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Best NFL add-ons for Kodi: how to watch NFL in 2024


Anothеr NFL sеason is here, and thе thrill of thе gamе is pulling us in. But lеt's facе it, hunting for thе pеrfеct Kodi add-on to catch all thе action can fееl a bit too overwhelming. To add to thе mazе, thе majority of thеsе add-ons are gеo-rеstricted, restraining many fans from thе livе-action. But don't give up just yеt! Wе'vе got a strategy to avoid thosе pеsky gеo-rеstrictions with a trusty VPN.

Watch NFL on Kodi from anywhere
NordVPN is the top choice for watching NFL on Kodi. It not only successfully bypasses geo-restrictions and ensures lag-free streaming, but you can also test it out completely free for 30 days using its money-back guarantee.
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In this guidе, wе'rе brеaking down thе gamе plan into simplе stеps, explaining how to watch the 2023 National Football League (NFL) season on Kodi using one of 5 official or one unofficial add-on. They will let you stream all the games live in crisp video quality. You'll also learn how to set up Kodi on your device, boost your connection speed, and bypass various geo-restrictions.

  1. Pick a solid VPN. NordVPN is one of the most recommended options due to its ability to bypass geo-restrictions with ease.
  2. Download and install the VPN on your device.
  3. Install your chosen NFL add-on – pick from the list of add-ons that show NFL content.
  4. Connect to a server in a country where your add-on is available and enjoy!

Best Kodi NFL add-ons in 2023

To watch NFL season 2023/2024 on Kodi, you will need to install either an official or unofficial add-on. We do not recommend choosing unofficial add-ons, though, as they not only require a subscription to a streaming service but can also contain malware. That said, here are the Top 5 official and reliable NFL Kodi add-ons:

  1. ESPN – the largest sports streaming platform in the US
  2. DAZN – free for the first month and available in most countries
  3. Sling – offers not only NFL but many other channels
  4. NBC Sports – US platform that also has NBA, NHL, MLB, and F1
  5. BBC iPlayer – UK-based platform for NFL and other sports

As you can see, not all NFL streaming options are available worldwide. The majority is geo-restricted outside the US or the UK, which is a bummer if you live elsewhere. Luckily, you can circumvent these blocks by using a reliable Virtual Private Network, such as NordVPN.

Regardless of which add-on you choose, use the best VPN for Kodi to remove all possible dangers and restrictions. When using the unofficial NFL add-on for Kodi, there is no guarantee that the stream is legal, so a VPN will hide your network activity from the ISP. It will also allow the NFL add-ons to work from anywhere in the world.

Pro tip

Remember that NFL Kodi add-ons are geo-restricted, so a reliable VPN will save the day if your chosen option is unavailable in your current location. NordVPN, the most reliable VPN for bypassing geo-blocks, now comes with a special 74% discount!

Get NordVPN

Top 5 official NFL add-ons

In this section, you'll find all the information you need to install and use the best official Kodi add-ons to stream NFL 2023/2024 games.

I’ve selected the 5 best Kodi add-ons for streaming NFL. They are ideal for watching NFL games and provide access to many other sports.

Next, I will briefly describe the features of each service that has its own Kodi add-on.

1. ESPN 3

  • Number of visitors: >450 million per month
  • Where can I download it? From the official Kodi repository
  • Geo-constraints: US only
  • Ability to bypass restrictions: Yes
  • Content types: Live broadcasts and on-demand content
  • Other sports associations: Yes

ESPN is the largest sports streaming platform available in the United States. ESPN allows watching NFL, NBA, MLB, F1, NHL, MMA, sports analytics, and more. The service is available via an official Kodi add-on that is easy to install from the main repository. Access to broadcasts is available only after registration on the official website.

Unfortunately, ESPN has strict geo-restrictions. If you cannot access the broadcast, use NordVPN – the best Kodi VPN for NFL. It bypasses all restrictions and is effective even in countries like China that use DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) to block VPNs. At the same time, NordVPN offers the best performance for high-quality video streaming.


  • Number of visitors: >32 million per month
  • Where can I download it? From the official Kodi repository
  • Geo-restrictions: Available in the US, Italy, Spain, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Brazil, and Japan
  • Ability to bypass restrictions: Yes
  • Content types: Live broadcasts and on-demand content
  • Other sports associations: Yes

DAZN, the second most popular sports streaming service, will be especially interesting for residents of Europe and other football fans outside the US. The platform has not one but three NFL channels – NFL Network, NFL RedZone, and NFL Game Pass. Also, DAZN allows you to watch the games of EFL, KHL, Premier League, UEFA, Europe League, and others.

