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How to Spoof Pokemon GO Location with a VPN in 2023

Pokemon GO offers ultimate joy and an immersive experience to players around the globe. You might find pleasure in smashing more points. But at the same time, location barriers can be challenging for you since they limit you to catching some Pokemon types based on your location.

Let’s not spoil the fun of the game! Here’s a solution for you. With the Pokemon GO spoofer and VPNs, you can easily fake your GPS location without physically moving; and find PokeStops and Gyms.

If you are wondering how to spoof Pokemon GO location, we have got you covered. In this article, you will find the methods to spoof Pokemon GO on iOS and Android.

Without further ado, have a look below.

  1. Select the best VPN. We recommend Surfshark to download on your device.
  2. Now, install a GPS spoofing app.
  3. Select a VPN server location.
  4. Install Pokemon Go and enjoy playing this game.

How does Pokemon Go location spoofer work with a VPN?

Pokemon GO uses a solid yet unknown method to detect your location. A strong possibility is that it can use your IP address to find your location and match it with the GPS location of your device. Once Pokemon GO catches you for faking your location, it will flag your account and even ban it for the rest of your life.

Here comes the role of the VPN; it masks your real IP and saves you from being identified by Pokemon GO. So, the only solution to alter your GPS location is to use a GPS spoofing app. Surfshark is the only VPN that combines both features. It changes your region and allows you to play Pokemon GO without any hassle.

Since a VPN uses powerful encryption, it ensures that your online activity will remain hidden and you will be safe from third parties and even attacks from hackers.

How to spoof location for Pokémon GO on iOS (iPad or iPhone)

  • To spoof your location for running Pokémon GO on another location on your iOS devices, you first need to jailbreak your device. jailbreak your device
  • After jailbreaking, go to Cynthia Store and download tsProtector and iOS Roaming Guide to mask your device's jailbroken status. Cynthia Store
  • Jailbreak step 2
  • dropped pin
  • Now from the Apple store, download a VPN, such as Surfshark
  • Select your desired location of the iOS roaming guide
  • Select the same place on the VPN software
  • Now run your Pokémon GO and enjoy more features without being detected

Make sure that tsProtector and iOS roaming guide are running; else, the Pokémon GO app will detect an issue with your GPS location.

How to spoof location for Pokémon GO on Android

To spoof or fake your GPS location on your Android device and catch more Pokémon, you can use a VPN app and play like you are in another country.

  • Start with installing any reliable VPN such as Surfshark
  • Now download the Fake GPS location App from the Google Play Store Fake GBP app
  • After that, go to settings and select the About Device menu
  • In the About Device menu, click on the 'Software information' menu, and in that, look for the 'Build Number' option Aboutd device menu
  • Tap 7 times on the Build Number option. This will open the 'Developers Option' menu
  • In that menu, select the 'Mock Location App' option and choose the Fake GPS app you have downloaded Mock-Location-App
  • Pick the location you want to play in
  • Match the VPN location to the desired location
  • Close the Fake GPS app
  • And now, run your Pokémon GO with the spoofed location.

Best Pokemon GO spoofing apps:

Have a look at the list of the best Pokemon GO spoofing apps.

  1. Surfshark VPN: solid VPN service with GPS spoofing for smartphones
  2. Fake GPS Location: best Pokemon GO spoofing app for Android
  3. Location spoofer: top Pokemon GO spoofing app for iPhone

Top 3 Pokémon GO spoofing apps

To change your device location and get an IP address that makes the Pokémon GO app think you are in another location, you need to mask your original location. To spoof your location, you need a spoofing app that will hide your whereabouts and give you a cover or Fake IP on a location you like.

We have listed down the top 3 Pokémon GO spoofing Apps that give you seamless and speedy game performance without a single glitch:

1. Surfshark – VPN and GPS spoofing in one service

surfshark website

Skip the hassle of downloading the spoofing app separately to run Pokémon GO when you can get two in one deal on a single VPN. With an in-built spoofing feature, you can directly run the Pokémon GO at a different location just through Surfshark, and that might be a sigh of relief for many players who can’t get the setting right quickly.

