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Perfect Privacy: Complete Review

Perfect Privacy pros Perfect Privacy cons
  • No log policy
  • Uses OpenVPN
  • Intuitive interface
  • Works with torrenting
  • Customizable kill switch
  • Wide platform & device support
  • A 7-day no questions asked refund
  • Based in Switzerland
  • No connection limit
  • No IP leaks
  • Limited server locations
  • Can’t access Netflix
  • Taxing on speed
  • Pricier than many other VPNs

Is Perfect Privacy VPN perfectly private? In today’s review, I’m going to answer this question as well as a few more. I’m sure you’re dying to learn whether:

  • Perfect Privacy is easy to set up and use?
  • it compares well to other VPN services?
  • it delivers on its every promise?

And many more hot topics! For your convenience, a quick navigation menu is on the right.

Perfect Privacy: Unique Benefits and Features

Perfect Privacy might not be the most widespread VPN service in the world but it surely is time-tested. Founded in 2008, it still can compete with such industry giants as NordVPN and ExpressVPN. How can it achieve that, you ask? The answer is, in the most important sphere for any VPN: privacy and security. Perfect Privacy has a ton of features that increase one’s safety while netsurfing. The kill switch function which you can customize to your heart’s desire, the TOR-like multi-hop VPN, the use of the most reliable protocol — OpenVPN, and that’s just to name a few things. What is more, Perfect Privacy is stable. During the hours of testing, I have not encountered a single instance of it disconnecting or acting up otherwise. My tests show that Perfect Privacy allows you to access torrenting websites easily. There are, however, some functions that are not quite up to their advertising. I will talk more about those in a following chapter.

Perfect Privacy: Pros and Cons

In the table above, I briefly touched on the pros and cons of Perfect Privacy. But now comes the main course, and I will explain which is which in more detail.

No logs are kept

The no-logs-kept policy of Perfect Privacy is something that should go without saying for a VPN provider. However, it is not always the case. I’m happy to confirm that with Perfect Privacy your log data is safe. Their Privacy Policy is very transparent, which is a plus on its own:

OpenVPN is the most reliable protocol

Another huge advantage is that Perfect Privacy uses the most secure protocol out there, namely OpenVPN. There are other protocols to choose from, like IPSEC, but I tend to go with OpenVPN for that sweet sense of maximum protection.

Perfect Privacy’s protocols

Intuitive interface

Yep, the design of Perfect Privacy’s app is a real blast from the past. I mean, just look at this menu!

Perfect Privacy Settings Menu

Personally, I really appreciate such simplicity: you can’t go wrong with it! And indeed, it is super user-friendly. You’ll see how easy it is to use in one of the following chapters. For those of you looking for something fancier, though, I recommend looking up NordVPN with its nice visual menus.

Torrenting is allowed

As my tests show, you can access torrenting websites when using Perfect Privacy. I’ve run into no problems whatsoever with it. However, there is a bit of a downside to it, as the speed it gives you is far from optimal for torrenting. If you need a VPN to use largely for this purpose, check out our “Best VPNs for torrenting” list.

Customizable kill switch

The kill switch function is extremely important when using a VPN, because if your connection fails and no measures are taken, your real IP address may get leaked. Luckily, Perfect Privacy comes with a kill switch that you can set up exactly as it suits you the most. The Firewall menu gives you three options:

Perfect Privacy’s Firewall rules

The first one, which the app recommends for most users, will shut down any traffic that is not coming through the VPN as long as you are connected to the VPN. The second option will do the same thing as the first one, but for the entire time you run the program itself, so you do not have to worry about accidentally deactivating your VPN tunnel. And the third option is the most hardcore one. It will make sure no traffic that isn’t routed through the VPN will be allowed, even if the Perfect Privacy app is inactive. While most people won’t probably need such a drastic measure, if you are really concerned about your safety, you’ll surely find it handy.

Wide platform & device support

Perfect Privacy is available on several latest generations of Windows, Chrome OS, Blackberry, Linux and other operating systems as well as iOS and Android. It is a huge plus, especially when you take the unlimited connections part into account.

Perfect Privacy supports many devices 1

Perfect Privacy supports many operating systems 2

What is more, Perfect Privacy can be used on your router, whether it runs on DD-WRT, AsusWRT-Merlin, or other firmware.

Perfect Privacy can be used on a router

A 7-day refund

Even though it offers no free trial, if for whatever reason you are not satisfied with Perfect Privacy’s performance (or just want to test it), you can always ask for a refund. Well, ‘always’ is not exactly the right term, to be honest with you. You can get your money back only during the first week of using the VPN. It’s by no means bad, as seven days should be enough to make up one’s mind.

Perfect Privacy’s refund policy

However, if you think you might want to use this opportunity, you have to be mindful of how you pay for your subscription. You cannot get your money back if you make the payment in cryptocurrencies or gift-card and coupon based transactions. In terms of a refund, cash is also a no-go.

