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Top 13 Best Free Photo Editors in 2021

We all love colorful photos that keep memories of happy days and joyful moments. But sometimes, the camera lens cannot convey those bright colors that you see at sunset or during fireworks. It is easy to spoil a successful shot with light, bystanders in the background, or red eyes.

Don't rush to delete beautiful photos because of a couple of defects −  can easily remove them with the help of free photo editors. Just a few clicks, and your photo will turn into a masterpiece!

Today we will dive into the world of creativity with you because I have prepared the top 13 best free photo editors for you! I bet you haven't heard of many of my top photo apps before; it will be a surprise for you.

According to statistics, the most popular graphic editor among photographers and artists is Photoshop and Adobe-related products. Still, today we will talk about other photo editors that will give odds to Lightroom and Photoshop!

I think I've intrigued you enough already...

Well, let's not waste a minute − let's create!

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What should be a good photo editor?

There are so many photo editors in the Play Market or App Store that it makes eyes run wild. How to choose the best one? It's simple − a good photo editor should have the following criteria:

  • have a basic set of photo editing tools
  • provide photo color correction (brightness, contrast, color balancing, black and white filter, etc.)
  • the ability to eliminate imperfections (red eyes, skin defects, etc.)
  • intuitive user interface
  • availability of a tutorial for beginners
  • the ability to save photos in high resolution

Unfortunately, many of the applications provided on the Internet have some drawbacks. So I carefully analyzed each photo editor and selected the best of the best for you − so that each of your photos aroused admiration and rapturous glances!

My choice: top 3 best photo editors

Honestly, I couldn't choose the best of the best, so I chose three of the best free photo editors at once! Rate each of them and write your opinion. Am I wondering which one will be the best for you?


  • AirBrush is three in one: retouching, photo correction, and filters
  • Quickly retouch
  • Some tools are paid

AirBrush is an application that will appeal to all bloggers and photographers. Just a few clicks are enough to remove bruises under the eyes, imperfections on the skin, and change the eyes' color or hair.

I use this application to cover up dark circles under my eyes − unfortunately, cosmetics do not save me from "panda eyes". But the Dark Circles tool instantly removes an unpleasant defect.

The only thing that upsets me is that some functions (for example, changing the oval) are paid. But you can close your eyes to this because the paid version can change your face beyond recognition.

To show you the magic of AirBrush, I found a portrait photo for retouching in DuckDuckGo, which photographers use as an example. See what I got:

Result of the AirBrush skin retouch: before-after

Image source – takefoto.ru

The result is fantastic, right? I used only two tools − Acne and Smooth. It took me only a few minutes to retouch the photo.

Try it too ─ you will like it, I guarantee!

Platforms: iOS, Android


  • The large set of tools
  • Free for use
  • Supporting many platforms
  • Not detected

Gimp is a free analog of Adobe Photoshop. The program has the same set of tools and is entirely free to use.

The app is suitable for both professionals and beginners −the interface is so simple that it will not be challenging to use it.

I use Gimp to cut out any defects or unnecessary fragments in the photo using the Lasso tool.

Gimp app

I advise everyone who uses Photoshop now to try this application: I assure you, Gimp will pleasantly surprise you.

After using the Gimp, please, write in the comments, does it make sense to overpay tens of dollars for Photoshop if you have Gimp?

Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android


  • Amazing app's functionality
  • Retouch & photo correction
  • Not detected

Snapseed is the perfect photo correction app. Shadows, contrast, brightness, b/w, graininess, and much more − the app's functionality is fantastic! All of Snapseed's features are free so that you can enjoy your creativity and experiment.

Do you want to increase the brightness or, conversely, darken the photo? No problem! Snapseed caters to all your creative needs.

Just watch how dramatically my summer vacation photo changed in just a few minutes:

Result of Snapseed photo processing: before and after

I applied color and shadow correction. The photo instantly became brighter and more colorful. Compare it!

