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Switzerland, also known as ‘Ch’ coming from the abbreviation of ‘Confoederatio Helvetica’, is often presented as a working model of direct democracy. Therefore it’s clear why Switzerland highly respects individuals’ Internet privacy rights. Internet freedom enjoyed in Switzerland has been achieved following a series of court orders. Thus, in 2010, the courts ruled that it is completely legal to download music, videos, and games provided they are for personal use.

At the same time, it is reasonable to use a VPN in Switzerland:
  1. ExpressVPN: is a VPN provider that will serve you to forget about monitoring and hacking attacks.
  2. NordVPN: allows becoming anonymous online thanks to more than 5100 servers and unique IP addresses.
  3. Surfshark: protects users against cyber threats in Switzerland with the help of robust encryption.
  4. CyberGhost VPN: can protect all the devices you possess, as it offers to connect up to 7 gadgets to 1 VPN account.
  5. Private Internet Access: provides clients with various tunneling protocols so that the internet speed will not be reduced.

The defensive measure we are going to talk about is a VPN for Switzerland. The market of the protective tools for one’s safeness while networking is full of different products. For example, you can find there such technologies as anonymizer, onion router, proxy servers or VPNs.

Internet freedom in Switzerland

According to the latest estimates in the sphere of internet freedom, Switzerland is stated to be one of the best countries with the freest internet accessing.

The thing is that the Swiss political system is known as decentralized and directly democratic.

Thus, Switzerland takes the 7th position in the world on the basis of the Internet freedom index. 

Switzerland takes the 7th position in the world

Till recently, there were no topics that would stay uncovered by the mass media. However, the world depression influenced the economic situation in the country. Consequently, some topics became forbidden to cover.

However, the state, as well as any other European country, undergoes cyber-attacks. The most serious attacks are committed against bank systems and credit cards owners. Luckily, the defensive measures of the country’s banks are secured enough against different computer fraudulence.

Nevertheless, being an average customer you need to arm your network with a definite protection against all sorts of cyber criminality. One of the most appropriate tools for making your network protected there is to subscribe for the best VPN for Switzerland.

What is a VPN?

Using an understandable to all language, a VPN is an utterly protected channel, which links up your gadget connected to the World Wide Web to any other device, website or service in the world.

In other words, your smartphone without a VPN protection can be compared to a detached house without a fence. Anyone can interfere in your private life and leave an unpleasant surprise.

What happens to your device with a VPN?

Having established an internet connection through one of VPN servers your identity, as well as actual physical location, will be hidden from the prying eyes. It gives you a possibility to get access to all the geo-restricted for the region web-resources and make your identity hidden.

Besides, the best VPN for Switzerland creates a secure tunneling between your connected device and a VPN server you are connected to. The tunneling is designed with the use of up-to-date protocols, which make all your generated traffic encoded and thus unreadable for all the adversaries.

What is more, a credible VPN service for Switzerland offers a money-back guarantee and a free trial version, which protects you from extra expenses. A customer-oriented VPN for Switzerland accepts different payment methods including crypto-currency, which is stated to be one of the most anonymous ways. The most reliable VPN for Switzerland stores no logging data and operates in compliance with the accepted privacy policy.

Do not forget about extra facilities!

The best service for Switzerland can also offer its customers some essential additional extensions, which are to boost your service’s operation a lot. Let us have a look at the best VPN addons:

  • Kill switch will help you avoid confidential data exposure provoked by breaks on the line with the Internet or a VPN server.
  •  A warrant canary gives a clear vision of the servers surveyed by the government.
  •  Take the use of split tunneling and access both foreign and local websites simultaneously.  
  •  Enjoy safe torrenting in case the VPN you use allows peer-to-peer sharing.
  •  Ad-blocking feature will make you pretty steady, as no one will annoy you with lots of goods advertised.

Having taken into account all the fundamental features the best VPN for Switzerland should offer, you will definitely find the best service ever.

Why do you need the best VPN for Switzerland?

Why have we chosen exactly a VPN service but not an anonymizer or any other tool? The answer is that a good VPN for Switzerland provides you with privacy, security and anonymity three-in-one.

With the help of a reliable VPN for Switzerland you can hide your IP address and choose any virtual location you like. In addition, a qualitative VPN for Switzerland due to the usage of up-to-date VPN protocols creates a protective tunneling. Passing through the tunneling created by the best VPN service for Switzerland all your Internet traffic gets encrypted, thus inacceptable for any of the adversaries.

How to find the best VPN for Switzerland?

Taking into account the fact that there are lots of VPNs on the market today, it may be problematic for you to choose the best VPN for Switzerland. For the very reason we have created a special list of notes, which contains all the appropriate information on the characteristics a good VPN service for Switzerland should have:

  • many server locations all over the globe, so that you can choose any virtual location you like and get access to any of the geo-restricted websites;

If you make plans to reach the highest level of anonymity when you browse with Swiss IP, the number of servers and their location are to be taken into consideration. A big number of servers as well as IPs will be beneficial not only because of the possibility to make your internet footprint unique, but to bypass geographic al restrictions.

  • the latest protocols to provide you with the strongest tunneling defense, so that any of your sensitive data can stay safe;

PPTP was the first tunneling protocol called upon to protect the data transferred via networks. It is still used by VPNs. But more up-to-date IT tools are created, and new protocols are among them. In such a way, there are L2TP/IPsec, SSTP and the most advantageous OpenVPN. Nowadays, each protocol is used for appropriate purpose, a user is going to conduct online.

  • no loggings or metadata storage, thus making your networking more anonymous;

The data stored by VPN services (paid ones) are not delivered to third parties. Such information is used by provider to identify the defects of the program and improve the work of the service.