A subscription is required to view DAZN with its Kodi add-on. The good news is it is free for the first month of the subscription. DAZN is available in nine countries and is still geo-blocked in the rest of the world. Therefore, to watch NFL on Kodi from anywhere, I recommend Surfshark – the cheapest yet most efficient VPN for Kodi.

3. Sling TV

  • Number of visitors: > 16 million per month.
  • Where can I download it? The official Kodi repository.
  • Geo-restrictions: The US only.
  • Ability to bypass restrictions: Yes.
  • Content types: Live broadcasts.
  • Other sports associations: Yes.

The next Kodi add-on was created by Sling TV, one of the largest sports streaming services. Interestingly, it broadcasts the NFL and the programs of such channels as FOX, NBC, CNN, TNT, and others. With the Sling TV add-on, you will have access to sports games and TV shows, films, and some series from more than 50 popular channels.

As with other official add-ons, Sling TV requires a subscription. If you are a new user of the service, then the first three days will be free. Do you want to watch convenient, multichannel Sling TV from anywhere in the world? Try NordVPN. This VPN service not only consistently bypasses geo-restrictions but also copes with internet censorship in countries such as China, the UAE, and Iran.

4. NBC Sports Live Extra

  • Number of visitors: >55 million per month
  • Where can I download it? The official Kodi repository
  • Geo-restrictions: US only
  • Ability to bypass restrictions: Yes
  • Content types: Live broadcasts
  • Other sports associations: Yes

Another add-on that lets you watch NFL games on Kodi is NBC Sports. I placed it in 4th place despite its high popularity due to the relatively small selection of championships with significant geo-restrictions. NBC Sports offers viewers the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and F1.

If you live in the US, all games are available. If you are in another country, regardless of whether you are a citizen of the United States or not, you will not be able to watch the NFL broadcast unless you use VPN, such as Surfshark.

5. iPlayer WWW

  • Where can I download it? The official Kodi repository
  • Geo-restrictions: UK only
  • Ability to bypass restrictions: Yes
  • Content types: Live broadcasts, recorded programs
  • Other sports associations: Yes

There is an excellent Kodi add-on for the NFL created outside of the United States named iPlayer WWW. The add-on allows you to access BBC sports broadcasts and a huge database of movies and TV shows around the world if you have a UK IP address.

If you don't, there's a solution. You can change your IP to the desired one using NordVPN, the top VPN service for watching NFL on Kodi.

Unofficial NFL add-on for Kodi

Unfortunately, I have not been able to confirm the effectiveness of the free NFL Kodi add-ons. They either no longer work in 2024 or their repositories no longer exist. I found only one Kodi add-on that actually worked. At the time of writing, I could access some of the streaming channels with the help of it.


  • Where can I download it? Unofficial repository (see instructions below)
  • Geo-restrictions: None
  • Content types: Live broadcasts, recorded programs
  • Other sports associations: Yes

Free access to online NFL broadcasts from anywhere in the world is possible with the help of the unofficial add-on SportsDevil. Created by independent developers, this Kodi module integrates the broadcasts of several dozen sports streaming sites, including NFL.com. The advantage of such software is obvious: it is free and covers a large number of broadcasts.

But there is also a drawback: the user cannot be sure that SportsDevil is legally receiving content. Moreover, the add-on can stop working at any time, as it was already with a dozen other similar platforms. Finally, you may get a fine for copyright infringement if you don't protect yourself with a reliable VPN, such as NordVPN.

Best VPNs for streaming NFL on Kodi

So how do you get around geo-restrictions if your chosen NFL streaming service is blocked in your country? Well, the best way to unblock NFL on Kodi is to use a Virtual Private Network or VPN. But which VPN should you choose?

For starters, the best Kodi VPN for NFL should have fast speeds for lag-free HD or 4K streaming. Then, it should also be able to effectively unblock NFL streams. Lastly, a solid VPN should hide your IP and protect your traffic, allowing no leaks.

Here are my Top 3 VPNs that meet the above-mentioned criteria. None of them require a VPN add-on to be installed on Kodi, although you can do that if you wish. Also, these services have apps or setup configurations for a wide range of platforms, including smart TVs, peripherals, and routers.

1. NordVPN – the best VPN for watching NFL


NordVPN is the top choice for watching NFL on Kodi. It's great against geo-restrictions and capable of unblocking not only NFL but Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and other platforms. What's more, it's the fastest VPN service currently available, mainly because of its in-house NordLynx tunneling protocol.

This provider has the perfect balance between features and price. You can try it with Kodi risk-free on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and many more devices. The prices start at $3.09/month for a two-year deal. The service has a 7-day free trial (needs Android) and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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2. Surfshark – cheap NFL VPN with unlimited devices


If you are planning to use a VPN with Kodi for a long time and want to save as much as possible, Surfshark is your best option. This is an already proven budget VPN with infinite simultaneous connections. Surfshark VPN offers fast speeds thanks to the next-gen WireGuard tunneling protocol.

