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Best Unofficial Kodi Builds 2022 [HD Streams]

Updated: January 2, 2022 By Dean Chester

Best Kodi builds for free streaming

You can endlessly search for new add-ons, then look for their repositories, or you can install a ready-made build, for which everything is already provided. But how to choose the best Kodi build and where to download it? In this article, I will share my successful experience in self-installing builds and give links to them.

Table of contents:

It is important to understand that the more charged the build, the more add-ons, and modules in it that load the device processor. Therefore, I don’t recommend immediately chasing those Kodi builds that are oversaturated with effects, dynamic menus, and have an unreasonably large number of add-ons.

It is much more reasonable to ask yourself before installing a build - do I really need everything that is in it? Will my Firestick or other device have enough power to work with the new settings? Will he have enough memory?

 I suggest a sane approach. Below I will describe the 10 best builds for Kodi 2022 (5 popular and 5 new), but I will sort them not by the number of supported features and Kodi add-ons, but by efficiency for HD steaming. I won’t forget the graphic design (skins).

5 best popular Kodi builds

⚠️Regardless of the selected Kodi builds, use a VPN for Kodi to remove all possible restrictions and protection. Typically, this is the Internet Service Provider (ISP) speed limit for streaming video. A VPN will also allow you to work from anywhere in the world, as not all streaming platforms operate outside of the United States or the United Kingdom.

IMPORTANT: When using unofficial add-ons that are installed in large numbers in builds, there is no guarantee that the broadcast of video content is legal. Use a VPN that will hide your network activity from the ISP.

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The article is of a research nature and doesn’t call for copyright infringement or otherwise breaking the law. Before using Kodi builds, make sure that the using content streamed through the installed add-ons isn’t copyrighted.

What is Kodi Build?

Kodi build is add-ons, skins, and other Kodi modules combined in one installation script, which are installed all at once from one repository. Installing a build is no more difficult than installing one add-on.

Such builds can not only install many add-ons, but also install various themes, change the appearance of the menu, add additional functionality for remote control, and much more.

This saves a lot of time.

Many people think that it isn’t worth installing builds because then it is almost impossible to remove all installed modules. But I'll show you how you can reset Kodi to factory settings in less than a minute!

Most build manufacturers follow the trends and add the most current add-ons. This eliminates the need to search and install Kodi extensions separately, also, changing the appearance of the interface yourself is quite a time consuming, and the standard interface isn’t very convenient for control on TV platforms.

Installing an unofficial build (step-by-step)

If you're ready to install the Kodi build right now, then let's do it. I will describe in detail a few simple steps using the example of the best build in my opinion to date, Slamious.

The guide is suitable for both 17 and 18 Kodi versions, regardless of the device used.

I recommend updating Kodi to the latest version, as it is still advisable to uninstall any previously installed add-ons. Isn't this a great reason to upgrade?

So let's get started! The estimated time to install the build is about 3-5 minutes.

Step 1: Reset Kodi to factory settings

This step is optional, but I recommend doing it so that there are no conflicts between previously installed add-ons and modules from the build. Also, you will install everything you need for the most convenient video viewing and you simply won’t need old add-ons.

For Fire TV:

  1. Exit Kodi (Exit button).
  2. Press the Home button.
  3. Settings> Down button.
  4. Find “Applications” and click on it.
  5. Select “Manage Installed Applications”.
  6. Highlight Kodi in the resulting list. The Kodi setup menu will appear.
  7. Force stop.
  8. Clear data (and confirm your selection if you are sure you need to clear Kodi).
  9. Press Home.
  10. Run Kodi.

For Android (Android TV, smartphones, tablets):

  1. Close the Kodi app or restart your TV (set-top box).
  2. Click Settings.
  3. (For Android TV) Click More Settings.
  4. Click Apps (Applications).
  5. Find, select Kodi.
  6. CLEAR DATA or Storage> CLEAR DATA.
  7. Confirm the action if you want to reset Kodi.
  8. Return to the main menu of your device and launch Kodi.

