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Fujitsu acknowledges customer data was stolen in cyberattack

Japanese tech manufacturer Fujitsu admits that personal and business-related information was stolen during a cyber attack that took place a few months ago.

Last March, Fujitsu publicly announced that a security incident had taken place in which confidential data might have been stolen.

“We confirmed the existence of malware on our multiple business personal computers, and an in-house survey revealed that we were in a state where we could fraudulently bring out files containing personal and customer information,” the company said in a statement.

Fujitsu promised to investigate how the malicious software ended up on the company’s systems and what data was stolen.

The investigation is finished and the Japanese tech company has made the results public.

In a statement Fujitsu says the company and external security experts reviewed and analyzed log information and conducted interviews with internal stakeholders.

Digital forensic research confirmed that malware was initially stored on one of Fujitsu’s business PCs. The malicious software used sophisticated techniques to evade detection.

The malware was later transferred to 49 other computers. All were being used within Fujitsu’s internal network in Japan. No PCs were connected to the network outside of Japan. No damage was found outside the company’s business computers.

Furthermore, communication and operation logs showed that the attackers were able to exfiltrate some confidential enterprise data. These files contained personal and business-related information about an unknown quantity of customers.

All affected victims have been notified about the data breach. Fujitsu hasn’t received any reports of misuse or fraud.

After the incident the company isolated, removed and replaced all infected PCs. In addition, new security monitoring rules were implemented. Lastly, the virus detection software was enhanced and the update policy has been amended.

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