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ibVPN Review – VPN service to Bypass Blocking, P2P, and Streaming (2023)

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ibVPN is an abbreviation for the Romanian VPN service Invisible Browsing VPN. Distinctive features of the provider are expanded support for bypassing blocking in countries with Internet censorship and support for streaming Netflix and some other services.

ibVPN is one of the oldest VPN providers and has been around for over 15 years.  

Today it provides services such as standard VPN protection, double protection, access to streaming video services from anywhere in the world, protection of torrent activity, and at the same time has a flexible pricing policy.

But I won’t repeat what has already been written hundreds of times in other reviews.

I researched the most useful features of ibVPN and determined in which cases it proved its worth, and in which it is inferior to top-tier competitors such as ExpressVPN. Read on and you will learn about the identified features of the provider's performance to make a decision - whether to use it or to find a more advanced VPN.

List of benefits announced on the official ibVPN website

What can ibVPN do?

On the official website of the provider, many features and important advantages are declared that are relevant in 2022 are listed, some of which are quite rare.

I have done a thorough research of ibVPN’s work on all OSs and have prepared short and detailed reports on the work done for you.  

Brief result of the conducted testing  

The first thing I analyzed was ibVPN's pricing policy. And I was pleasantly impressed with the free trial. It is 24 hours long and you don’t need to enter your credit card details. Today it is a great rarity! Only a handful of VPNs offer a free trial with no payment details.

Apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS have some differences in functionality, but overall they are convenient and easy to use.

However, there are certain flaws. If your network has UDP restrictions, the app may not log into your account. I could only solve this only by connecting my computer to the cellular Internet, which rarely has such restrictions.

The layout of the ibVPN app is noticeably different from the popular minimalist software style of most other services. The Windows app home screen has all the options and indicators you need.

Main faucet of ibVPN app for Windows

The visualized world map is a little lacking for easy connections to the desired countries, as NordVPN did.

For balanced protection, there is no need to change the default settings. If you need maximum protection, then I recommend activating the Kill Switch (either of the two proposed types).

The connection speed is high, due to which the presence of the VPN is practically not felt, despite the absence of the WireGuard protocol.

But there are also drawbacks, which I will discuss in the following sections when analyzing the service in more detail.

Streaming support

Unlike most of the services that support Netflix, ibVPN doesn’t offer this service on a basic plan. To view streaming video services, you need to purchase a more expensive Ultimate VPN plan (below is an analysis of all tariffs and their capabilities). It is significantly more expensive than what Surfshark offers and is only guaranteed to work with US and UK services.

The servers are fast enough to view HD content. Ultra HD content in the test was streamed with buffering.  

To bypass geo-restrictions in Smart TV, the provider has a separate Smart DNS service.

Conclusion: ibVPN supports streaming, but you need to buy a more expensive subscription for this. Buffering on US locations is possible.


All aspects regarding the security of the ibVPN Internet connection are at the highest level. When Kill Switch is enabled, traffic and addresses of visited sites are 100% protected. This was confirmed by analyzing the outgoing traffic I intercepted from the test computer.

By the number of settings that help to avoid data leaks, ibVPN is definitely among the leaders. I would even compare it to the giant Private Internet Access.

I also liked the work of the automatic function to determine the optimal VPN protocol. The user sees in real-time all the subtleties of its work.

I would also like to note important features for users from countries where VPN is prohibited. These are Shadowsocks support and Stealth mode. These modes can bypass almost any ISP blocking and even DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) blocking.

Conclusion: The provider has a high level of security, allows you to use double protection and modern VPN masking methods. The only minor drawback is that ibVPN doesn’t use diskless servers to 100% guarantee no logs.

Torrenting support

ibVPN supports the technologies required for torrent VPN to work.

The provider's policy also doesn’t restrict the user from accessing P2P networks. Moreover, in the server selection menu there are separate locations for torrenting:

Dedicated servers for P2P

Note that for maximum security when downloading sharing files, you should always use Kill Switch or sign up the network interface in the settings of the BitTorrent client. Of these two options, ibVPN only has a Kill Switch.

Conclusion: The provider is well suited for torrenting, but doesn’t create a separate Network Connection in the system for quickly setting up BitTorrent apps.


The provider doesn’t disclose information on the number of servers in its network. It is only known that they are located in more than 150 regions of more than 50 countries. This is an impressive coverage indicator, comparable to the best services of 2022.

I took speed measurements at different times of the day in 5 popular countries from 50+.

Speed ​​measurement results:

Average speed, Mbps 30 35 65 55 20

The speed was measured using the OpenVPN protocol, which is most often automatically selected by the app.