For Windows:

  1. Close Kodi.
  2. Enter “%appdata%” in the search bar (Start menu).
  3. Find the Kodi folder and delete it (right mouse button> Delete).
  4. Close the file list window.
  5. Launch Kodi.

Step 2: Provide the path to the build repository.

Perhaps the hardest part about installing Kodi builds is finding the repositories from which everything will be installed. Many sites offer build ratings but don’t provide actual URLs.

We will use the URL

  1. System Menu> File manager> Add source.
  2. Enter the repository address (listed above for Slamious, or use the address of another build listed below).
  3. Enter the name of the repository. Arbitrarily.

    How to enter the correct Kodi build repository url

  4. Click OK.

Step 3: Install the build repository.

  1. Exit the File manager and System Menu.
  2. Add-ons (left).
  3. “Box” menu> Install from zip file

    Install from the zip file in Kodi

  4. Find and select the name you entered when adding the URL from the list. I have this Slamious Repo.
  5. In the list of zip files that appears, find the repository file:

    Selecting the desired zip file

  6. Wait for the installation. This may take 1-2 minutes depending on the build size. Slamious installs quickly.

Step 4: Install the builds from the repository.

The last step remains. This step may take time and space on your device. For example, the maximum Kodi build of No Limits Magic to date requires over 250 MB for download and over 450 MB for installation.

  1. Home> Add-ons> “Box” menu> Install from repository.
  2. Select Slamious Repo from the list that appears.
  3. Then select Program add-ons> Slamious Wizard.
  4. In the window that appears, find and click “Install”:

The last step of installing Kodi build

Next, the necessary files will be downloaded and the build installed. The system will ask for the initial settings:

Initial build configuration

I recommend leaving everything as it is and just clicking “Continue”.

  1. Click Dismiss.
  2. Click Build Menu.
  3. In the list that appears, find the line with the required build. Typically, this is the top line:

    Build version selection

  4. Select “Fresh install” if you didn't do a full Kodi reset or “Standard install” if you did.
  5. Next, download the main zip file of the build. Typically, this is a file over 200 MB in size. From personal experience, I know that at this moment the download may fail with a return to step 7. Repeat the further steps until the download is completed successfully.
  6. After downloading, the installation will start automatically. To unpack the zip file, another 300-400 MB of free space is required
  7. After installation, the build may prompt you to select a theme. Choose any. It can be changed in the future.

The best Kodi builds for TV platforms, Windows, and mobile devices

Kodi builds differ in a set of add-ons, skins, and settings. It is difficult to determine the leader as a lot depends on the device used and personal preference. In this chapter, I will offer 5 of the most requested Kodi builds that are actively supported by developers and are highly popular.

All builds have a strong set of movie add-ons for every taste. Videos, Movies, TV shows, Documentaries, Live TV, Sports, and Kids. The controls have been tested on computers, smartphones, and TV platforms.


Slamious Build

  • Full name: Slamious Wizard
  • Tested version: 18.6
  • Score (out of 10): 10
  • Load: Low
  • Protection from the Internet provider: No

Perhaps the best build to date, combining support for the best Kodi add-ons and at the same time balanced in terms of processor load. This makes it very convenient to run on not the most modern mobile devices, Firestick 1 and 2 versions, and other relatively weak platforms.

Controlling Kodi with Slamious themes is intuitive, which is very important for beginners who aren’t yet used to the non-standard Kodi interface that comes with the builds.

Build repository location:


Titanium Build

  • Full name: Titanium
  • Tested version: 1.0.2
  • Score (out of 10): 9
  • Load: Medium
  • Protection from the Internet provider: No

Strong charged build that occupies an intermediate place between the compact Slamious and the most packed Magic add-ons. Titanium (Supreme) has a classic menu inherent in video Kodi builds and a lot of add-ons for every taste.

A distinctive feature of the build is quick access to change skins and all kinds of Kodi and add-on settings. In other builds, you might spend some time looking for the settings menu.