Perfect Privacy is not based in the FVEY jurisdiction

Based in Switzerland, Perfect Privacy VPN should be safe from the intelligence agencies from the 14 Eyes. It is not a perfect safety haven, though, as Switzerland is a member of Club de Berne, an intelligence sharing forum that includes several states that are members of the FVEY. While it does raise some suspicions, I think that such a location is not too bad, and most likely, you should do fine.

No connection limit

No connection limit

Where Perfect Privacy really shines is in having no limit on how many devices you may connect to the VPN! It is a rare sight in the VPN world, so I cherish it. For one, even very good providers such as Private Internet Access generally do not offer unlimited device connections (only ten and six respectively). There’re also no traffic restrictions, which is nice too.

No IP leaks detected

That’s right, ladies and gents, your real IP is safe when you use Perfect Privacy. I’ll talk about it at length later on, but have no doubts, this is a huge plus! I think that overall Perfect Privacy does a good job, and some things (such as its kill switch being customizable and the limitless connections support) even better than its competitors. However (you knew there’d be a ‘however’, didn’t you?), it is not without some drawbacks. Let’s delve right into them!

Limited server locations

Limited server locations

Let me tell you, ‘twenty-six’ is not the number I want to hear when I ask how many countries the servers are located in. Compare it to NordVPN’s fifty-eight or ExpressVPN’s ninety-four. This is a huge deal because the smaller this number is, the less varied your options are. The Server status page on Perfect Privacy’s website shows that there are fifty-eight servers total as of the time of writing this review. Again, it compares less than favorably to other VPN providers. Most countries that host Perfect Privacy VPN servers are European. For the Middle East, you get Turkey and Israel, and only Egypt for North Africa. The choice between China, Japan and Singapore for the entirety of Asia is also concerning. Add the fact that the servers located in the countries mentioned above generally have less bandwidth than their European and American counterparts and you got the recipe for trouble.

Server bandwidth distribution is not optimal

On the pic above, you may notice something else. I’m speaking about the number of servers per state/city. See how Zurich has three servers while Tokyo only has one? While it is understandable—Perfect Privacy is a Swiss company, after all—it is hardly a solace for people in the East who want to use this service. Such a limitation presents a huge problem: the fewer servers there are, the more loaded they become. You will see how it affects Perfect Privacy’s performance in the next chapter of this review.

Perfect Privacy is unable to bypass Netflix’s regional restrictions

If you wanted to access Netflix for some region-locked content, boy oh boy do I have bad news for you. Unfortunately, right now Perfect Privacy is just outmaneuvered by the streaming service’s proxy-hunting algorithms. In the Benefits and Features Tests chapter, I will focus on it more.

Speed is not that great

My willingness to recommend Perfect Privacy indiscriminately took another serious blow as I tested how it affects my Internet speed. While not abysmal or anything, the speed I got is simply not as good as I hoped it would be. This is where the rather narrow list of servers and server locations comes into play. If you have trouble getting a fast speed with this VPN, you do not really have all that many options to choose another server. We’ll take a deeper look into it in the Speed and Security Tests chapter.

Pricier than its competitors

Perfect Privacy’s Payment plans

Perfect Privacy is expensive. Damn expensive. Okay, okay, I’ll stop overdramatizing, but you gotta agree that there are cheaper alternatives out there. The lowest you can pay for this VPN per month is $8.95. This is only possible if you buy it for two full years. The full bill will amount to $214.95. Talk about commitment! One year will cost you $119.99 ($9.99 monthly). And if you only need a VPN for one month, prepare to cough up a whopping $12.99! However, I have to remind you that this is mitigated by the opportunity to get a full refund in the first seven days of using Perfect Privacy.

Perfect Privacy: Speed and Security Tests

And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Let us give Perfect Privacy VPN what I call a baptism by fire. Simply speaking, we’ll see how well it does its job. To do that, we’ll need several basic tools:

  1. speedtest.net to check out its effect on my speed;
  2. ipleak.net to see whether there are any IP leaks.

First on our list…

Speed Tests

To judge how the VPN affects my Internet speed, I’ll first need to get a frame of reference to work with. So I will see what my speed is without a VPN:

Speed with no VPN

And now let’s see how it’ll change with the VPN. Let me connect to a server in Amsterdam, and…

Amsterdam server speed

Oof! My download speed takes quite a hit. My real location is not even that far away from Amsterdam. I’ll also test my speed when connected to a server in Dallas.

Dallas server speed

And the one in Tokyo for good measure:

Tokyo server speed

The rule of thumb here is: the farther you go, the slower you get. It’s not a problem for people from Western Europe, as there are more than enough servers located there. But if you live in another part of the world, Perfect Privacy’s list of servers might simply not cut it for you. Changing my protocol from OpenVPN to IPSEC doesn’t help; in fact, quite the opposite. Here’s the same Dallas server we’ve seen before.

