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Mozilla is experimenting with AI services

In the coming months, Mozilla is going to add several AI services to its web browser Firefox. This experiment however will only be available to Nightly users.

Starting this week, users of Firefox Nightly can add a chatbot of their choice to the sidebar for easy access.

Secondly, they will be able to select and send text from web pages, for instance to summarize the highlighted portion of an article. Users can also simplify a text by selecting it. Lastly, there’s an option to test your knowledge of the excerpt called ‘Quiz me’.

Adding these experimental features to Firefox Nightly is voluntary. In order to activate these features you simply go to Settings > Nightly Experiments and enable the option AI Chatbot Integration. Next you choose what chatbot you like to use: ChatGPT, Google Gemini, HuggingChat or Le Chat Mistral.

To launch the AI services, you select a portion of the next as you normally would and right-click on your mouse. A prompt will appear on screen, including an option called Ask Chatbot. There you will find Summarize, Simplify Language and Quiz Me.

Mozilla says in a blog post that it wants to provide people with choices. Because users aren’t locked into a single chatbot provider, they are able to choose the service that works best for them. Also, chatbots like ChatGPT are constantly evolving, meaning that some are better at certain tasks than others. This will give users the ability to experiment with different providers and see which chatbot fits their needs the best.

“AI is an ingredient that can make your experience better. It doesn’t need to replace the tools you already know and love,” the blog post reads.

Mozilla says it wants to improve their AI services before releasing them into their beta and release channels. The company welcomes feedback on how to make these features more useful.

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