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VPNArea Review – Good Service with Relevant Functionality for 2023

To my mind, VPNArea is an underrated VPN service. Having conducted a comprehensive research of it, I found a lot of advantages in its usage. It follows the 2023 trends in more ways than one: it supports streaming, is safe for torrenting, has servers in many countries, and is a generally good fit for multi-purpose use.

Further in the review, I’ll tell you about this provider’s advantages and drawbacks as well as compare its real characteristics to those of the VPN market leaders such as ExpressVPN.

I’ll also analyze the prices of VPNArea in comparison to the top-tier cheap providers.

VPNArea homepage

VPNArea was founded in 2012 in Bulgaria. The provider hasn’t been caught in scandals or debunked for as long as it’s been operating. Thus, we can be sure that its reputation is good.

In my opinion, the main advantage of this VPN service in comparison to its closest competitors is its relatively small server load, while its virtual network is very far-reaching and ties together around 70 countries. According to our estimates, the provider’s network is loaded up to 30 percent, while this figure for the other VPNs usually equals or exceeds 50 percent.

VPNArea’s unique advantage is that it gives you a dedicated IP address on a separate server that is isolated from the other customers’ traffic.

What are the abilities of VPNArea?

Let’s look into the main основные stated abilities of VPNArea and compare them to what we are able to prove empirically.

The service offers:

  • Hiding of the IP address
  • Increased security
  • Access to locations in 70 countries
  • High speed
  • Unblocking of streaming sites
  • Safe torrenting
  • Possibility to share your account with other people
  • Static IP & dedicated IP
  • Apps for all OSs

Let’s put aside the functions that are inherent in all VPNs and only look at those that affect the efficiency and convenience of using a VPN.

Brief test results

Firstly, I tested:

  • Connection speed and stability.
  • Quality of Netflix support and certain other sites with geo-restricted content.
  • Working with P2P networks.
  • Ease of use and software security.

What results did it yield?

Generally speaking, positive ones. Indeed, the provider consistently unblocks Netflix for the US and UK regions, there are special convenient marks for servers supporting streaming and torrenting in the app menu, the software doesn’t carry any malware, works steadily and its functionality is expanded and useful (read on to learn more about it). However…

However, I was disappointed with the speed on some popular and Asian locations.

For instance, the US server speed only amounted to the average of 15 Mbps (in comparison, NordVPN showed more than 60 Mbps during the same kind of test).

A really high speed was observed only on some of the European locations such as NL, DE, and several others.

VPNArea does indeed provide a high level of data and location security as well as supports widely demanded functions. Its speed, however, is generally insufficient for using the Internet comfortably when your ISP gives you a 25-50 Mbps connection.

Streaming support

VPNArea is one of the few VPNs that support streaming of Netflix and certain other services in 2023.

The main difficulty in working with streaming channels is that they block the IP addresses viewers use to bypass geo-restrictions.

According to my experience, the best VPNs for Netflix are the providers that have the highest number of servers. For example, Surfshark is one of the most stable services.

However, although VPNArea does not have a super-developed server network, it works consistently enough with Netflix support. As for support for Hulu and other extra-protected video services, the provider’s efficiency is much lower. I couldn’t bypass the geo-restrictions of the HBO and BBC Player online services.

I also noted the data transfer speed on the servers that support Netflix and liked how stable its broadcast of US context was:

Broadcast stabilityStableStableWith buffering

Conclusion: The provider consistently supports Netflix but has problems supporting many other video streaming services. I should also note its higher price for the services that some of its more powerful competitors offer for less money.

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VPNArea has a high level of security. It employs the following technologies and security standards to achieve that:

  1. Secure tunneling protocols OpenVPN and IKEv2
  2. Military-grade AES-256 ciphering
  3. Secure apps
  4. Kill Switch support (blocks data leaks)

To maximize the performance efficiency, minimize the processor load, and maintain 100% security, I recommend using the IKEv2 protocol in accord with activated Kill Switch. Read the torrenting section to learn why.

