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Facebook down – DarkWeb up: somebody tried to fake 5 billion users leak

Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp didn’t work in the USA, Europe, Russia, and some Asian countries for more than six hours yesterday October 4th, 2021. Some users also complain about interruptions in Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Google, and Amazon; the crypto exchange CoinBase does not work either.

Just in the peak of Facebook’s operation disruption, CoolTechZone leaks hunters stumbled upon thread on a DarkNet forum pretended being e a cause of problems and given away unrealistically 600 Tb data of 5+ billion users.

What happened?

The message started with

...have you been wondering why they [Facebook and co] have been down?

An unknown hacker put up 600 TB of user data for free, namely:

  • Names and surnames
  • Email
  • Phone numbers
  • Personalized ads token
  • Contacts
  • Device information
  • IP addresses
  • Various tokens/keys

5 Billion Users Data leaked

The message quickly spread among the users of the dark forum.

To be honest, it was to good to be true, but on the other hand – it came from very reputable user with proven successful history on that forum. Having that status for years, forum users will not do such stupid things like posting fake threads, just because they will be banned forever for this.

DarkWeb forum user

Was that user hacked on its own, or just sold his account? We don’t know answers yet.

We can only imagine how much money could be scammed in such situation, whether this 5 billion users leak would be sold.

Hidden content could not be displayed properly message

After about 6 pages of comments, one of the last was explicitly showing first signs of fake and in the next 5 minutes, so total 20 minutes after publication, this thread disappeared from the forum.

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