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How to change location on Tinder in 2024

Fun fact, over 1.6 billion left and right swipes are made on Tinder each day. And with over 75 million users in 190 countries, the dating platform is, without a doubt, one of the best places to find a partner online.

There is just one problem though. The app shows you potential partners based on your location. As a result, it’s almost impossible to match with anybody beyond your main region. That’s unless you subscribe to Tinder Premium and use the Passport feature to change your location.

But, what if there was another way to change your location on Tinder without subscribing to their premium plan? In this post, I’m going to show you how to change location on Tinder using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

How to unblock Tinder
  1. Sign up for one of our top recommended Tinder VPNs. Surfshark is an excellent choice.
  2. Install the VPN on the device you want to use to access Tinder.
  3. Connect to a server in any country where Tinder is not banned.
  4. Done. You can get swiping on their website or mobile app.

Why is VPN a good option to unblock Tinder?

A VPN will not help change your Tinder location by itself, but it is required to ensure that your GPS location and IP address are matching.

Otherwise, Tinder will know you are attempting to fake your location which can result in your account being banned.

You have been banned from Tinder

Additionally, a VPN will help you unblock Tinder in countries or networks where the dating app is restricted. It’s not uncommon for institutions like schools or workplaces to block Tinder. The platform is also blocked in countries like India and Pakistan.

A VPN helps you bypass the restrictions by encrypting your internet traffic so that nobody including your network admin and ISP can see what you are doing online.

But, here is the best part. VPNs don’t work just for Tinder. They also help you unblock all geo-blocked websites and apps. You can use a VPN to unblock restricted content on streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer.

A VPN will also help you stay safe while browsing on public networks by encrypting your communications. Malicious users can leverage unsecured public networks to intercept your traffic and steal personal details such as your login details and financial information.

Best VPNs to change location on Tinder

Here are our top three recommended VPNs for Tinder.

  1. Surfshark – best Tinder VPN with GPS spoofing
  2. NordVPN – fastest VPN for Tinder
  3. ExpressVPN – great Tinder VPN with servers in 105 countries

Where is Tinder blocked

Here is a list of countries where Tinder is blocked.

CountryReason Tinder is blocked
PakistanDeemed to go against the country’s religious beliefs
IndiaBanned by the army to prevent espionage
UAEDeemed to be against the country’s religious laws

How to unblock Tinder from anywhere

A VPN helps fake your location by changing your IP address. However, Tinder also uses your GPS to determine your location. Therefore, you will need to couple your VPN with a third-party GPS spoofing app to effectively change location on Tinder.

Surfshark for Android

The only exception is Surfshark for Android since it comes with an in-built GPS spoofing feature.

Here is how to change location on Tinder using Surfshark.

  1. Choose the Surfshark plan that best suits you and sign up.
  2. Once Surfshark is installed on your Android phone go to Settings and on the Advanced section enable the option labelled Override GPS location. Override GPS location
  3. Open Developer options on your Android device. You may need to enable the Developer options to make them visible. Developer options
  4. Scroll until you see the option to Select mock location app and choose Surfshark on the list of available options. Mock location app
  5. Done. Now, every time you connect to a Surfshark server in a different location, the VPN will automatically change your GPS and your location will also change on Tinder.

To change Tinder location on Windows, macOS, and iOS devices, you will need to download a GPS spoofing app on top of your VPN. In this case, I recommend using NordVPN as your VPN for Tinder. Apart from its lack of an inbuilt GPS spoofing feature, it outperforms Surfshark in all other key areas including speed and security.

Once you have connected to a VPN server in the location you want to change to on Tinder, open the third-party GPS spoofing app and follow the appropriate steps to change the GPS location.

iMyFone and Dr.Fone are two popular applications you can use to fake the GPS location on your iPhone. For macOS and Windows, you can install chrome and use a GPS-spoofing Chrome extension like Location Guard.

Bonus Tip

When using a VPN to change Tinder location, you will have the most success by logging in to the platform using your browser. The Tinder app has more advanced algorithms than its website when it comes to detecting fake GPS locations.

Also, be careful how you use the location changer. Most importantly, avoid hopping between multiple countries within a short period. This could be flagged and may result in your Tinder account being banned.

What if Tinder VPN does not work

Are you unable to unblock Tinder on a restricted network, you are using the wrong VPN. Switch to a top Tinder VPN like Surfshark. It will unblock Tinder without getting detected.

If your Tinder VPN is still not working, contact customer support. Surfshark has 24/7 live chat that will respond in mere minutes.

On the other hand, if you are having trouble changing your Tinder location, then it could be due to the following issues.

  • Your GPS location does not match your IP address. Ensure that after connecting to a VPN server in the new location, you use a GPS spoofing app to change your GPS location. Also, make sure DNS leak protection and the kill switch are enabled on your VPN
  • Cookies stored on your devices contain your real location. Close Tinder website, clear your browser cookies and then relaunch Tinder.

Change your swiping location on Tinder for free

Can you change Tinder location for free by using a free VPN? You can, but it comes with major downsides. For starters, free VPNs easily get detected and get blocked before they can unblock Tinder. Also, because of server congestion – everybody loves a free treat – free VPNs can be painfully slow.

However, the main reason we don’t recommend free VPNs is that you can’t trust them to maintain your privacy and security. The VPNs still need money to keep the services running. And because you are not paying a subscription fee, free VPN providers resort to selling your browsing data to advertisers, corporate marketing departments, and other interested parties.

The good news is that the best Tinder VPNs, like Surfshark, come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can request a refund if their services don’t meet your expectations. This VPN also has a 7-day free trial that works with both Android and iOS devices.


There you go. The complete guide on how to change location on Tinder with a VPN. To summarize, Tinder uses a combo of GPS and IP address tracking to determine your location. Therefore, it’s a bit trickier to unblock the dating app as compared to other online services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

However, when you couple a top Tinder VPN with a GPS spoofing app, you can easily change your Tinder location to anywhere you want. A VPN will also help you unblock Tinder on restricted networks and in banned countries.

The best VPN for Tinder in 2024 is Surfshark. It combines both the VPN and the GPS spoofing services in one app, has great performance, and reliably protects your devices.


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