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Best VPNs for Egypt


Egypt has one of the most tragic stories to tell as far as Internet freedom is considered.

For you not to get into the trap of censorship and local restrictions, don't forget to subscribe for one of the best VPNs for Egypt’s rating 2024:

  1. ExpressVPN: You will manage to use the blocked messengers easily on the territory of Egypt with this VPN.
  2. NordVPN: Make use of its unlimited bandwidth and speed when being or living in Egypt.
  3. Surfshark: It is possible to surf the Internet as if you are in your native town even while being physically in Egypt.
  4. CyberGhost VPN: It is even possible to play online games in Egypt. Anything you like is at your disposal: gambling, torrents, streaming.
  5. Private Internet Access: Thanks to a huge number of servers (+30000), your digital footprint will never become identifiable.

Egypt is a country that has for a long time had to endure oppression in Internet access, yet it can enjoy its current limited freedom to the sacrifices made in the past.

Under the rule of Hosni Mubarak, the Internet used to be somewhat accessible, but only to a certain degree. Until the revolt when the government filtered even pictures showing the situation is bad enough.

There are a number of websites that are banned by the current government, especially those that seem to be critical of the rule and those supposedly inciting.

On top of this, the other websites banned or heavily censored suspected of promoting CP and gambling, which seems to be normal, but when the government deprives its citizens of other Internet freedoms it can be stated as a direct interference into one’s private life.

In order to get access to all the banned or geo-restricted websites with a high level of defense, you should use the best VPN for Egypt.

The best VPN for Egypt unblocks the banned websites and bypasses any restrictions imposed in Egypt.

How does a good VPN for Egypt work?

The best VPN for Egypt hinders your real IP address and gives you a chance to choose any virtual location from the list. The possibility helps bypassing all the restrictions and get access to any content you wish.

Moreover, the best VPN for Egypt due to the usage of up-to-date VPN protocols creates a secure tunneling. Thus all your data while passing through the tunneling gets encrypted and therefore protected from any third party interference and interception for its further usage.

How to choose the best VPN for Egypt?

Provided that Egypt government leads a strict policy of total censorship, you will need a high-quality VPN service for Egypt with a reliable provider. Here are some valuable qualities you need to know about a VPN service before choosing it:

  • the best VPN for Egypt should hold a vast variety of server location, so that you can choose any country you wish;
  • the best VPN for Egypt should use the strongest protocols to provide you with the highest level of encryption;
  • the best VPN for Egypt shouldn’t impose any limitations on speed level and bandwidth, otherwise you won’t be able to watch streaming services in high quality;
  • the best VPN for Egypt should have a trial version and money-back guarantee, so that you can try it and see that the VPN for Egypt is easy-to-use and fast enough for your networking;
  • the best VPN for Egypt should accept different payment methods, for you to choose the most anonymous one, such as crypto-currency or digital gift card;
  • the best VPN for Egypt should support various OS and be connectible to multiple devices simultaneously;
  • the best VPN for Egypt should provide you with a professional 24/7 support.

Having taken into account all the features a qualitative VPN should have, you are ready to select the best VPN for Egypt. But there might appear a problem with the selection, because there is a vast variety of VPNs on the market today, which are positioned as being the best VPN services for Egypt.

Can I use in Egypt VPN free of charge?

While looking for a security provider, a person living in the mentioned above country should take into account that there are several variants to use a free VPN that works in Egypt. At the same time, not all of them are equally beneficial.

Let us investigate what is worth using!

Well, there are 4 ways to use a free VPN for Egypt.

Free trial VPN

Numerous VPN providers allow netizens to try a VPN before paying for subscription. It is definitely a plus!Although this period is limited (usually up to 3-10 days), people going to Egypt for vacation can make use of VPN free trial period and surf the Internet without restrictions. One will not have to browse with Egyptian IP even being physically located in the country.

But VPN protection expires as soon as the trial time is over.

Money back guarantee

When a person is not satisfied with the goods one has paid for, it is possible to get a refund.VPN providers also supply netizens with this facility. But don't hurry up to get the money back if you REALLY like the service!

Free VPN plan

Alongside with paid VPN packages some providers offer the subscribers a free plan. Why?

The question is easy to answer. Free VPN plan is usually offered instead of VPN free trial period.

At the same time, some security providers understand that not all netizens can afford paying for Virtual Private Network and therefore give netizens a chance to be protected for free.

So they offer free VPN package. But as a rule, such services lack the features paid plans have. Besides, the number of servers and their locations are frequently limited for a free VPN user.

Free VPN for Egypt

A lot of internet surfers try to find the best free VPN in Egypt but fail. The reason is that not all of them are really free of charge.Apart from it, they are not without weak sides:

  • lack of advantageous features
  • poor server park
  • data storring

One more difficulty internet users may face while being in Egypt is that not all services work there. Unfortunately, there are VPN services blocked in Egypt. We have tested all the services from the list and with a great confidence declare that all 5 VPNs work in Egypt.

