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WiHD leak exposes torrent user data

World-in-HD (WiHD), a private video torrent community, has inadvertently exposed tens of thousands of its users.

WiHD, a private tracker dedicated to distributing high-definition video content, left an open instance that endangered the data of its users, Cybernews reports.

Private trackers are invitation-only and are supposed to limit their exposure to various agencies combating the illegal distribution of trademarked content.

Registered WiHD users can access French and English-language TV series, movies, animation, and other content.

“Threat actors could engage in various illicit activities, such as tracking and identifying users for legal repercussions, launching targeted phishing attacks, or potentially exposing users’ downloading habits,” Cybernews researchers said.

According to the research, nearly 100,000 accounts were exposed in the leak, with both WiHD’s customers and its administrator’s accounts included in the leak.

Leaked data includes user emails, IP addresses, service information, usernames, and hashed passwords for all torrent users.

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