I should note that there are at least two more modern protocols as of this day. One example would be WireGuard which is considered to be the most efficient and fast one. This protocol is supported by NordVPN and some other services (more about that in the NordVPN review).

I’ve also analyzed VPNArea’s privacy policy to clarify what their stance on log keeping is. Indeed, as it’s said on the main page of the site, the service doesn’t register or keep any user activity data on its VPN servers:

We do not monitor, record or store logs for any single customer's VPN activity. We do not monitor, record or store any login dates, timestamps, incoming and outgoing IP addresses, bandwidth statistics or any other identifiable data of any VPN users using our VPN servers. We do not log or track any DNS requests sent to our DNS servers.

Conclusion: VPNArea provides a high level of privacy and reliably protects the visited websites’ addresses and transmitted data. However, it is not the best solution for mobile platforms.

Torrenting support

VPNArea is suitable for torrenting protection. There are two reasons for it:

  1. Kill Switch support.
  2. Special servers for torrenting being available.

I’ll tell you more about the Kill Switch function.

VPNArea kill switch

You can see in the screenshot that the feature is turned off. I can’t recommend enough activating it for torrenting and other cases when you’re dealing with a constant flow of data you need to reliably hide.

The thing is, unlike regular page loading, file or other big-scale data download goes on for a long time. If during that time a failure happens either in your network or on the VPN server, the protected connection will turn into a regular one that very moment. The VPNArea app will reconnect to the server but for some, the data will be unprotected.

Such a connection failure will be enough for your ISP to detect prohibited activity. That’s enough to get you fined. I have described such a case in my article on choosing a VPN for P2P/torrenting.

The uTorrent bittorrent client with unstable internet showed great results of data protection when the Kill Switch was activated.

Conclusion: VPNArea is optimized for safe downloading of shared files and watching free streaming content via P2P.


VPNArea servers

VPNArea has servers in 70 countries. Though you can see the screenshot say 65, it is outdated info from the provider’s site.

I’d like to note that some of the servers have an extra privacy feature, Double VPN. It entails double protection for the maximum IP address safety.

Server stability and speed testing yielded average results. The speed on the European locations was higher, while on the American and Asian it was average or poor.

This table lists aggregate speed test results as well as the relative connection stability in five countries:

Aggregate speed,Mbps1530154010
Stability, out of 10898107

Conclusion: The provider has a well-spread serve network suitable for any goals. They have an average speed. All the server peculiarities are marked in their names right in the app.


VPNArea pricing

VPNArea offers a classical scheme of pricing and additional services.

The main features are available in three tariff plans that differ from each other in terms of the subscription length and price.

VPNArea tariffs:

1 Month1 Year3 Years
Monthly cost$9.90$4.92$2.99

The provider guarantees a money-back if you cancel your subscription in a justified way within 30 day of buying.

Compared to other good VPNs, this provider offers average prices. For example, cheaper Surfshark offers prices starting at $2.30 per month.

VPNArea’s distinguishing feature is the possibility to buy a Dedicated IP. The provider tells that it’s not merely your own IP address but also tied to a personal server. I have my doubts about that, given its low price. This service, however, deserves our attention. I have no knowledge of the same offer by any other service. One Dedicated IP costs from $20 to $44 a year depending on the chosen country.

User reviews

I’ve studied reviews of the providers on Reddit and came to the conclusion that it isn’t popular enough to understand how good the user experience is in 2023.

There are older reviews but those are not informative enough for VPN services.

The only thing we can say for sure is that VPNArea hasn’t participated in any scandalous or illegal activities.

During the past 2-3 years, customers left positive comments about using the service with torrents as well as streaming services.

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Thus, VPNArea deservedly takes its place in the Top 20 best VPN services of 2023.

It is a good fit for both serious privacy- and data-protection tasks and entertainment. It makes torrenting safe and bypasses the popular video streaming services geo-restrictions.

Besides, its Stealth technology allows you to bypass censorship more effectively and hide the fact you’re using a Virtual Private Network.

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