At the same time, it is no less effective at unblocking NFL broadcasts on Kodi than the other VPNs described. Surfshark's prices start at $2.21/month with 3 months for free. The service also has a 7-day free trial (needs Android or iOS) and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Also read: Surfshark VPN review

3. PrivateVPN – cheapest VPN for NFL on Kodi


PrivateVPN is the least expensive option for watching NFL on Kodi. It efficiently unblocks sports streams, in addition to Netflix and other content platforms. The speeds are more than enough to stream in HD or 4K, and the country selection lets you choose any official NFL add-on. PrivateVPN also owns all of its servers, meaning there's a small chance of a third party tampering with their data centers.

This provider has apps for major platforms plus Android TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick. The best offer is just $2.00/month, allowing 10 simultaneous connections. PrivateVPN has a 7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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What is a Kodi add-on?

Kodi is a cross-platform application that allows you to access videos, music, pictures, and games in one place. It's based on individual modules (add-ons) which can be compared to an Android or iPhone application (read How to install Kodi on iPhone & iPad) or a desktop program. Add-ons can be installed from the main or a third-party repository, and each is created for a specific purpose (e.g., to show NFL games).

Several hundred different Kodi add-ons have been made available by developers worldwide. Those created by a particular company or service itself are called official add-ons. Modules created by third-party developers to support a service or system are unofficial.

In my experience, the list of unofficial Kodi add-ons for watching the NFL has narrowed considerably in recent years. There used to be 3 or 4 properly working modules, but at the time of writing this article, I struggled to find a single option.

Which is better – an official or unofficial NFL add-on for Kodi?

You should always use an official Kodi add-on for NFL or any other resource when possible. That's because these modules are backed by organizations that can update and bugfix them regularly. Also, you can be almost sure that you won't experience any problems with the live stream. On the downside, most NFL Kodi add-ons require a subscription to the streaming service.

As for the unofficial Kodi add-ons, including NFL, they are usually created by individuals and therefore have limited support. Their main advantage is being free, but that doesn't come without a cost. More often than not, unofficial add-ons stream video and audio content illegally, meaning you can get fined for copyright infringement.

Installing Kodi on your device: step-by-step guide

If you haven’t used the NFL add-on before and don’t have Kodi installed, the following step-by-step instructions will help you to install Kodi on any device.

The installation of Kodi and its add-ons is practically the same for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

  1. Go to Google Play, Apple App Store, Huawei AppGallery, or Amazon Appstore and search for Kodi there.

You can also install Kodi on Android TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV & Fire Stick, or Apple TV.

  1. Install the app.
  2. Launch Kodi.

After the launch, you’ll see a message and two buttons. You don't need to do anything about it.

  1. Go to the Add-ons section

Now you’re ready to install your desired NFL add-on from the list below. To do this, you need to click the “Enter add-on browser” button and install it. Now use the step-by-step instructions from the next section.

You can also get Kodi with pre-installed modules. Special Kodi builds contain everything you need to get the most out of this versatile platform.

Installing the official NFL Kodi add-on: step-by-step guide

Most of the add-ons below are installed from the official Kodi repository. There are also dozens of unofficial repositories from which add-ons can be installed to view the NFL. There you can find both official and unofficial versions.

  1. Click the box icon on the top left.
  1. Click "Search".
  1. Use search by name. You can find any of the official Kodi apps listed in this article. I'll take the ESPN 3 add-on as an example.
  1. Choose the correct option. The search results can contain 1 or more lines. Choose the one that best matches my description.
  1. Install the add-on. Make sure that the app logo is correct and install it by clicking on “Install”:
  1. Agree with the proposed additions. Kodi will ask permission to install the missing modules. Agree to it, otherwise, the further installation will be impossible.

After that, the system will download and install all the necessary modules.

  1. Run the NFL add-on and log in. All official NFL viewing apps are released by major streaming services that operate by subscription. Use the data for authorization obtained during registration on the service.

Installing the unofficial Kodi add-on for NFL: step-by-step guide

Before installation, make sure Unknown sources is enabled in Settings / System.

  1. Go to Kodi System Preferences.
  1. Launch the File Manager.
  1. Go to the left menu under “Profile directory” and enter the name of the repository. Use the address http://ezzer-mac.com/repo/. Any name can be entered. I entered Ezzer.

After entering the data, confirm with OK.

  1. Go to the add-ons settings menu and Install from the zip file. You can get to the add-ons menu in the same way as in item 1 of the instructions for installing official modules.
  1. Select Ezzer. In the list that appears, find the repository name that you entered in step 3.

Once selected, click OK.

