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What is VPN?

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is your main tool for anonymizing the Internet, bypassing blocking and creating secure private networks based on the Internet.

In most cases, to connect to a Virtual Private Network, you can use VPN services, which provide all the necessary software, although most charge a fee for this. But there are also free VPNs...

A VPN creates an encrypted connection between your device and the network using a VPN tunnel... All incoming and outgoing data is securely encrypted, which excludes the possibility of interception at any point between the device and the VPN server.

In addition, your IP address, which is "seen" by sites and any other resources on the network, is masked. The device's IP address is changed to the VPN server's IP. For example, you can get a US IP address wherever you are in the world.

Thus, with a VPN you achieve anonymity, security of transmitted information and the ability to bypass blocking and geo-restrictions.

A properly configured VPN is safe, and the technology itself is legal all over the world. The exceptions are bans on the use of foreign VPNs in some countries with aggressive censorship.

VPN use is not limited to the tasks listed above, however. VPN technology was originally developed to create a secure virtual network based on an existing one. The server can be configured so that all devices connected to it can see each other. At the same time, the data they exchange will also be protected. Most corporate networks are built on this principle. Company employees can work in a private network from anywhere in the world, and the information will be inaccessible to other devices not included in this Virtual Private Network.

Thus, a VPN gives you:

  • A tool to protect transmitted data
  • An effective may to anonymize
  • The ability to bypass blocks and geo-restrictions
  • A secure network within another network

There are also Double VPNs and Multihop VPNs, which connect through 2 or more VPN servers.

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