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TotalVPN Review: Bad news

There are no apps in the Google Play Market and Apple App Store.

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We left the old review of Total VPN if it is available again. But if you are looking for a functional VPN, it doesn’t make sense to read it now.

Previous review of Total VPN

It seems there are so many free VPN services that if you want the one to have on your device, you just need to do some clicks for it. But the kicker is…

You are always satisfied with the free VPN or it simply works badly! How to avoid such fails? Read the reviews of free VPN on Reddit and on the sites like cooltechzone.com.

Here and now I’ll test a new free VPN for you. It’s Total VPN. Let’s find out if it is TOTALLY good or bad?

What you will know about Total VPN is…

How can you use Total VPN for free?

As it is claimed on the website of Total VPN, users can use it free of charge. No credit cards are required.

Indeed, Total VPN is free, but…

When I tried to download Total VPN, I failed! What does it mean? It’s free, but there are problems with downloading the app on my PC!

What to do? Well, I decided to search for other ways out and turn to Google search: ‘’Total VPN download’’ and finally, I managed to find the app on my device.

More details about the setup test further in the review. Keep on reading!

Total VPN review of features

You know free VPN services are usually restricted in their features, but some of them like Windscribe VPN or Avast free VPN offer a decent set of functions even for free.

What about Total free VPN? Let’s see!

After I failed to download Total VPN software directly from the site, I was quite disappointed and didn’t expect any impressing features. Still, I was impressed by how they claim about the features offered.

In particular, they compared Total VPN with a proxy, and the winner is TotalVPN. Indeed, it is a VPN service and should be better.

Again, after a few further tests (keep on reading and you’ll know everything) I was disappointed again.

keep on reading and you’ll know everything

Here a short list of features of Total VPN (at least, the provider claims about them):

  1. Data encrypting;
  2. High speeds when browsing or streaming;
  3. Unblocking websites;
  4. Unlimited changes of IP addresses;
  5. Malware and phishing attack protection.

What platforms are supported by Total VPN?

Total VPN seems to be compatible with multiple platforms: iOS, Windows, Mac, and Android. The full list of the devices that work with Total VPN is below:

Total VPN seems to be compatible with multiple platforms

But again …

One can’t download the software from the website. Why? Maybe they don’t accept new users anymore? But there is nothing mentioned about it on the website.

I lost my hope for the best…

Let’s have a look at the next part of the review.

How safe and private are you with Total VPN?

Ok, let’s see…

The provider of Total VPN claims that having the VPN service on your device will protect your personal information. How?

  • Users’ personal information will be encrypted while going through the Internet;
  • No logs are monitored or collected by the service;
  • Third parties won’t track your online activities as your geo-location and IP are hidden;
  • While connecting to free Wi-Fi networks, you are promised to be protected.

The provider of Total VPN claims that having the VPN service on your device will protect your personal information

By the way, TotalVPN encrypts with military-grade encryption.

TotalVPN encrypts with a military-grade encryption

Taking into account the security and privacy features mentioned above, it is almost an ideal VPN. But I failed to experience it myself. Why?

That’s simple. I didn’t manage to install the software on my PC, but I tried hard…

In what countries Total VPN has servers

According to the website, there are 45 VPN server locations. Again, I failed to test them by myself, just tell you what I found out on the website.

According to the website, there are 45 VPN server locations

Region Locations


Ireland, Great Britain, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Iceland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Romania, Netherlands (P2P),


Singapore, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, India,


South Africa

South America




Total VPN: download guide for users

So… How did I try to download Total VPN?

First and foremost, I tried to download Total VPN software from the site, but I failed… And as I have mentioned earlier, I found the app on another site.

What’s then?

After the software was set up, I opened it and was offered to log in or create a new account.

I didn’t have an account, so I had to create a new one. I entered the name, e-mail and password.

I didn’t have an account, so I had to create a new one

But here is the result: Total VPN signup is unavailable.

After the software was set up, I opened it and was offered to log in or create a new account

So I was quite upset. For this reason, this is what I think about Total VPN. Have a look at the paragraphs below:

Why to use Total VPN

Still, I can’t understand if this free VPN is decent to use or not. Taking into account the information given on the website, it is expected to be a good one, but the failure with the downloading and installing of the software makes me give the reasons why to avoid rather than to use it.

That’s why let’s turn to the next section…

Why to avoid Total VPN

I was dead disappointed at Total VPN. The essential reason was Total VPN signup failure. Maybe earlier it has been a good free VPN, but at the moment for some reason, it is unavailable to use.

Well, guys if you manage to test Total VPN or you are happy users at the moment, don’t hesitate to leave us your feedback!

Still, now I would recommend the following…

Alternatives to Total VPN

Here is the list of possible alternatives to Unblock US. They are completely free VPN services or offer free trials:

See more details in our dedicated article: everything you need to know in 2022!

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