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Apple Updates IOS 15.0.1 to 15.0.2 To Fix Zero-day Security Flaw

Apple has released a new security update, 15.0.2, against a vulnerability CVE-2021-30883 in their recent models of IOS and iPad. The update includes a fix for a memory corruption bug that allowed an application to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges, as reported by the Apple support page on Oct 11, 2021.

Apple also stated that they are aware of a report that this issue may have been actively exploited, so the users are advised to install the update at their earliest.

The update also fixes some other issues in iPhone

  • The update includes the issue of disappearing saved photos from messages in the Library after the related message or thread is deleted.
  • IPhone Leather wallet with MagSafe may not be able to connect to “Find My iPhone” or “iPad Air Tag” might not appear in the Find My Items tab.
  • It also brings bug fixes for CarPlay failing to open audio apps or disconnecting during playback.
  •  iPhone restore or update may fail when using Finder or iTunes for iPhone 13 models.

The Update Availability and Installation

The Apple support website mentioned the names of the iPhone and iPad models that can update the software version to iOS 15.0.2 and iPadOS 15.0.2.

These include the iPhone 6s and later, iPad Air 2 and later, iPad 5th generation and later, iPad mini 4 and later, iPad Pro (all models), and iPod touch (7th generation).

These users can install the update by going to settings>>General>>SoftwareUpdate and then following the prompts.

IOS 15 History

  • iPhone storage Constraints
  • Unlock iPhone 13 by Apple watch
  • IOS 15 destroying Battery life

Apple has introduced the latest version of its IOS operating system IOS 15, on September 20, 2021. After one week of the new version, the users started reporting about the two issues already.

iPhone storage Constraints

Some of the users claimed that after installing the IOS 15 operating system, they are facing an issue with iPhone storage.

They reported that iPhone started showing notifications, 'iPhone is out of storage, while after checking their storage there is still plenty of storage available.

Unlock iPhone 13 by Apple watch

The users with the latest iPhone 13 have faced another issue of Unlock of iPhone from connected Apple watch.

It is a highly useful element that is considered to be a major bug in this operating system.

IOS 15 destroying Battery life

The iPhone Users were also seen complaining that after IOS 15 installation, their battery life has been reduced. The users claimed that their battery started to drain faster after the new version installation.

Some experts stated that this is probably because of the heavy size of the update as the number of files running in the background has increased.

IOS 15.0.1 update

This IOS update 15.0.1 came out on Oct 1,2021. The Apple support page stated that this update includes bug fixes, including the issue where some of the users can Unlock iPhone 13 models with an Apple watch.

This update fixed the following bugs:

  • It fixed the issue of failed unlock of iPhone 13 models by Apple watches.
  • A Settings app issue where an alert that storage was full was incorrectly displayed has now been fixed.
  • Audio Meditations could start a workout on the Apple watch unexpectedly, which is now resolved.

Zero-day vulnerability gone wild

Apple has gone through never-ending streams of a zero-day vulnerability used in attacks against Apple products. In the recent few months, Apple has faced and fixed a dozen of zero-day vulnerabilities.

Starting from March 2021, Apple faced a vulnerability stated as

Processing of maliciously written web content may lead to universal cross-site scripting.

The attackers were actively exploiting the security flaw of the iPhone, iPad, and watches.

Later on, In August 2021, the Citizen lab uncovered a new zero-click iMessage exploit to deploy NSO Group's spyware. The devices belonging to several officials were compromised.

Apple was also accused of giving credit to a software developer who found 4 zero-day vulnerabilities and reported them to Apple in March 2021.

However, the company silently patched one of the vulnerabilities in July with an update without giving credits.

IOS 15.1

Apple's confirmed a new iOS 15.1 update, and the software is currently in beta testing. Apple has not yet approved the data related to release, but it is expected in late October or November.

Developers are currently on the beta version of the update.

IOS 15.1 expected features

  • The IOS update will let users add their COVID-19 vaccination card to the Wallet app. It also brought back Share Play, a feature Apple dropped during the iOS 15 beta due to problems.
  • It seems that IOS 15.1 will resolve the issue that is preventing some Airpods users from using Siri to control Active Noise Cancellations and transparency features.
  • It is expected that it will solve the issue of the iPhone 13 users to let them unlock their phone with apple watches while wearing a mask.


Apple has been facing bugs since 20th September 2021, when the company had just released its IOS 15 operating system.

Apple efficiently fixed the bugs and has released updates from time to time.

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