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NVIDIA introduces AI assistant for gamers

NVIDIA, a Santa Clara-based technology company known for its graphic processing units (GPUs), is exhibiting Project G-Assist at Computex, an RTX-powered AI assistant that helps gamers in real time.

“PC games offer vast universes to explore and intricate mechanics to challenge even the most dedicated gamer”, the GPU manufacturer says in a press statement. That has resulted in a vast and comprehensive digital library on the internet, offering countless online guidelines and tutorial videos for gamers.

NVIDIA’s goal is to put this knowledge at players’ fingertips. For that purpose the tech company developed Project G-Assist. All that gamers have to do is simply ask a question about a game or system performance, and the AI assistant provides a context-aware answer.

“Project G-Assist takes voice or text inputs from a player, along with a snapshot of what’s in the game window. The snapshot is fed into AI vision models that provide context awareness and app-specific understanding for the Large Language Model (LLM), which is connected to a database of game knowledge such as a wiki. The output of the LLM is an insightful and personalized response—either text, or speech from the AI —based on what’s happening in-game,” NVIDIA explains.

G-Assist offers in-game and PC hardware advice

G-Assist’s vision and language models can be customized by developers for a specific game or app, providing a high degree of accuracy and insightfulness. These models can then be run on the cloud, or locally by GeForce RTX AI PCs and laptops.

NVIDIA is demonstrating the capabilities of Project G-Assist at Computex for the open-world survival game ARK: Survival Ascended. By pressing a hotkey gamers can ask the AI assistant whatever they want to know about the game. For example, G-Assist can come up with a suggestion for the best early game weapon, where to find it and what materials gamers need to craft it.

G-Assist personalizes its recommendations to the user’s playthrough. It may offer suggestions on where to go next, how to level up faster, or hint at locations of hidden items.

Lastly, G-Assist can evaluate a gamer’s system configuration and performance and instantly tune it for an optimal experience. “The AI Assistant can track and graph frame rates, power usage, PC latency, and other hardware statistics, suggesting ways to improve them when prompted,” NVIDIA states.

NVIDIA doesn’t share any details about the availability of Project G-Assist.

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