can help both civil citizens and big companies like ours.