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Seed4.Me VPN Review

Online anonymity and security present an overriding priority for today’s networking. Being firstly created for business usage, today the service is popular with average customers. Multiple online threats are being constantly advanced by adversaries, therefore such attacks as brute forcing and password cracking take a backseat and such dangers as identity thefts, computer fraudulence, and targeted password breaking come out on top.

This is the reason for the surge in interest to such a technology as a VPN. Providing a reliable surfing on the Internet, a good VPN is stated to protect your online privacy and communications on the Internet.

Seed4.Me is regarded as a comparatively new output on the market, which is stated to provide the functions being mentioned above, so read the review and see for yourself all the bonuses and the negatives (if there are such) of the service. 

Tariffs and prices of Seed4.Me VPN

Seed4.Me vpn service

If you have decided to get in the site the website as a chance comer and look for all the necessary information on the plans provided by the company and the payment methods accepted by it, you can hardly make it as Seed4.Me is a closed private club.

The number of customers is thoroughly controlled by the company, as it influences the network operation. Access can be further extended for a day, a month, a year. A free trial period is supplied for any newbie of the service after the invitation is received. Therefore the service can be tested before paying. Other customers can be invited by its recognized clients.

Having tested the service three time-independent packages for $5, $10 and $20 are provided. The payment methods can be chosen from PayPal to several credit cards. So, while being an average customer everything you will see when trying to learn the information on the packages from the website is a registration demand. Having logged in, you will see the information mentioned above.

Info on Servers in different countries

The server park is stated to be constantly widened. Today the service proposes servers in the UK (to access HBO, for example), the US, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore, Germany, Italy, and Canada. The best available server is known to be connected by a customer by default due to computing clusters.

Seed4.Me vpn service country

Functions of Seed4.Me VPN

The service is known to prevent your networking from uncontrolled interferences and information leaks when being connected through a Wi-Fi hotspot too.

Even if staying in one place you are able to change your virtual location while connecting to one of the provided servers. The feature is especially necessary when traveling to other countries, as provided that your country is in the list of server locations, you will be able to have access to your ‘home’ network when being abroad.

In addition, this broadens your networking content as you can receive information from resources used in various countries thanks to a secure DNS server configuration

Security and Privacy

As the function of virtual location change is based on substituting of your authentic address and adjoining of a service’s one instead, your access to any restricted web resources is unidentified, thus your privacy is protected.

There are different connective types of securing your networking while using PPTP and L2TP with a 128-bit key. The service doesn’t support IPv6, so in order to have no problems with the settings, it should be disabled for your VPN connection.

On the one hand, if talking about your speed performance it should be fast as PPTP is suitable for streaming services, on the other hand, OpenVPN is considered to be more secure if compare it with L2TP or PPTP. Having tested the speed, it should be stated that it has been essentially reduced (three times less), despite PPTP has been used. 

Support service

In order to find the answer to your question, you can contact the company in straightforward terms. To get the ‘instant’ support the subject and message should be filled in on the website and the team is stated to contact you as well as thirty minutes have passed.

Having checked the work of the support team it can be confirmed that the technical group of the service responds to the letters in four-six hours only. 

Client Account procedures

In order to test the trial version, an appropriate app should be downloaded (it is not always easy), provided that you have received the invitation or registered on the website in advance. The VPN is compatible with multiple OSes.

Having chosen a server from the downloaded application, you will be automatically connected to it. If speaking about disconnections, you won’t receive any note that it has happened on the network, so it can be insecure for your networking.

When your trial version nears the end you receive a letter, which offers you to add the credit to prolong the subscription for one day, a weak, a month, and three months. 


The VPN is compatible with multiple OSes, such as Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 9), Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Ubuntu (haven't heard about this operating system?). 


A VPN is a doubtlessly helpful service for your networking, therefore a comparatively new Seed4.Me VPN has been offered for your consideration.

So, when speaking about virtual locations, the number of countries is not too big as compared with Express VPN, for example. But still, the park is being constantly enhanced and the quality of speed performance is regulated by the company. The disadvantage is that, unfortunately, a declared by the provider speed performance hasn’t been approved. In addition, the process of connection and disconnection to the servers goes without any notifications, which is very inconvenient if speaking about disconnections.

If talking about protocols used and keys, it should be said that PPTP protocol is not the most protective solution for your network, nevertheless, the speed performance should be better while using the protocol encryption. In any case, L2TP is provided too. Unfortunately, IPv6 is not supported and OpenVPN, which is considered by many experts as one of the most reliable, is not provided.

Nevertheless, the service requires your consideration and can be subscribed for in order to protect your networking from being interfered.

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