Location of the build repository:


No Limits Magic Build

  • Full name: No Limits Magic
  • Tested version: 3.6
  • Score (out of 10): 8
  • Load: High
  • Protection from the Internet provider: No

Supercharged build with the maximum number of pre-installed add-ons and bright energetic skins. No Limits Magic is suitable for sophisticated Kodi users. It has everything you need to watch video content on any device.

The disadvantage of a build follows from its advantages. Due to the overload of add-ons, No Limits Magic requires more free space and a stronger processor. The build contains an excellent set of add-ons for Amazon Firestick 3rd generation and higher.

Location of the build repository:


Xanax Build

  • Full name: Xanax Kodi Build
  • Tested version: 2.6
  • Score (out of 10): 8
  • Load: Medium
  • Protection from the Internet provider: No

Another build that has both an impressive set of add-ons (there are Exodus and many of its alternatives) and at the same time save device resources. I liked the lack of jerks and slowdowns when scrolling through the menu, even on the first generation Android TV Box.

It seems to me that Xanax has come to replace the popular Durex. At least they have common developers.

Location of the build repository:


Diamond Dust Build

  • Full name: Diamond Dust
  • Tested version: 2.6
  • Score (out of 10): 8
  • Load: Medium
  • Protection from the Internet provider: No

Another build that has both an impressive set of add-ons (there are Exodus and many of its alternatives) and at the same time save device resources. I liked the lack of jerks and slowdowns when scrolling through the menu, even on the first generation Android TV Box.

It seems to me that Xanax has come to replace the popular Durex. At least they have common developers.

Location of the build repository:

New Kodi builds

In the previous section, I looked at 100% tested builds that are really comfortable, strong, and suitable for devices of different sizes.

I also want to tell you about the 5 newest Kodi builds that you most likely have not met yet.

They contain both classic and popular Kodi add-ons, as well as new ones, which may soon reach the first places in the Kodi ratings.

Nephilim Build

This build has unusual skins and is interesting because it was specially designed for Firestick. Although, I ran it on Android and I liked everything too. Nephilim contains both popular and previously unknown add-ons.

Grind Build

Grind can be called one of the lightest Kodi builds. It contains many new add-ons and is perfect for users looking for something new.

The only drawback of this build, in my opinion, is a somewhat inconvenient menu.

Location of the build repository:

Cell-X5 Build

This isn’t exactly a new build, but in my opinion, it is too rare in reviews of the best Kodi builds.

Cell-X5 has a beautiful space theme skin and an incredibly convenient menu layout. In terms of functionality, the build is interesting in support of Sports Devil, Loki, and the increasingly popular Placenta.

Location of the build repository:

Juggernaut Build

Another build from Supreme Builds developer, Juggernaut, was created using economical skins, due to which the menu has a good response even on weak devices. The add-ons are selected in such a way that after installing the build you have everything you need for free HD streaming, but you can also download new add-ons in one click if you want.

Location of the build repository:

Misfit Mods Lite Build

I recommend using Misfit when your device has very little memory. But this doesn’t mean that the build is inferior to competitors. Misfit Mods Lite has everything you need to access streaming content from TV shows to sport live TV and children's channels.

Location of the build repository:

Moving builds

It is often necessary to transfer the entire build with settings to another device.

There is an effective universal method that works with all Kodi-enabled devices.

The essence of this method is that you create a backup in the form of a zip archive, transfer it to a new device, and restore the data.

There are tons of backup add-ons available. I used XBMC Backup.

Why this particular add-on? It's simple. It is in the standard Kodi repository and you don't need to search for files on the Internet to install it. Just go to the repository, find add-ons, and install the backup add-on.

This needs to be done on both devices.

The process of creating and unpacking a zip file itself is very simple. From the settings, you only need to specify the file paths. The rest can be left as default.

Kodi builds and security

So, you have selected a build and are ready to start watching video content for free.

