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Scammers are preying on veterans, warns FTC

As Veterans Day approaches, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has released a reminder that scammers might be targeting veterans to extort money or personal information, regardless of whether they left the service decades ago or just recently.

FTC warns that scammers might call, text, email, or reach out over social media and pretend to be someone trustworthy – impersonating officers from government agencies, for example – to convince veterans to send money.

They might also disguise themselves as an online romantic partner who needs money for an expensive medical procedure. Or, the scammer may offer a job but require victims to pay a fee before they get ‘hired.’

Fraudsters may pretend to have a connection with the military, claiming to be a fellow veteran or having other military experience, in order to build trust with their target. By doing so, they hope to lower their victims' guard and prevent them from questioning their claims too thoroughly.

The FTC reminds people to be cautious if asked to make payments using cash, gift cards, cryptocurrency, payment apps, or wire transfer services. These methods are frequently used by scammers because they are difficult to trace, making it challenging to recover the money.

Veterans Day in the US is an official federal holiday celebrated annually on November 11th. This day is dedicated to showing appreciation and gratitude to the men and women who have served in the US Armed Forces.

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