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Google is adding AI features to Chromebook laptops

Google is equipping its Chromebook and Chromebook Plus laptops with numerous new AI features, such as a writing assistant, a wallpaper creator, and Gemini-powered tools.

Earlier this year, Google announced a writing tool within Chrome called Help Me Write. Users select a piece of text on a PDF, website, or web app and copy it to the writing assistant. Using a prompt, they can revise the original text in both length and tone. A handy feature if you’re writing a blog or social media post and lack inspiration.

Google is also adding a tool that generates background images. With it, users can create wallpapers and video conferencing backgrounds simply by using guided prompts. Making a personal and unique background for your desktop or Zoom meeting is within reach.

Another new AI feature is the Magic Editor. This feature lets users easily edit their photos. Selected objects can be moved or resized. Based on the changes, AI takes care of the background regeneration. The software also takes suggestions by users into consideration, for example, if they want to adjust the lighting or the background.

All of the above-mentioned AI features are only available for Chromebook Plus devices. Customers who are buying a new Chromebook Plus laptop will get the Google One AI Premium plan for 12 months. The plan includes early access to Google’s chatbot Gemini Advanced, 2 TB of storage, and Gemini in Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Gmail.

AI features available for all Chromebooks

Google also introduced new AI-features that are available for all Chromebooks. Setting up a new Chromebook will be easier than ever thanks to a QR code scanner. Users can scan a QR code from their Android phone, which will then set up their Chromebook. Entering details like Wi-Fi credentials and Google account information will no longer be necessary.

Google Task users will be able to check off their tasks by clicking on the date at the bottom right of the screen on the calendar icon. Google is also adding support to take an animated screen capture in GIF format. There will also be a new game dashboard feature that will allow users to customize mobile controls to keys.

AI features coming to Chromebooks soon

Finally Google teased some of its upcoming features to Chromebooks. Last year, Google demonstrated Project Gameface, an accessible gaming mouse which allows players to control the device through face and head movements. It currently works and is integrated into ChromeOS so users can navigate their Chromebook.

Furthermore, Chromebooks are getting Gemini-powered features, such as Help Me Read With Gemini. This feature summarizes web pages or documents using Gemini. Users can also ask questions about the content of the articles.

Google is also working on a feature that provides a summary of what you were last doing on your Chromebook or smartphone with Chrome web browser. Every time you open up your Chromebook, a screen will appear that shows you suggested windows, tabs and apps you left open on your other device.

Lastly, Google will launch a focus-related feature, which temporarily pauses notifications.

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