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Four in five IT cybersecurity professionals lack tools to deter threat actors, says analyst

Only a fifth of organizations have robust cybersecurity measures in place, with most IT professionals saying they have barely adequate tools to counter threat actors. That’s the latest from Black Hat conference presenter OPSWAT.

The company, which has specialized in IT and other critical infrastructure for the past 20 years, spoke to more than 300 professionals ahead of its presentation at the Black Hat cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas this week.

Nearly two-thirds of its survey respondents said they need additional investments in tools and processes to enhance their threat intelligence capabilities, with a similar proportion identifying malware as a top concern.

And when it comes to AI, just one in ten said they already used it as part of their cybersecurity package, though more than half believed it could be a useful tool in future. As against that, a quarter of IT specialists were skeptical of machine learning.

“Threat intelligence plays a crucial role in safeguarding critical assets,” said Jan Miller, CTO of threat analysis at OPSWAT. “Understanding the evolving threat landscape empowers organizations to stay one step ahead of malicious actors, and in this rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape, it becomes a critical strategic advantage."

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