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Astrill vs ExpressVPN comparison in 2024

ExpressVPN has consistently outperformed Astrill VPN in our previous head-to-head comparisons and for good reasons. If you look at our ExpressVPN review and its comparison with other top VPNs, you'll notice that it provides a user-friendly experience.

Anyone can easily understand and use ExpressVPN, as it offers several modern features. It is our preferred VPN and has demonstrated the worthiness of that designation.

Astrill VPN, on the other hand, is generally aimed at individuals who desire a VPN with the most possible capabilities. You can see in our Astrill vs ExpressVPN comparison that the former comes at a price in terms of cost and user-friendliness.

In this article, we will review and compare the two VPNs to determine which performs better overall, with particular consideration given to certain categories relevant to specific users.

Let's see who wins the Astrill vs ExpressVPN fight!

Astrill vs ExpressVPN: which VPN is the winner?

If you're looking for the best VPN, here is the summary of this Astrill vs ExpressVPN comparison is you just want to catch up through the highlights:

  • The Lightway tunneling protocol of ExpressVPN makes it superior to Astrill.
  • Both ExpressVPN and Astrill are incredibly secure; however, ExpressVPN is loaded with advanced privacy features.
  • You can unblock many streaming sites with ExpressVPN while Astrill only works for Netflix.
  • The customer service of both ExpressVPN and Astrill VPN is exceptional.
  • Both VPNs have many servers.
  • ExpressVPN gets an edge over Astrill VPN in pricing and plans.

Astrill vs ExpressVPN: general comparison

We thoroughly evaluated various aspects such as pricing, security, features, speed, servers, ease of use, customer support, torrenting, and streaming capabilities in this Astrill vs ExpressVPN comparison. ExpressVPN outperformed Astrill VPN in nearly all categories. It offers high-quality streaming capabilities, a user-friendly interface, a military level of security, an affordable price, and a more extensive selection of server locations.

Servers and performance

Speed is a critical aspect of a quality VPN. A virtual private network that lacks adequate speeds can cause web browsing and streaming to become slow and unresponsive.

In contrast, a VPN with fast speeds can make these activities seamless and enjoyable. To ensure impartiality, we configured each VPN to use the same encryption standard (AES 256-bit) and protocol (OpenVPN) for our comparison. We also tested the exact five server locations and compared the observed speeds.

Overall, ExpressVPN outperformed Astrill. The former offers better tunneling protocols, faster speeds, and more server locations globally.

Server specifications

Features ExpressVPN
Protocols (VPN)Lightway, OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPsec
WireGuard, OpenVPN
DNSPrivate Private
EncryptionAES-256GCM and ChaCha20

Both providers offer AES-256 encryption, which is basically uncrackable. That means, ExpressVPN and Astrill will protect your data against various threats and malicious actors.

Things are a bit different when it comes to tunneling protocols. Astrill offers OpenVPN and WireGuard. The former is one of the fastest and most secure tunneling protocols. As for ExpressVPN, its proprietary Lightway tunneling protocol has a slight edge over WireGuard and outshines it.

Download speed

United States156.54 Mbps
140.10 Mbps
United Kingdom 198.83 Mbps
143.87 Mbps
Germany236.18 Mbps
187.13 Mbps
Australia 127.39 Mbps
96.16 Mbps
Japan52 Mbps
22.78 Mbps

It’s crucial to note that we can’t edit any of the data since the speed testing and results are automatically generated. Since both VPNs utilize different protocols, i.e., Lightway – OpenVPN and WireGuard – OpenVPN, it impacts the tunneling protocols.

As you can see from the download speed test, ExpressVPN has overall shown better performance, with the only exception being a slightly low download speed when connected to servers in Japan.

Upload speed

United States1.31 Mbps
33.62 Mbps
United Kingdom 66.66 Mbps
43.55 Mbps
Germany52.77 Mbps
60.18 Mbps
Australia 20.18 Mbps
21.14 Mbps
Japan112 Mbps
162 Mbps

The upload speed test of this Astrill vs. ExpressVPN comparison shows that Astrill is faster on some servers. However, when we narrowed down the speed to average, ExpressVPN got the edge, with the only exception being a slightly lower upload speed when connected to servers in the States.

VPN plans and pricing

Plan ExpressVPN
Free trial7-day trial on the Google Play Store7-day
Monthly $12.95$25.00
Six months$9.99/ month
One year$8.32/month
Two yearsN/A
Three yearsN/A
Money-back guarantee30 days N/A

Both VPNs have higher-than-average prices, but ExpressVPN is still the more cost-effective. Let's dig in to see why.

ExpressVPN prices are lower than Astrill VPN. The most expensive monthly plan costs $12.95, while the annual subscription is the cheapest at $8.32/month. Although this is still not considered cheap, customers have a 30-day money-back guarantee and can take advantage of various promotions and coupon codes that offer up to a 35% discount.

On the other hand, Astrill VPN's monthly subscription costs $25.00, while the cheapest annual plan costs $12.50/month. However, unlike ExpressVPN, they don't offer refunds. Astrill VPN also provides additional features with added costs, such as the VIP package for $10/month, which includes prioritized traffic and the multi-hop feature, and dedicated IPs for an additional $5/month.

You will notice several payment options both VPNs offer in this Astrill vs ExpressVPN battle, including cryptocurrencies, and mention a 7-day free trial. However, the free trial for ExpressVPN only applies to Android and iOS users. Overall, ExpressVPN is the winner.