  • a trial version and different payment methods acceptance;

If you want to find a reliable Swiss VPN, you should pay attention to these two features, as long as they can make the service’s implementation easier for you. Thus, having tested an app in advance, you can see whether it meets all your demands before subscribing for it. When talking about different payment methods, you might have already heard that crypto-currency is one of the best solutions for the issue, as when paying with a credit card a VPN service saves your banking data. So, payment made with crypto-currency increase your chances of anonymity. 

  • a money-back guarantee and professional assistance;

Despite a free service, a paid one requires some investments. Therefore, companies selling their apps for money have decided to secure the clients with the help of a money-back guarantee while bringing hope to their services. If you have subscribed for a VPN that provides you with a money-back guarantee, you may be absolutely sure of your budget’s protection. In case you are dissatisfied with the service, you can get your money back. 

  • security, privacy and anonymity three-in-one.

Having read all the notes, you are ready to select a right service for your secure networking. We have made one more step further and prepared the best VPNs for Switzerland rating 2022, which is designed to help you make an appropriate choice faster and easier.

The fastest VPNs for Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the freest countries in terms of internet accessibility. However, as well as any other country, Switzerland undergoes internet surveillance and any network connection established in the country requires additional protection. This is the main reason why business companies recourse to VPN usage. Whereas average customers use VPNs for watching geo-restricted video content and enjoying multi-player video games.

The thing is that a good VPN service makes your ‘home’ network accessible from any part of the world. Besides, it helps to commit virtual trips to any country you like. Thus, providing that you need to watch Netflix or Hulu, all you should do is to choose a VPN US-based server to connect to. Having established a VPN connection through the server, your true address is to be changed for a US one, which makes you allowed for watching Netflix materials. Having traveled to China for business, you may stay deprived of a possibility to communicate with your relatives and business partners, as long as such apps as WhatsApp, Skype, and social nets like Facebook, Twitter, etc are blocked there. Therefore, for all these reasons you need a VPN service for Switzerland, which is to operate fast and efficiently.

The fastest VPN for Switzerland should offer a limitless bandwidth and speed. If you need a service for watching streaming services in a high quality or playing video games online, you should pay attention to the service’s bandwidth and speed. In case the features are limited, you won’t be able to make it without any lags or hits. Therefore, before subscribing for a service we highly recommend you to read all the terms of usage and privacy policy.

What are the reasons to use VPNs for Switzerland?

Let us enumerate top reasons to subscribe for the best Swiss VPN:

  •  bypass censorship and restrictions that take place in the country you live;
  •  travel without detriment to your habits and interests;
  •  exchange messages and photos safely;
  •  hide your identity if needed;
  •  keep your credentials from the adversaries.

Aren’t you still persuaded to subscribe for a VPN service for Switzerland?

Then, skim through the top Swiss VPN services and change your mind!

Free VPN for Switzerland: For or Against?

What can we say about free VPN services in general? They have gained a kind of ambiguous reputation for the fact that they are believed to ‘’sell’’ users’ data to third parties. Users worry about their privacy and don/t considers them as a reliable tool for protection and privacy. Their worries and doubts are not unfounded. In 2015, for instance, several security experts discovered that free VPN provider Hola was selling users’ bandwidth to those customers who paid for the Luminati service. What does it mean? This means just one thing that someone can use your internet connection for strange or illegal actions. It will look as if it were you who did this or that action.

For this and other reasons, we need to discuss free VPN for Switzerland and find out all pros and cons of using it in this country.

What PROMISES free VPN providers usually make:

Free VPN will make private for free!


According to forum discussions and news (one of them was mentioned above), you are not as private as you think. It seems that free VPN providers have more information about you, than you can imagine (especially if you are not technically advanced), and who know in what way it can be used: just kept and deleted or collected and sold.

Free VPN apply advanced and strong protocols!


Primitive standard protocols, such as PPTP, are applied. Do they call this protocol ‘’advanced’’? Although, internet censorship in Switzerland is not severe and it is allowed to use torrents for personal matters, torrenting of copyrighted commercial material is illegal. So, taking into consideration lag of privacy with free VPN services and poor data encryption protocols, it is not recommended to use free VPN for torrenting even for Switzerland.

If you have more reasons why to use or not to use free VPN for Switzerland, leave us a comment!

The best VPNs for Switzerland summary

Although Switzerland is considered as working model of a direct democracy, any Internet user faces some challenges. Today there is such a problem as hacker attacks and computer fraudulence growth. Taking into account the entire threats one can come across while being online in Switzerland, you need a qualitative tool of defense.

The most effective technology for one’s safeness while networking in Switzerland is the best VPN for Switzerland.

Why a VPN?

Look through the reasons:

Reason #1

A reliable VPN for Switzerland hides you real IP address and avoids any geo-restrictions. Thus, it becomes possible to browse from Switzerland and access any website online.

Reason #2

A good VPN for Switzerland creates a defensive tunneling passing through which all you traffic comes to be encrypted. So, while using the best VPN for Switzerland you are protected from any threats coming from third parties.

Reason #3

Having decided to buy a VPN in Switzerland, one has a chance to become sheer anonymous.

However, being a non tech-savvy customer you may face some difficulties with the choice of the best tool for your network securing. Therefore, you are highly recommended to follow experts’ advice and look for a credible service only.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in Switzerland or travel to the region, every time you connect to a public hotspot you pose your network under a risk of being identified and hacked. While having connected to the hotspot through the best VPN for Switzerland, your connected device, as well as all the confidential data you store on it, will be properly encoded and thus protected from uncontrolled interference. 

The best VPNs for Switzerland’s rating 2022 is designed to help you with selecting a right service that is to match all your needs. Stay well!

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