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Atlas VPN makes a “difficult decision”

The decision hasn’t been made lightly, the company said.

Atlas VPN is shutting down due to “insurmountable challenges” - rapidly advancing technological demands, a highly competitive market, and growing costs.

All current Atlas VPN paid subscribers will be transferred to the NordVPN service automatically for the remainder of their subscription period.

For users with auto-renewal, this feature will be disabled. The company assured most Atlas VPN features will be available on NordVPN, although specific features may vary.

Most Atlas VPN features will be available on NordVPN. Specific features may vary, but NordVPN offers a comprehensive set of security features that we believe will meet or exceed your expectations.

“The end of Atlas VPN marks a significant moment for us, filled with both reflection and gratitude. We want to thank you for your trust, support, and being part of our journey. As we transition to this next chapter with NordVPN, we're confident in its ability to provide you with exceptional service and the utmost security online,” the company said.

For more information, check the FAQ section.

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