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I want Nuremberg-style trials for Russian cyber soldiers, says Ukraine official

Recently our sister website Cybernews spoke to Victor Zhora, a senior digital official of Ukraine who hopes to get certain types of cyber attack entered onto the statute as war crimes at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague.

Moves are already underway to ensure Russian soldiers and their commanders and leaders are held responsible during and after the war in Ukraine for the alleged atrocities they have committed during the invasion.

Now Zhora’s department, which specializes in technical investigations of suspected cyber attacks, wants the ICC to officially recognize the amplified harm these cause when conducted in concert with conventional, or kinetic, acts of war.

Here are a few of the things Zhora had to say on his team’s journey towards making this a reality:

“I hope for Nuremberg Two. Starting from Putin [and defense minister Sergei] Shoigu, and ending with these cybercriminals who served the Russian government and participated in these illegal, destructive cyberattacks.”

“With regards to targeting, we found evidence that there was a breach of networks, [followed by data] leakage, and the capture of certain people – putting them to torture and so on, which are crimes in themselves.”

“Regarding disinformation, [...] these happened in several regions of Ukraine, in Odessa and other regions directly after or simultaneously to missile strikes. There were some false messages sowing of propaganda aimed to scare wider audiences in connection with these kinetic attacks.”

"We know at least four official organizations in Russia responsible for offensive cyber: the GRU, the FSB, the SVR, and the Ministry of Defense's scientific and research institutions. And there is competition between them."

To read the interview in full, please click here.

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