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Nearly 13K Santander employees exposed in the US

Santander is warning 12,786 US-based employees that their data had been exposed in a cybersecurity incident, which also affected 30 million customers worldwide.

The bank disclosed to the Maine Attorney General that the breach occurred on April 17 and was discovered on May 10, 2024. This breach is part of broader attacks targeting dozens of Snowflake customers that had no multifactor authentication enabled.

“Santander learned that an unauthorized party obtained certain records from a third-party database used by one of the Company’s affiliates,” the filing reads.

Previously, the threat actor under the alias ShinyHunters had claimed to have records of 30 million Santander’s customers, six million account numbers and balances, 28 million credit card numbers, HR employee lists, consumer citizenship information, and “much more.”

Santander’s investigation revealed that hackers also snatched the private information of the company employees.

“That may have included your name, Social Security number, and bank account information used for direct deposit for payroll,” Santander said in a letter to affected individuals.

The bank offers free identity protection and credit monitoring services for two years. Santander assured employees it took steps to protect its systems.

Santander Bank was the first to report a data breach in a series of cyber incidents surrounding cloud provider Snowflake. Live Nation later confirmed that its subsidiary Ticketmaster suffered a similar data breach, which affected a colossal number of customers, as the data of 560 million individuals was posted on the dark web for sale.

Mandiant says that approximately 165 Snowflake customers may be potentially exposed by a financially motivated threat actor labeled UNC5537.

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