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The U.S. senate makes security intrinsic with VMware


Surprisingly the United States Senate Federal Credit Union has five people I.T. team. Rather than investing in more expensive physical security appliances that would be time-consuming to maintain by USSFCU's five-person I.T. team.

The credit union chose a software-defined, intrinsic approach to infrastructure security, relying on VMware NSX Data Center for virtual firewalling and micro-segmentation. It also included VMware App Defense in its VMware vSphere environment, which provides deep visibility into applications and their behavior.

VMware and Data Security from Threats

USSFCU is well-equipped to protect its members and their data, with VMware vSAN encrypting data at rest.

VMware vRealize Network Insight delivers intelligent operations and VMware Carbon Black App Control to help lock down servers and critical systems.

Now, It is very crucial implement infrastructure security controls both at the network perimeter and internally to keep its trustees’ personal and financial data safer from outside threats.

It also needs to make I.T. management workloads easier to manage so that the I.T. team could better monitor the network and avoid data breaches.

Given our membership, we have to assume we're always under attack; we want to constantly improve our effectiveness, agility, and efficiency in protecting the financial and personal data of everyone from U.S. Senate administrative staff to senators and their families.

Says Mark Fournier, director of I.T. infrastructure at USSFCU

Carbon Black App Control

USSFCU has the control it needs over its environment with Carbon Black App Control to prevent unauthorized changes to applications and files.

The solution simplifies the work of the USSFCU IT team by automating the approval of trusted software and removing the burden of managing to allow lists.   

Making security stronger with CIO's Zero-Trust Initiative

The approach taken by United States Senate Federal Credit has resulted in increased I.T. efficiency and a 70% reduction in data center costs. They quickly implemented their CIO's zero-trust initiative thanks to NSX Data Center's internal firewall and micro-segmentation capabilities. They've simplified the environment while strengthening their security by combining VMware Carbon Black and vSphere with App-Defense.

VMware vSAN and vRealize

VMware vSAN is a software-defined storage solution from VMware that uses local server storage to eliminate additional storage boxes. In a nutshell, vSAN abstracts the local storage of ESXi hosts and creates a pool of it to be used as highly optimized shared storage.

VMware vRealize Suite is a management solution designed specifically for heterogeneous data centers and hybrid clouds. It provides and manages infrastructure and applications to increase business agility while keeping I.T. under control.

We needed better visibility into what was happening on our network, as well as the ability to easily segment off virtual machines and applications to prevent the lateral spread of threats; at the same time, we wanted to democratize networking and security by making it less arcane and more user-friendly to our entire team.

Says Corey Primrose, senior security administrator at USSFCU


More than 32,000 federal employees are served by the United States Senate Federal Credit Union, which offers banking and financial services.

USSFCU, founded in 1935, now manages over $800 million in assets and strives to exceed customer expectations for quality services both online and in its Washington, D.C., and Virginia locations.


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