Astrill vs ExpressVPN: security and privacy

Encryption AES 256-GCM and ChaCha20
Hash SHA-512
Jurisdiction British Virgin Island
Member of the Five Eyes AllianceNo
Not Audited
RAM-only serversYesNo
Leak protectionYes
Kill switchYes

Both Astrill and ExpressVPN use encryption to ensure the privacy of their users. Both VPNs rely on the AES encryption protocol, known for its excellent security and speed. Nevertheless, ExpressVPN is better as it uses a stronger ChaCha20/Poly1305 encryption method with the Lightway tunneling protocol.

Furthermore, Both providers offer ad/malware blockers, which are great for fending off viruses, malicious ads, trackers, and other digital calamities.

Privacy and logging

Both ExpressVPN and Astrill are quite reliable when it comes to privacy. Both services are registered in privacy-friendly jurisdictions (ExpressVPN – British Virgin Islands, Astrill – Seychelles). These countries have no data retention laws, so your data won't be stored or archived.

Regarding logging, both ExpressVPN and Astrill VPN promise not to collect your data. ExpressVPN only collects information, like successful VPN connections, while giving you the opt-out options. Similarly, Astrill VPN collects anonymized data to optimize servers.

What makes ExpressVPN a more anonymity-friendly option is the RAM-only servers. They instantly wipe any information about you after you terminate your sessions. Thus, it's a great way to amplify users' confidentiality.

VPN streaming performance

Streaming platformsExpressVPN
Amazon Prime Video
BBC iPlayer

ExpressVPN helps you access various streaming services, including Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Spotify, HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and more. Not to mention, it offers a MediaStreamer feature. It lets you watch geo-blocked content on smart TVs and streaming devices that don't support VPNs natively.

Astrill VPN only allows access to Netflix, and even then, we were only able to unblock certain streaming libraries.

We overall found ExpressVPN to be a faster streaming VPN, with a download speed reduction that is unlikely to impact streaming.


Torrenting FeaturesExpressVPN
No Logs

Fast Speeds
Unlimited Bandwidth
Safe Jurisdiction

In case you need to perform torrenting, both Astrill and ExpressVPN are suitable for the task with a decent level of security.

Both permit P2P traffic across all their servers and offer port forwarding for extra speeds. Astrill VPN also provides an additional SOCKS5 proxy for enhanced performance. But it doesn't encrypt your data, which raises some red flags.

Overall, ExpressVPN is a better option for torrenting. It has better safety and privacy features, and those things are mandatory if you want to share files securely. Moreover, ExpressVPN offers obfuscation on all servers, which is great for people living in highly restricted countries. Not to mention, Lightway tunneling protocol will ensure fast and stable download speeds.

VPN interface and setup

Supported OS8
Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS
Other software and devicesKodi, Android TVs, Fire devicesN/A
Usability levelEasy to useModerately easy to use
Browser extensionsChrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, Opera
Simultaneous connections8

ExpressVPN provides comprehensive cross-platform support and an easy VPN setup, making it an ideal choice. It supports all major devices and operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chromebook, Linux, FireOS, and routers, and its user-friendly apps are efficient.

ExpressVPN offers Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Vivaldi browser extensions and five simultaneous connections. In contrast, Astrill VPN lags behind ExpressVPN regarding device compatibility, as it supports fewer devices. It is highly compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and routers but may not work with additional devices like Chromebook. Astrill VPN also lacks any browser extensions.

Desktop apps review

ExpressVPN Windows and macOS apps are both simple and clear to use. The layout is well thought out, aesthetically pleasing, and simple to use, even for newcomers.

Astrill VPN, on the other hand, seems like a high-end VPN service but has a disappointing UI. It needs more modern polish and functionality.

ExpressVPN app

However, it has several options for tweaking, which may need to be clarified for first-time VPN users. The macOS software is also difficult to use and requires more critical functionality like split tunneling.

Mobile apps review

ExpressVPN mobile applications are as well-designed and intuitive as their desktop equivalents. The tab for choosing a server and the general appearance remains the same. However, after comparing the Android and iOS versions, we concluded that the former offers more incredible customization options. The Android version of the ExpressVPN app has practical features like split tunneling, shortcuts, and a kill switch, but the iOS version does not.

Astrill VPN app

However, compared to Astrill VPN desktop applications, the Android version is a vast advance in appearance and use. However, the OpenVPN tunneling protocol and a kill switch are not included. The iOS app leaves plenty to be desired, with its lackluster visual appeal and limited support for protocols outside OpenVPN.

Customer support quality

24/7 live chat
Phone line
Guides or articles

Ensuring uninterrupted communication is crucial for any VPN service, so these two providers prioritize customer support. Both Astrill and ExpressVPN offer round-the-clock live chat and email support and a range of helpful guides for users. The best part - you don't even need an account to access live chat, so help is always just a click away.

Wrapping up – which VPN wins?

Overall, the results show that ExpressVPN is hands down a winner, as it is a secure and reliable VPN. ExpressVPN offers efficient protection for your data, excellent speed, and a wide range of features.

The Astrill vs ExpressVPN comparison showed that the latter boasts an independently audited no-logs policy to guarantee privacy and security.

Besides that, ExpressVPN is helpful in streaming — it flawlessly unblocks all major streaming platforms on several devices. Paired with ease of use and great price — ExpressVPN is undeniably superior to Astrill VPN. It didn't even match up with ExpressVPN regarding features and lacked server locations.




Ease of use
Customer support
Total Wins9 out of 91 out of 9


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