The IP address will always go undetected, thanks to excellent encryption and privacy barriers. Your personal data will stay safe due to an audited no-logs policy.

Surfshark offers unlimited connections and impressive speed on its 3200-plus servers worldwide. The best part is that you get all of this for just $2.30 per month.

2. Fake GPS location – spoof Pokemon GO location on Android

Fake GPS location

With more than 10 million downloads, Fake GPS location is a popular location spoofing service for Android devices. With it, you wil be able to change your Pokemon GO location in no time. Almost 500,000 users have rated Fake GPS location 4.3 out of 5, which is a very good result.

The app does exactly what it claims to – it easily changes the geo-location of your smartphone. It’s not very user friendly and doesn’t get regular updates, but it works, and that’s the most important part. You also shouldn't expect any customer support, but hey – Fake GPS location is free.

3. Location spoofer - change Pokemon GO location on iOS

Cydia download

If you have an iPhone or iPad, using a Location spoofer is your best bet when it comes to changing Pokemon GO location. The app is available on Cydia, which allows you to install software on a jailbroken smartphone. It’s free to use and works pretty well.

Once you download the app, all you have to do is choose a desired location and tap it on the map. However, don’t forget that just like any other GPS spoofer, this one doesn’t change your IP address. For that, you will need to use a proper VPN service for iPhone.

Why did we pick these GPS spoofing apps for Pokemon GO?

We have shortlisted the above three Pokemon GO location spoofing apps based on the following reasons:

  • They successfully hide your GPS location: as obvious as it sounds, not every so-called GPS spoofing app is capable of what it claims to. We tested all three and can confirm that they work.
  • You get either free or budget-friendly deals with amazing discounts and added features
  • Interfaces are user-friendly and super easy to install and set up.

Why does Pokemon GO location spoofing not work with a VPN?

Ever experienced a glitch reporting ‘error 12: failed to detect location’? You might be wondering why VPN disrupts Pokemon GO location spoofing. Here are some reasons:

  • You may have enabled the Find my Device option
  • You may have disabled Mock Location on your device
  • Your device can not receive GPS signals
  • You may be using a weak VPN that is leaking your IP address

You can get rid of this issue by following these simple steps.

  • Go to Settings, and navigate Location options. Now, disable your location option and turn it on. So, restarting your location service will help you solve this issue.
  • Turn on IP leak protection on your VPN
  • Consider connecting to a different VPN server
  • Ensure to clear the data and all cache in Pokemon GO
  • Select a better VPN provider, such as NordVPN

Can a free VPN change the Pokemon Go location?

If you are already using a free VPN or thinking of using one, we recommend you not use a free VPN since they are not secure and can risk your privacy by selling your data to third parties. Also, they barrage you with unwanted ads.

Another reason to refrain from using a free VPN is that they have limited features and servers, creating an issue while spoofing your location. So, it makes it easy for Pokemon GO to identify your location and thus ban you from playing.

The best way is to use a free trial of a premium VPN to change your Pokemon GO location. Our recommendation includes NordVPN or Surfshark having a worth availing a free trial.

  • NordVPN: offers you a seven-day free trial (requires Android) with a 30-day money-back guarantee. With its free trial, you can enjoy using it for 37 days for free.
  • Surfshark: whether you are using an Android or an Apple device, this VPN offers you a seven-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee, making 37 days of free use.

Quick recap

Pokemon GO lets you enjoy the experience of gaming in the real world. Don’t let your position hold you back; instead, spoof your location and try a VPN. If you want to enjoy this game to the fullest without getting out of your house, use the best VPNs we listed in this article.

We recommend you choose NordVPN; that will always be there for you. It is loaded with many features and allows you to enjoy a lagging-free experience.

Happy gaming!


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