For a slight increase in speed, you can force the connection using the IKEv2 protocol.


ibVPN Pricing Plans

ibVPN is one of those providers that have a complex two-tier pricing policy.

Thanks to it, you can choose not only the duration of the subscription, saving on a longer one, but also a suitable set of features so as not to overpay for unnecessary features.

ibVPN Pricing Plans:

  Standart VPN Ultimate VPN Torrent VPN IBDNS
(Smart DNS)
Monthly cost $3.1-$4.95 $4.84-$10.95 $3.1-$4.95 $3.1-$4.95

The downside of flexible pricing is the need to purchase several different packages for maximum functionality. For example, if you want to unblock Hulu directly on TV and be able to download files from torrents on another device, then you need to subscribe to two subscriptions at once - IBDNS and Torrent VPN.

More about the features of pricing plans

  • Standard VPN. A basic rate that allows you to maximize your online presence and privacy.
  • Ultimate VPN. The most charged tariff. All available ibVPN possibilities are opened with it.
  • Torrent VPN. Suitable for general use, like Standard, but also opens access to P2P locations.
  • IBDNS. Provides access only to Smart DNS technology. VPN isn’t available on this plan.

Conclusion: ibVPN has a slightly convoluted pricing policy, so the easiest way is to sign up for the Ultimate max-charged plan.

User reviews

I've found quite a few honest reviews on Reddit. Most of them are about using ibVPN apps to mask your IP address and to ensure privacy.

IbVPN is also quite popular among users who bypass geo-restrictions for video content directly from TV platforms.

The reviews are generally positive. Some difficulties are solved by an active support service, which, by the way, works 24/7.

I haven’t found any complaints about 2022 in which they are forced to change VPN providers.

ibVPN + NAT Firewall

The ibVPN service is constantly being improved to become even better for all its clients.

Recently, the service got a new feature that combines the usual features and NAT Firewall.

The service has a new feature that combines the usual features and NAT Firewall.

What is a firewall?

To keep the customers safe and secure from all malware and any threats that you may face while browsing the Internet.

But before activating this function, it is important to know what a firewall is and what features it can perform:  

In simple terms, a firewall is an imaginary solid wall placed between a secure LAN (home network) and the WWW or the Internet. The wall monitors and controls all outbound and inbound traffic to protect against threats and malware.   

What is NAT?  

NAT is a super-powerful technology or network address translation, that does everything it can to double the security of the Internet.    

So what are the main features of the ibVPN NAT Firewall?

ibVPN NAT Firewall is designed and implemented for:

  • Blocking all requests for incoming traffic to your device connected to the Internet. Such unauthorized requests are usually developed by hackers or bots, whose main purpose is to find an open port of an IP address for further access.
  • Protecting user traffic. By connecting to the Internet via an ibVPN, you get a public address. The address is usually passed on to other clients if there are many ibVPN clients running on the same server. However, you can also subscribe to a dedicated IP or server.

What About NAT Firewall?  

It is known that the NAT Firewall is set up on 95% of all servers. But no firewall is provided for servers with dynamic IPs like which provides 57+ dynamic IPs. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use a data plan in a firewall if your router or device doesn’t have a built-in static firewall.

Is it worth paying for a NAT Firewall?  

No additional payment is required.

No additional manipulation is required. As a last resort, all the necessary settings will help the provider's support team.

Clients are provided with a NAT Firewall through three main packages:   

  • Ultimate
  • Standard
  • Torrent

NAT Firewall Pricing

Thus, when deciding to arm your network with ibVPN protection, you need to be careful and choose the package that matches this function.

So, as you can see, even the most reliable service can be vulnerable to many online threats. By connecting to the Internet through one of the ibVPN servers, you provide your network with top-notch security.

As a fast-growing company, ibVPN makes your network even more secure by adding useful protection like NAT Firewall. With this feature, you don't have to worry about all the network malware and malware that spreads almost everywhere on the Internet.

ibVPN + NAT Firewall is a great solution for those who value freedom, privacy, and security on the network.


I like ibVPN. It has everything you need for strong protection, it works with torrents and supports streaming in two ways. At the same time, I cannot say that this is one of the best VPNs for the following reasons:

  • no support for the most advanced and productive WireGuard protocol;
  • doesn’t use diskless servers for maximum peace of mind (there is no guarantee of 100% absence of logs);
  • its app is somewhat overloaded with technical options and doesn’t have an interactive map for choosing locations.

When can you search for another service?

  • If you want to use a VPN on multiple devices.
  • If you want to save more without losing functionality.
  • If you are looking for a VPN for Linux, as the provider doesn’t have its app or script for this platform.
  • If you want the simplest visualized app without unnecessary options before your eyes.

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