  1. Select Install from the repository. Return to the add-on settings menu and click on the item:
  1. Go to EzzerMacs Wizard Repository.
  1. Select SportsDevil. In the list of add-ons that appears, select SportsDevil:
  1. Click “Install” to start the installation.

Any other unofficial add-on can be installed using similar steps.

Bypassing NFL streaming restrictions

So, you have a working NFL add-on for Kodi, but you cannot start watching the stream. An error related to an incorrect region appears or any other error (in the case of an unofficial add-on). This means the stream is unavailable in your country, or your ISP blocks the content.

How to get around NFL geo-restrictions?

In most cases, a VPN will help unblock NFL add-ons for Kodi. This software allows traffic to be sent through a virtual tunnel from the user's device to a particular VPN server in a country where the NFL stream is available. Thus, using one technology, two problems are solved at once:

  1. Masking traffic from your internet provider
  2. Hiding location (IP hiding) for geo-restricted streaming services

You can find our Top 3 VPNs for watching NFL on Kodi above.

Streaming VPNs and the law

Some of you may ask whether it's legal to change your IP address and encrypt data. And the answer is yes! Secure local networks of hundreds of thousands of companies are based on VPN technology. Their employees can enter the corporate network from anywhere worldwide without the risk of leaking important data. A typical home VPN works the same way, the only difference being that you and the server are on your network.

However, streaming platforms are often against VPN usage. They try to block such connections and put the IP addresses of VPN servers on their blacklists. Because of this, only a handful of VPN providers can bypass geo-restrictions reliably. Here are the best VPNs for streaming that can give access not only to NFL but NBA, MLB, Netflix, and other content platforms.


You can watch the NFL season 2023/2024 on Kodi. However, first, you will need to install either an official or unofficial NFL add-on. Most of the official ones are available in the US or the UK only, and using the unofficial module puts you at risk due to possible copyright infringement.

Luckily, you can easily tackle both issues by using a Kodi-friendly VPN service. It will hide your real IP address and encrypt your traffic. This way, neither your ISP nor any other third party will know your location or what you are doing online. With a reliable VPN, you can stream all NFL games using both official and unofficial add-ons for Kodi.


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prefix 3 years ago
I love NFL but I'm not ready to pay $99 per season to watch every game without commercials live. I pay $2.75 per month for vpns and for DAZN's subscription. It's available in most countries, but I prefer to hide my real address and sensitive data. But you need to have 3 Mbps to watch standard-definition games or 5 Mbps to watch in high definition. If you want to watch HD - 20 Mbps + is enough. Or you can wait for a few hours and download the game via torrent clients if you're unable to watch it online.
prefix 3 years ago
We can't wait for the new season to start! Wanna see New York Giants back in action. But I won't be in NY in September. So thanks for sharing these addons for Kodi. It gives people like me a chance to watch nfl games for free. But you can get fined for illegal downloading and streaming. Buy a premium vpn and watch it without any difficulties.
prefix 3 years ago
Thanks for the addons. I'm currently not in the country, so It's kinda convenient to be able to use them. Quick question from me: do Kodi 18 addons work on v19 matrix? If not, then I probably need to download the newest vers.
prefix 3 years ago
Could Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers run it back and win the 2022 Super Bowl? I don't think so...Can't wait for the September 9 and 2021 season-opening game in Tampa. My friend helped me to install Sling.TV NFL addon on Kodi and NordVPN so I can enjoy nfl games for almost free. NFL Game Pass costs $99 per year and it's too expensive for me.
prefix 3 years ago
Sadly, the 2021 NFL Combine has been canceled due to concerns regarding COVID-19. I'M SO TIRED OF THIS VIRUS!! When will football stadiums look normal again? I use Sling TV to watch NFL games. $30 per month is a fair price for access to NBC, FOX, and ESPN. This service is only available in the US, so I have to use Surfshark vpn to watch it from the UK. #LetsGoRams
k y o S h i m a =
prefix 3 years ago
Most NFL Add-ons have been shut down. Kodi addons are not what they were back in 2015. To access NFL streams for free on Kodi you’ll need to install the right third-party add-ons. SportsDevil is the most popular one. But you also need to have VPN and a fast internet connection to watch live games without delays and playback issues. I'm very satisfied with Nord VPN speed. Should I switch to ExpressVPN, or not?
prefix 3 years ago
Dunno, the official version of DAZN didn't work for me. Had to download it from the 3d party site and after some headache, it got installed. However, I would like to pay for it, digital stealing is not for me. Anyway, it turned out it’s great for European soccer, NFL and I also like their boxing and Bellator MMA. I didn’t get any serious issues with it. From what I noticed, the framerate can struggle (it's getting better though), and it's definitely not 1080. Maybe that's cause I don't use an official version? Is there such a bug with a paid one?
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