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Americans see AI replacing humans in web development

While the majority of Americans think custom GPT models could replace humans in web development roles, almost an identical number of people are concerned that the use of AI will introduce security flaws.

Three out of five US residents think custom GPT models are capable of replacing human workers in web development roles, a recent survey by HostingAdvice found. However, a tad over half of the survey’s respondents were concerned with the ethical implications of using AI for web development.

According to the survey, six in ten Americans are worried that employing GPT models to develop a website might riddle web applications with security vulnerabilities. However, the survey revealed that these concerns don’t discourage developers from using AI.

For example, 16% of people who took part in the survey already use AI tools to complete their tasks. At the same time, a quarter of respondents said they’re planning to visit OpenAI’s GPT store, a marketplace for custom-built GPT AI tools.

Respondents that already use custom GPTs said the most helpful apps are for automated testing scripts (49%), content generation (48%), language translation services (46%), automated coding assistance (43%), and wireframing/design (32%).

“Additionally, 19% of survey respondents plan to use a custom GPT for web development tasks in the future, and 23% have found custom GPT models more effective than traditional coding methods in certain aspects of web development,” the survey’s authors said.

Over a quarter of respondents who don’t use AI tools for work said they do so because of privacy concerns, such as granting communication tools permission to give keyboard access.

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