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Browsec VPN Review

Last updated: January 5, 2021 By Dean Chester
Browsec VPN pros Browsec VPN cons
  • VPN extension for browsers
  • Free plan
  • 7-day money back guarantee
  • 400 servers in 34 countries
  • Low price
  • No leaks
  • No app for Windows and Linux
  • Russian jurisdiction
  • Speed drops
  • Logs
  • No free trial for a premium plan

Claims presented on Browsec official website are very attractive. The provider ensures us that the speed of up to 100 Mbps under a VPN connection is not a false story. Besides, the company offers its service free of charge. No hidden fees or credit cards information. You might think that dreams come true. But no such luck. There are some characteristics of the provider which would barely make you subscribe to the service. Some claims are at odds with reality. That’s why I’ve prepared this Browsec review. Here’s what you’ll find out about the provider today.

If you are looking for a VPN for Chrome or any other browser, you’ll definitely find this article useful. Want to know what other platforms are compatible with Browsec VPN? No problem! You’ll find this information here. No other Browsec reviews contain data I’ve gathered for you in one place.

Browsec VPN: Unique Benefits and Features

The service is a real lifesaver for more than 3 million consumers. And this is not surprising, as the usability of Browsec VPN extension and apps is at a very high level. Here’re the features the company prouds of:

  • facility to automate Browsec settings for specific pages;
  • the change of time zone on the basis of the chosen VPN location;
  • optional WebRTC protection for extension;
  • function to choose apps to protect.

It could be used on all popular gadgets. But there’s no dedicated app for Windows. Its characteristics are too contradictory:

I recommend using Browsec for those who are looking for a free VPN for PC. Its Chrome VPN extension is perfect in terms of user-friendliness and speed. But I don’t recommend using it if you search for 100% security on the Internet. It’s better to look at its alternatives.

Pros and Cons of Browsec VPN

Not ready to make your choice right now? The list of beneficial features of the service alongside with its shortcomings will help you to make a decision.

What are Browsec Advantages?

Going by the name of the service, it should provide its clients with secure web browsing. I’ll check it and present the results a bit later. As for now, let’s have a look at the strong sides of Browsec VPN.

Free VPN for Chrome and Other Browsers

The provider has 2 plans on offers: paid and free. If you don’t have an opportunity to pay for the service, it’s possible to make use of its free package. Actually, not all VPNs allow it.

Browsec VPN free (speed)

However, there are some restrictions for the users of Browsec VPN free package:

  • only 4 locations are allowed (UK, US, Netherlands, Singapore);
  • extremely slow speed.

I’ve checked the speed for a free package when using the nearest of allowed servers – in the Netherlands. The results leave much to be desired. You can compare the speed of a paid Browsec premium plan further in the text. You’ll be surprised!

Refund for Browsec VPN Premium Plan

The provider guarantees that the disappointed customers have an opportunity to get their money back within the first 7 days of a VPN use. Here’re the terms:

  • only Premium Browsec plan is refundable;
  • the refund is allowed within 7 days from the date of purchase;
  • a user is to contact the support service through email support [at] browsec [dot] com;
  • the letter should contain information about a user’s date and time of payment and the payment provider.

Browsec Server Network is Growing

As for May 2019, the company has 400+ VPN servers in 34 countries worldwide. It should be said that the locations are very diverse. You can connect to the countries in Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, South and North America. The network of the provider is constantly growing. So, it might reach an all-time high. Browsec gives preference to shared VPN servers. It’s a great advantage for the clients. Shared servers could be used by a great number of people at a time. In its turn, your digital footprint becomes reliably masked.

Experienced Customer Support Team

That is not to say that Browsec support service is available round-the-clock. Neither I would admit that it’s fast. In fact, I had to wait for a reply for 49 minutes. But! I like the answers I’ve received. The specialist of Browsec support team has provided me with in-depth answers.

Easy Setup

If you have already read my UnblockUs review, you know that an average user would need a lot of time to configure the network. As for Browsec, the situation is polar opposite. Despite the fact, that it doesn’t offer a desktop version of the app, it’s dead easy to install and run the client on Android and iOS and install Browsec on Firefox and other browsers. The use of the extension and application is very convenient.

Browsec VPN client on Android

Exclude Apps from the List

When I tried a VPN client for Android, I found it very handy to choose what apps (installed on my gadget) to protect. It’s a good alternative to Split Tunneling when you can choose what websites to open through a secured connection. The principle of work is the same.

Affordable Prices and Big Discounts

The provider offers quite a moderate price for its service – $4.99 when paid monthly. However, it’s even possible to cut down the price! A 33% discount is very attractive. One month of Browsec VPN use will cost you only $3.33 when you choose to pay annually. Still, it’s not on the list of the cheapest VPNs.