Dallas server speed with IPSEC

Here’s a table listing all the speeds I got during my tests:

VPN server Download speed, Mbps Upload speed, Mbps
No VPN 79.93 70.13
Amsterdam 48.17 66.02
Dallas (OpenVPN) 22.16 56.81
Dallas (IPSEC) 6.07 12.81
Tokyo 14.21 57.57
Riga 30.67 57.67
Tel Aviv 14.00 20.36
Malmoe 20.45 59.25
Prague 39.51 49.04
Belgrade 32.12 63.46

In conclusion, I can’t recommend Perfect Privacy for its speed unless you live in Western Europe. If you do, though, it shouldn’t be a concern, as you will always be able to choose a different server for optimal speed. Given all the positives about this service, I really hope that the number of servers in other states will increase.

Security Tests

It’s time to answer the paramount question: is Perfect Privacy safe? To do that, I’ll test it for IP leaks, because if there’re any, it kind of defeats the entire purpose of using a VPN. Let’s connect to a server in Berlin:

Berlin server IP

What you see in the picture above is the IP the websites I visit should get if everything works as intended.

IP leak test for Perfect Privacy VPN server in Berlin

It does! As you can see, ipleak.net shows me the same German IP and not my real one. It means that there are no IP leaks. What is more, there are no DNS leaks too, which means that my connection is safe. Just to be on the safe side, I’ll run another test. This time, I choose a server in Istanbul.

Istanbul server IP

IP leak test for Perfect Privacy VPN server in Istanbul

No leaks as well! Since there are no IP leaks no matter what server or country I connect to, I can say with certainty that Perfect Privacy doesn’t leak your IP. Combine it with the kill switch feature, and your privacy won’t ever get compromised. Thus, if safety is your primary concern, Perfect Privacy VPN’s performance is superb. While its speed can be a bit lackluster, it definitely won’t let you down in terms of security.

Perfect Privacy: Benefits and Features Tests

Is this VPN easy to use?

Not even the best protection in the world is worth its cost if an average user is unable to comprehend how to set it up. So how easy is it to set up Perfect Privacy? Let’s see. First, you buy the subscription, log in and download the software for your device. The list is perfectly transparent and should cause no problems:

The OS list

It is possible to install it manually or use the recommended setup. Great for both advanced users and beginners!

Recommended installation

Manual installation

The setup itself is very straightforward and quick. Think about it: just one button press is all that separates you from your privacy!

Perfect Privacy setup

Perfect Privacy installation

And we’re done!

Installation complete

The app itself is simple as well. In the menu, you can:

  • choose types of protocol and encryption,
  • make Perfect Privacy launch with Windows,
  • select the kill switch level you want,
  • enable the multi-hop VPN, as well as make other decisions.

tings menu

There’s a bit of graphics in the list of servers. Although I appreciate the old-school appeal, it’s still nice to see some visuals.

The list of servers

Perfect Privacy’s website features manuals, an FAQ, and forums in English and German to help you out as well as customer support. The latter comes in two shapes: by email or by contact form. There is no live chat, though, so getting support generally takes time.

Perfect Privacy customer support options

My conclusion: Perfect Privacy is very easy to download, install and use. I’m sure that no user will face any problem with it!

Can you use Netflix with Perfect Privacy?

Spoilers: not really. While I can access Netflix US without a hitch when connected to a US-based server (shown below), trying to watch a US-only show results in a failure:

Perfect Privacy server in Chicago

Trying to access a region-locked show

Netflix knows I’ve been naughty

Another server, another movie… but the same result.

Perfect Privacy can’t bypass Netflix’s restrictions

Currently there is no way to access Netflix’s region-locked shows. Ain’t that a bummer? Luckily, there are VPN servers for Netflix that can do just that.

What about torrents?

Since Netflix is off the table, let’s see if torrents are accessible.

Torrents are accessible with Perfect Privacy

They are! I can recommend Perfect Privacy for torrenting if you can live in close proximity of a speedy enough server (read: in Western Europe/US). Otherwise, it might take just too much time to download large files.

Perfect Privacy: Frequently Asked Questions

Where is it based?

It is based in Switzerland. While that state is not 100% unaffiliated with any intelligence and surveillance agencies from FVEY countries, the no-logs policy makes sure that none of your private data can fall into the wrong hands.

How many devices can I use at the same time with Perfect Privacy?

However many you like, there is no limit.

Are there features locked behind a paywall?

There aren’t any. You get the full functionality just by buying the subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Quite oddly, the only way to cancel your subscription is to wait until it runs out. You can, however, cancel an automatic renewal of it via your PayPal account.

If you’ve had experience with Perfect Privacy VPN service, be sure to leave a review below!

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