I want to warn you that free access to copyrighted content can backfire. Using add-ons from unofficial Kodi builds, you cannot know if you are downloading content that is in the world domain or if it is a licensed file.

What is the danger of using builds of unofficial add-ons?

Many add-ons that are in the build use torrent sites to download content. Torrenting is banned in many countries and punishable by real fines. The ISP monitors the type of traffic and, if it registers a P2P connection like a torrent, informs the law enforcement agencies about it.

Also, even if it isn’t prohibited in your country, from time to time, copyright holders initiate investigations and the police arrest the servers of torrent sites. They contain information about all downloads and distributions that have been carried out through this site.

As a result, in the country where the investigation is being conducted, your name may come to the attention of the authorities.

How to protect yourself legally?

The most effective and time-tested protection method for watching free videos through Kodi is a VPN.

I'm sure you've seen advertisements for VPN providers on many Kodi sites. But are the VPNs on offer really good or is it just a way to make money?

I have been involved in Internet security for over 15 years and have been using and testing a VPN for over 10 years. Even as I write this article, I am working with VPN enabled.

And I will offer you not 1 but 3 VPN services to choose from, which I use myself and which are 100% effective for Kodi Builds.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN for Kodi

It was NordVPN that I meant when I said that I use a VPN. This is my favorite VPN service and I know all about it. I'm sure this is one of the best VPNs for Kodi today.

What do I like about NordVPN?

Supports cutting edge technologies such as WireGuard (NordLynx) and diskless servers. In addition to standard VPN capabilities (masking network activity and location), NordVPN connects significantly faster than most competitors. It doesn’t confirm that it logs user activity on its system, which makes its use super anonymous.

You can find out more about the provider by reading my NordVPN review.

NordVPN Preview
Connect to fast and affordable VPN

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN for Kodi

By some estimates (data transfer rates and a number of countries supported) ExpressVPN is even better than NordVPN. I also use this provider from time to time when I need a speed over 100-150 Mbps. That's more than 3-5x more than regular mid-range VPNs.

The provider also uses diskless servers and guarantees complete confidentiality. This has even been confirmed by high-profile lawsuits.

You can learn more about the provider by reading my ExpressVPN review.

ExpressVPN Preview
Connect to a premium VPN

3. Surfshark

Surfshark VPN for Kodi

Another excellent VPN Surashark is suitable for protecting Kodi builds. The distinguishing feature of this provider is the super low price for a subscription of more than 1 year. In fact, it is 3x cheaper than ExpressVPN and 2x cheaper than NordVPN.

I believe that its capabilities are enough for unofficial add-ons. Moreover, Surfshark is optimized for torrenting and knows how to protect network activity and visited addresses.

You can learn more about the provider by reading my Surfshark review.

Surfshark Preview
The best offer for Kodi builds


I have tried to share the most current knowledge about Kodi builds in 2022. Now you can, use step-by-step instructions to install any builds on any device with Kodi. At the same time, you can experiment with removing and reinstalling different sets of add-ons and skins, choose the optimal build according to your preferences and device capabilities.

Please write comments and ask questions. It is difficult to convey all the nuances of the best Kodi builds in one article. I will answer in the comments below the article.

Dean Chester.

Senior Researcher
Dean Chester
Cybersecurity and online privacy expert and researcher. He's been published on OpenVPN, EC-Council Blog, DevSecOps, AT-T Business, SAP Community, etc. Dean has been testing VPNs for 8 years.

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speed limit

Yes, almost all Internet Service Provider has speed limit for streaming video and torrent downloading. Want to avoid it? VPN is the only way to stream without limits. And you protect your ip and other information. So you won't get copyright claims from content owners. 2.6 plus versions of Xanax Kodi Build are the best ones. highly recommended!

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Thnx again. btw, are there

Thnx again. btw, are there any other alternatives to the list? Something like Kaito addon? It's quite new if I remember correctly. Been looking for decent Kodi builds in case something happens.