Easy Switch Between the Servers

I have already mentioned that Browsec is very user-friendly. But I want to point out that it’s very convenient to switch between the servers. Furthermore, you can do it without limits.

A Good Alternative to Kill Switch

You won’t find automatic Kill Switch on the list of Browsec functions. There is no need for that. If a connection with the VPN server is interrupted, it just turns off without bypassing VPN and exposing the user. Also, if Browsec remains turned on and the connection is re-established after being interrupted, it will go through Browsec right away.

What are Browsec Disadvantages?

Having studied the benefits of Browsec VPN provider, it’s time to examine its drawbacks. In comparison with the leaders of our rating (like Nord VPN, for example), there are more weak sides.

Russian Jurisdiction

The headquarters of the provider is located in one of the least beneficial places – Russia. Information is protected in accordance with the Russian Federal Law on Personal Data, implemented in 2006. However, local authorities have the right to request information, and the companies may not deny.

No VPN Apps for a Set of Platforms

Almost all modern VPNs like IPVanish and Private Internet Access offer handy desktop clients and apps for all popular operating systems and platforms.

Browsec compatibility

Thus, it’s possible even to set up the software on routers and protect many devices with a limited number of gadgets per account. Unfortunately, compatibility is a weak side of Browsec VPN provider. The provider offers applications only for portable gadgets running on Android and iOS. Also, it’s possible to use Browsec for Chrome, Opera and Firefox. However, the provider is planning to launch the client for Windows in 2020. although it had the same aspirations for 2019. Well, let’s wait.

P2P File-Sharing Won’t Be Secure

In view of the fact that Browsec doesn’t have a desktop version, it’s impossible to protect other applications on your PC or laptop. Consequently, the torrent clients you use won’t be protected. In this regard, I don’t recommend to use this VPN for peer-to-peer file sharing.

Browsec: Benefits and Features Tests

If you are interested in how to use Browsec on different devices, this part of Browsec VPN review will appease your curiosity. I’ve started exploring Browsec VPN from its site. It is available in 3 languages: Russian, Turkish and Korean. Provided that I didn’t have an account, I had to sign up first.

Front page of the Browsec site

What data are required? I had to enter only my email address and create a password. The email was later used for account verification. It’s also necessary to tick off “I agree to the Terms of service & Privacy policy”. Besides, the provider offers to notify its users about discounts and new offers through email. After creating an account, I received a letter from the provider. To complete the signup, I had to follow the offered link.

Verification email from Browsec

I was redirected to the main page of the Service. There I could look through the information about my plan, change the password and upgrade the account up to Browsec premium. I could also enable/disable notifications about new Browsec products and discounts. I wanted to download Browsec VPN for Windows 10. But unfortunately, I haven’t found this OS on the list. Instead, I had to download Browsec for Chrome.

Browsec VPN on Google Play

However, there are some reservations. Is Browsec safe for Chrome? I doubt. The provider states that the service can read and change users’ data on the sites they visit.

Browsec VPN extension

Browsec extension for Chrome is very handy. Besides, there are some beneficial functions:

  • WebRTC connections (it prevents WebRTC leaks when using audio and video calls from browsers);
  • change of time zone (this function changes your time zone depending on what IP address you use);
  • IP for a site (it’s allowed to specify a particular country for a website; for example, you can choose the USA location for netflix [dot] com);
  • favorite locations (it’s possible to add a country to the list of favorite; it serves to make it easier to find these locations).

I also tried Browsec for Firefox. There’s no difference in the work of Browsec VPN extension for Chrome and Firefox. On forums, many users ask how to change the IP address in Win 10 using extension. I’ll explain it in this Browsec review. To change the IP on your Windows device, you are to add VPN extension to your browser (Chrome, Firefox or Opera) and click on ‘Protect me’ or ‘OFF’ button. After it, you are to change your location by choosing one of the countries from the list.

Can Browsec Unblock Netflix?

In some Browsec reviews, I found information that not all VPN servers work with Netflix. My tests have impugned this statement. I’ve connected to all Browsec VPN servers, and every time the streaming service worked perfectly. The location of the VPN server was detected by the Netflix system and therefore I got access to different Netflix libraries.

Browsec unblocks Netflix

I’ve decided on this issue. But we shouldn’t forget about possible buffers and lags while streaming. That’s why I continue with the following part of the VPN review.

Browsec: Speed and Security Tests

Here I’m going to present you Browsec VPN speed test results and security issues. It’s the fact that many VPNs lead to the speed drop. It’s a norm until it prevents users from comfortable web surfing and streaming.

Are Browsec Servers Fast?

To make my tests more true-to-life, I’ll show you the speed test results when I surf the network without Browsec VPN protection. Of course, you won’t find my IP or location on the screenshot for security reasons. I’ve measured the speed of the wired connection. And the results are the following:

Speed when Browsec VPN is off

The latency is perfect – 3, the speed also performs great results. Streaming, torrenting and video calls won’t be a problem with such speed. Then, I connected to Browsec VPN. The first server I tried was located in the Netherlands. The download speed has dropped by approximately 55%, whereas the upload speed became slower by 5% only.