Top 7 reasons to use VPN in Egypt

There are numerous reasons to opt for VPN services. However, we want to explain why it is necessary to use VPN is this country. Let’s get started!

Reason 1

Media freedom. We all know that mass media are frequently restricted in the events to cover. What is more sometimes it is forbidden to use some words while writing about this or that person. According to the Reporters Without Borders’ rating, Egypt takes the 161st position out of 180 countries of the world.

It is pathetic that the current government is threatened more by freedom of expression than by its incompetent management of the economy.

The freedom of media became even more restricted after the revolution that took place in Egypt 7 years ago (January 25, 2011). Several journalists were killed, some – imprisoned.

According to the “Report on the State of the Media in Egypt”, the first-rate Egyptian newspapers Al Gomhuriya, Al Akhbar and Al Ahram are controlled by the government.

Thus, a VPN for Egypt is a necessity for those who want to find out about the events occurring in the country and abroad unvarnished. Besides, VPN in Egypt will be useful for those journalists who want to write “real” news without the fear to be imprisoned.

Reason 2

Restrictions. The number of blacklisted websites increases in Egypt. Thus, more than 430 websites became inaccessible for Egyptians in October 2017. In such a way, the freedom on the cyber environment underwent negative changes in 2017.

Among banned websites one could find:

  • news portals
  • human rights organizations
  • social media websites
  • VPNs' official websites

The websites of TigerVPN, HotspotShield VPN and ZenVPN are blocked in Egypt!

Reason 3

Anonymity. In December 2016 the Egyptian took measures to block the applications used for data encryption. Thus, the citizens of Egypt stay unprotected on the Internet. Thus, Signal is blocked in Egypt.

Since April 2017, the government makes its user to use their REAL full name, email address and others sensitive data while registering on social media platforms. In case of insubordination the fine of $280 or imprisonment is presupposed.

Reason 4

VoIP communication. It may become impossible to communicate via VoIP apps like Skype, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, Viber and WhatsApp without a VPN in Egypt. These messengers undergo blocking from time to time in case a person uses mobile networks.

As one may conclude not only journalists but ordinary users suffer from severe policy of the Egypt government. Thus, using a VPN Egypt Internet becomes less restricted and more secure!

Reason 5

Netflix content. It is not a secret that many American streaming services function outside the USA national territory. But not all Netflix subscribers know about the limits they face while opening Netflix library.

Unfortunately, Egypt is not an exception. In such a way, people who browse with Egyptian IP address get access to 10.8% of all Netflix library. VPN serves to change user's IP address. Thus, being a VPN subscriber, a person can connect to one of servers placed in the USA and therefore surf the Internet as if he/she is located in the USA.

While opening Netflix website for streaming, the service identifies IP and gets access to the full Netflix content.

Reason 6

Despite the fact that the authorities of Egypt do NOT attach great importance to torrenting, not all torrent trackers are easily accessible in this African country.

Such websites as Kickass Torrents, The Pirate Bay, LimeTorrents contain great files to download, but sometimes they become inaccessible in Egypt.

Besides, Internet Service Providers often limit the speed for the users who open torrenting websites. Thus, P2P file-sharing becomes hardly possible.

Do you want to download torrents in Egypt?

It will be dead easy to accomplish such activity with a trustworthy VPN service for Egypt.

Reason 7

Many services and websites undergo blocking at work and educational establishments. WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Snapchat undergo blocking most frequently. VPNs serve to go round such restrictions.

The best VPNs for Egypt’s summary

There are numerous risks that exist in Egypt, especially if you happen to be critical of the government. Even when you are looking for a little fun in music and videos, you still have to work extra hard. This is why you must know of good VPN service providers for Egypt.

The best VPN for Egypt helps you bypass all the government restricted websites as well as the geo-restricted sites such as Netflix, Freeform, Pandora and etc.

By subscribing to a qualitative VPN for Egypt, you are literally taking things into your own hands and you are guaranteed to enjoy the fruits of Internet freedom.

Even having learnt all the appropriate information for choosing the best VPNs for Egypt, it might seem to be difficult to choose the best one from the vast variety of the services presented on the market today.

Let's revise what one should pay attention to while choosing the best VPN for Egypt:

  • server diversity
  • VPN protocols
  • encryption methods
  • OS-compatibility
  • payment procedures
  • number of connections
  • server type
  • extra facilities

NO troubles with installation!

The installation usually takes no more than 5 minutes.

To make your choice easier and more time-saving we have prepared the best VPNs for Egypt’s rating 2024 that contains the latest information on the services. We hope the rating will be of use to you. Best wishes!


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i found an app working in Egypt, called pandavpn.
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Signal works in Egypt FYI
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