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Best VPNs for Russia in 2023

Early in 2018, a high-ranking official suggested that Russia should adopt the strict internet censorship methods of the Chinese, in addition to the already stringent ones in place. For everyday Russians, this means loss of access to many perfectly legal sites elsewhere. However, Russian users can still access barred sites by masking their IP address using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). For example, if a user from Russia wants to access a banned U.S. site, a VPN service can generate an anonymous U.S. IP address and allow access past the regulators.

Have a look at the best VPNs for Russia in 2022:
  1. ExpressVPN: The best provider for Russia, it allows paying with cryptocurrency!
  2. NordVPN: Perfect choice for Russia with a ‘’no logs’’ policy and robust encryption!
  3. Surfshark: Amazing VPN with up-to-date protocols and unlimited server switching!
  4. CyberGhost VPN: This provider will help you to bypass all restricted content in Russia safely!
  5. Private Internet Access: The VPN offers 3380+ servers in more than 32 countries and a 7-day money-back guarantee!

Internet freedom in Russia

In compliance with the latest research in the sphere of internet security, Russia is one of the countries where the internet is stated to be not free. There are such barriers as obstacles to access, limits on content, as well as a violation of user rights. What is more, the press is stated not to be free there, too.

Among the latest precedents, there are such cases as:

  • Increase of authorities’ access to users’ private data with the Yarovaya’s Law off effect.
  • Social media users arrests for so-called extremist expressions online. One of the users is sentenced to 5 years.
  • An unbelievable number of attacks committed against social media users attributed to physical violence and suffering property damage.

Continuing the policy of total control and censorship the government risks to get into the five worst countries with least free internet environment. Therefore, while living there or traveling to the country for business or vacation you need to arm your network with additional top-notch protection.

Although the internet is overloaded with multiple solutions of the sphere starting from proxies and finishing with Tor, the most appropriate solution for this is the best VPN for Russia.

Why freedom is limited in Russia?

Russia drew European Court of Human Rights’ attention in light of tightening up the “Information law”. According to this law, Russian VPN servers, Tor network, anonymizers and Russian proxy servers are to provide the authorities with the information about its users. 

Besides, according to the law, the owners of such services are to block the access to the websites and services mentioned in the blacklist created by Roskomnadzor.

The remedial organization “Amnesty International” called this law the online freedom attack.

Is there any sense in the use of Russian VPNs?

The overwhelming majority of VPN services are the foreign companies. So, they follow the requirements of Russian government very rarely. It is unlikely that VPN services will block the websites for Russian people by instructions of Russian authorities.

Thus, the access to such services may be limited for the people living there. Nevertheless, if you are going to visit the country, it is advisable to subscribe to one of the best VPNs for Russia beforehand.

If you are not a prudent person or you are living there on a permanent basis, it will be still possible to download and install a VPN for Russia. In this case a user may face some problems while looking for the best VPN for Russian. But they are not difficult to solve.

Why not to use a Russian VPN server?

Russian IT specialists also create VPN services to bypass the restrictions on the basis of geographical location. Furthermore, many VPNs place the servers in Russia. It is not bad, as there are some websites available in Russia only. In this place, a VPN manages its function.

But in case there is necessity to access the service unavailable for a Russian VPN service, you are to choose the servers in other countries. To put it otherwise, having connected to one of free VPN servers in Russia, you will not manage to open the web page, mentioned in the blacklist of Roskomnadzor.

Say “No” to geo-restrictions with Russian VPN

The best paid VPN for Russia will make your network protected from government surveillance and free for accessing any geo-restricted content.

Thus, having established internet connection through one of the VPN servers, your true address assigned by your ISP is substituted with a server’s one. Besides, due to the change, you are able to shift your geo-location as well.

Safe torrenting with Russian VPNs

The Russians will have to fork out to watch a new season of a favorite series having downloaded it for free by means of BitTorrent technology. The Russian authorities think over introducing the system of fines for downloading content online.

Nevertheless, copyright experts say that this measure won’t be efficient. If their words are to be trusted, the availability of legal products will work better. Only it can stop torrenting.

How do the authorities react?

Currently, interdepartmental discussions are conducted in bodies of government on the occasion of punitive sanctions against those who prefer downloading torrent content via the net without registration, payment or SMS.

Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation put forward an initiative to block the access to the torrenting sites before the official judgment. This initiative was launched as a run-time version. However, the initiative wasn’t supported by leading Internet providers.

The authorities have plan B. They propose to collect payment from torrent fans by means of a special system similar to that function in Germany. Thus, if you torrent in Russia, your IP will be defined by the system, after which it’ll be easy to identify your home or legal address. This address will be used to send a letter notifying of the fine.

For what type of torrented content you are to pay in Russia?

The official establishment also informed that the users will have to pay for torrenting only domestically produced products of cinematography. The government is ready to strive for the protection of the Russian copyright.

On the one hand, Russian authorities think that it’s incorrect to shift responsibility for the content online onto users, as sometimes even lawyers can’t identify where is the boundary between legal and illegal content.

On the other hand, not only the person who has downloaded torrent file is to be punished, but the distributor as well.

Thus, the Russian authorities state that the only powerful method to stop torrenting is to block ‘mirrors’.