Browsec VPN speed (nearest server)

Still, if you use the VPN to become anonymous and secure on the Internet, you won’t even notice speed reduction. For streaming, this speed is also fast enough. But if you are going to download torrents, then you’ll have to spend more time on it. The next Browsec server I tasted was located in the USA. This time, the speed drop was more substantial.

Browsec VPN speed (US server)

I observed a 76% speed drop. I tried to listen to online radio and watch videos on YouTube. Sometimes, lags took place. Nevertheless, the page load was fine.

Browsec VPN speed test results

The remote VPN servers I have also tried are located in India and South Africa. The server in the RSA showed even better results than the one in the US – 22.37 Mbps for the download speed. The Indian server showed the worse result. As usual, the recommendation is to connect to the nearest servers. However, unlike many VPNs, Browsec performs better speed results on the remote servers as compared with some other VPNs.

Browsec VPN and Security: Any Leaks?

Would you like to know more about Browsec VPN privacy and security online? Are you concerned about your anonymity while surfing the network? This section of the VPN review highlights the privacy and security issues of the provider. Besides, here I’ll center around Browsec VPN logs. Here it goes! In order to find the answer to the question “Is Browsec safe to use these days?”, I’ve carried out a set of tests:

  • IP leak test;
  • WebRTC leak test;
  • DNS leak test.

Browsec VPN leak tests

As you can see on the screenshot, a special program has detected the IP address of the VPN provider (not mine). No other IPs or servers were detected. It means that the service has passed all 3 tests successfully. Additional DNS leak test was also successful.

Browsec DNS leak test results

In this regard, I must admit that Browsec VPN addon does its job at a very high level.

Does It Keep Logs?

Unlike the majority of VPNs in the market, Browsec does NOT ensure its client in its no-logs policy. The provider avows it has the right to collect and process personal information that identifies its subscribers. On top of that, it makes no bones about the fact that it could share information on its users with third parties when it’s required by the legal law enforcement requests.

Terms of service of Browsec

In other words, if the authorities ask for such information, Browsec will provide it.

Encryption and Protocols by Browsec VPN

Traffic encoding and the facility to use different tunneling protocols determine the level of security of a VPN provider. I doubt you could find this information in other Browsec reviews, as I had to contact the customer support team to find answers to my questions. The service offers different protocols for different platforms:

  • Browsec mobile apps use the usual IPSec protocol with AES-256 encryption.
  • The browser extension uses HTTP Proxy over TLS protocol. It works as usual HTTP proxy but encrypts the whole connection. This protocol is more lightweight, but it provides the same encryption level.

Thus, reliable AES encryption with a 256-bit key is used for all platforms. This method of ciphering is one of the securest. That is why it is used by the US government.

Is Browsec Stable?

During 2 days of my Browsec testing (in fact, I tried it on 3 devices and 2 browsers) I haven’t noticed any troubles with the work of the service. When I switched between networks (WiFi and wired connection), I still had access to the Internet. Besides, my connection wasn’t interrupted when watching movies or communicating through VoIP applications. I also find it beneficial that I’ve managed to connect to a new server on the first try. It doesn’t matter whether I use Browsec free VPN or a paid plan, the connection is stable. On the whole, the service copes with the task to unblock services and restricted websites. Although it offers a period of VPN free trial, there is a free package with some limits. Unfortunately, we cannot count on 100% anonymity and security on the Internet. That’s why Browsec is not on the list of top VPNs for 2021. Who knows maybe it will change its policy and become more secure for its users in the future. What do you think about it?

Browsec VPN: Frequently Asked Questions

How to Add Browsec Extension in Google Chrome?

To make use of Browsec extension for Google browser, you are to: 1. open Browsec official website; 2. find the icon on the main page of the provider and click on it; 3. when you are redirected to the Google online store, download the extension for browser and install it; 4. enter credentials and change your location.

How to Use Browsec VPN to Download Videos?

The only way to download videos (torrents) by means of Browsec software is to use it on Android or iOS. Add a torrent client you are going to use to the list to protect. However, you could face speed troubles.

How to Uninstall Browsec?

This process is very simple and doesn’t require any additional knowledge. In case you want to remove the app from your Android or iOS gadget, it’s better to open Google Play or App Store and delete the app. In case you want to uninstall Browsec extension, you are to right-click the VPN icon and choose ‘Remove from Chrome/Firefox/Opera’.

How to get premium Browsec Firefox extension?

First, you are to set up an extension for your browser. After it, turn on the VPN and open the list of servers. Choose one of the premium servers and click on ‘Get Premium Now!’. Pay for subscription and start using Browsec without limits.

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