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NSA opens AI security center as general sounds warning

The National Security Agency (NSA) in the US has announced a new department dedicated to overseeing the integration of machine learning into the country’s defense systems.

Announcing the move on September 28th, the Department of Defense (DoD) said the AI Security Center would be a “focal point for developing best practices, evaluation methodology, and risk frameworks” to steer the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) across America’s military-industrial base.

“The new entity will consolidate the agency’s various artificial intelligence, security-related activities,” the DoD added.

As well as answering to the DoD, the AI Security Center will work hand in hand with industry, scientific researchers, and academics. It will also collaborate with foreign allies.

The move follows the DoD’s publication in 2020 of a roadmap for responsible uptake of AI, as US officials increasingly tout the technology as a must-have.

“AI will be increasingly consequential for national security in diplomatic, technological and economic matters for our country and our allies and partners,” said NSA head General Paul Nakasone.

And the military bigwig further warned that America cannot afford to be complacent about its current edge in the AI arms race.

“Today, the US leads in this critical area, but this lead should not be taken for granted,” he said. “Our adversaries, who have for decades used theft and exploitation of our intellectual property to advance their interests, will seek to co-opt our advances in AI and corrupt our application of it,” he said.

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