Why fines are not the best way-out?

The experts in the sphere of copyright say that the fine for those who download files by means of torrent sites and clients is a losing idea from the very beginning. It is necessary to punish those who provide the net with the copyright-protected files. Otherwise, it would mean that the authorities don’t want to fight against the torrenting sites, but their consumers, who sometimes even don’t know whether the file is forbidden to load or not.

The menace of fine will not stop the people. They download because of two reasons:

  • lack of the necessary content to stream;
  • lack of money to pay.
The position of Russian authorities is still unclear regarding the issue of torrenting. But it is very changeable and nobody knows what will happen in the future. Maybe today you’ll start torrenting and tomorrow you’ll be accused of illegal activity because of it.

Protect your data

What is more, having subscribed for the best VPN for Russia, a special tunneling between your connected device and a VPN server is to be created with the use of up-to-date protocols and encryption keys. While being routed through the tunneling all your generated traffic is to be encoded and thus unavailable for any prying eyes.

Keep your anonymity

Having subscribed to the best VPN for Russia, one will be totally protected against numerous threats such as viruses, cyber-attacks, data leaks, and whatnot. Besides, anonymity will be achieved as well. The IP of a VPN user will be hidden, thanks to which this person surfs the Internet anonymously. To know for sure you are 100% protected, I recommend you check what's your IP address.

How to choose the Best Russian VPN service?

If you want to be really protected being in Russia, a set of characteristics are to be taken into account to choose and subscribe to the best VPN for Russia.

  • Pay attention to the privacy policy document.

However, before subscribing for the best VPN for Russia you need to read all the privacy policy and terms of usage attentively, as long as your future anonymity depends on it. The thing is that there are companies, especially those that offer free services that collect some metadata or logging data on its clients for further selling to interested parties.

  • Choose the most secure method of payment for a VPN service.

That’s exactly why you need to check acceptance of different payment methods as well. If you have a possibility to pay in crypto-currency, you’d better find the best VPN for Russia, which accepts crypto-currency as a payment method. The main reason why you should make it is that such payment method is stated to be more anonymous. Also, you can pay attention to such add-ons as kill switch and warrant canary. The extensions are created to boost your future online experience and make it even more protected. 

How does a VPN for Russia work?

A VPN service is created for making your network protected from multiple threats while giving you a free access to any internet content you wish. Having downloaded a compatible with your OS VPN app for Russia, all you need is to choose an appropriate server to establish a connection through it.

What happens to my IP when I am connected to a VPN?

When making so your true address is substituted with a new one. In case you have connected to one of the US-based servers, you are able to watch Netflix, Freeform, Hulu, and other US streaming services. Having connected through one of the Australia-based servers, you are free to listen to Pandora radio. So, apart from shifting your IP address, the characteristic gives you the possibility to choose any geo-location you wish. Thus, the more server locations you have, the more virtual trips can be fulfilled all over the globe.

What about the traffic?

Besides, the app creates a secure tunneling between your connected device and the VPN server you are connected to. The tunneling is designed with the help of up-to-date protocols as well as long bit keys. Having routed all the generated traffic through the tunneling it comes to be encoded and thus inaccessible for adversaries. Even being passed to a public network the traffic will be inaccessible and unreadable for any prying eyes.

Logging policy is important!

What is more, you need to find a credible VPN company, which is to give you a high level of anonymity. For making this you need to pay attention to the company’s terms of usage and privacy policy. Some unreliable VPNs save logging and metadata on its customers, which pose your privacy and anonymity under a risk of being disclosed. Besides, practically all paid VPNs store banking data on its clients. Therefore, you’d better find a company that accepts crypto-currency payments.

What characteristics are to be taken into account while choosing the best VPN for Russia?

Also, you need to focus on a VPN fundamental qualities, such as limitless bandwidth and speed, a free trial version and a money-back guarantee, additional features, such as kill switch and warrant canary, etc.

Taking into account all the main characteristics you are able to find the best VPN for Russia to bypass censorship and stay protected even while traveling to the country.  

Is it worth using a free VPN in Russian?

Free VPN services are popular among users because of only one reason – they are free.

But do free VPNs provide people with the same security and privacy, as paid VPNs do?

Undoubtedly, the answer will be negative.

And there is a set of well-grounded reasons:

  • Free VPN services possess fewer servers and IPs as compared to paid ones. In such a way, the level of confidentiality decreases. Besides, the number of available websites and services is diminished as well.
  • The speed is frequently slow, which makes streaming and torrenting almost impossible.
  • To keep the head above water, free VPNs in Russia are to make money. And unfortunately for its subscribers, the ways to earn money may do much harm to them. Some free VPNs keep and sell data about their users. In such a way, the paramount function of a VPN – privacy – may not be achieved.
  • Free VPN services often contain ads. It is done so on purpose – to earn money. Of course, it is better, than selling data. But it makes your internet surfing full of pop-up windows with the goods advertised.

It is very clear from these observations that it is impossible to find the best free Rusian VPN. It does not exist. One will benefit a lot having subscribed to one of the best VPNs for Russia described here. 


VPN technology is an efficient way to surf the Internet without the threat that your data will become known to public at large. That is why, it is necessary to use VPNs on the devices you use to connect to the Internet.

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