But...I want to warn you about one nuance: when you save the photo, select the Save a copy; otherwise, the program will change the original photo in the photo album to the edited one.

Snapseed save photo settings

Platforms: iOS, Android

The Best Free Photo Apps

Well, we have decided on the top three. Now let's take a closer look at the rest of the photo editors!


  • Popular app among bloggers
  • Aesthetic photo filters
  • Many photo filters are paid

VSCO app

Image source – neurohive.io

VSCO is a favorite program of all insta-bloggers. Have you noticed a beautifully processed Instagram photo? Do not hesitate − this is all thanks to VSCO filters.

VSCO was created for the processing and color correction of photos. However, it is a pity that you have to buy some filters − only some of them are available for free.

Platforms: iOS, Android

Picsart Photo & Video Editor

  • Many colorful templates for your Insta-story and another post
  • You might edit video: add text, stickers, and effects to this
  • Many tools for photo edits
  • If you want to remove the Picsart logo below under the video − you need to buy the paid version

Picsart Photo & Video Editor

Image source – windowsmode.com

Picsart Photo & Video Editor is a multi-tasking app to edit photos, videos and create beautiful Instagram stories and Facebook posts using built-in templates. The application contains many effects and stickers to make your photos bright and memorable.

Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android


  • Fantastic templates for documents and photos
  • Not detected

Canva app

Image source – canva.com

Canva is an Australian app designed to add color to your life! Dive into the creative world with free Canvas templates to create beautiful brochures, presentations, logos, Instagram stories, and more.

Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android


  • Creative effects for photo & video
  • Some tools are paid

InShot app

Image source – anderbot.com

InShot is a creative space for photo & video editing and collage creation. Add stickers to photos, apply filters, and edit videos ─ InShot will fulfill your every whim!

Platforms: iOS, Android


  • Many tools for correcting photos
  • Not a very popular app
  • Support only Windows platform

PhotoScape program

Image source – softoworld.com

PhotoScape is a favorite app for those who have been in the photography and design industry for a long time.

Oh, 10 years ago, I started my acquaintance with photo processing with this program!

PhotoScape has not lost its relevance now: the program's functionality will turn your photo into candy in a few minutes.

Platforms: Windows


  • Text and collage effects for photo
  • Not detected

Pixlr app

Image source – pixlr.com

It's a photo editor in which you can create beautiful collages, add text and other effects to photos − in general, do whatever your heart desires!

Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android

Prisma Photo Editor

  • Amazing effects for edits
  • Many people don't like photo cartoon

Prisma app

Image source – oscarmini.com

Prisma is a real art space for those who want to see their photo from a different angle. The application can add cartoon effects and create a fantastic picture from a selfie.

Platforms: iOS, Android

InstaSize Photo Editor + Video

  • Many bright frames for photo & video
  • The app contains templates for Instagram stories, Facebook posts, etc. You do not need to calculate the required image format yourself - the application has already done it for you
  • Some tools are paid

InstaSize app

Image source – apps.apple.com

InstaSize is an app with which you can add colorful frames to your photo or video and apply color correction and beautiful filters.

Platforms: iOS, Android


  • Creates portrait effect
  • Many variations of blur, bokeh, and refocus
  • Not detected

Focos app

Image source – pinterest.es

Focos is a magic wand that can turn your photo into a professional shot! It is unnecessary to use an expensive lens or buy an iPhone 12 Pro with portrait photography − just use Focos. Artificial intelligence will detect the portrait area and blur the background.

Platforms: iOS, Android

Prequel: Video & Photo Editor

  • Aesthetic filters for photo
  • Filters are presented by category: you can choose which of them are currently in trend and are most often used by bloggers
  • Some popular filters are paid

Prequel app

Image source – softportal.com

The Prequel is a paradise for aesthetes and beauty connoisseurs. With this app, you can create beautiful Pinterest-style pictures − just aesthetics and nothing more!

Platforms: iOS, Android


Life is a multitude of unique moments. Our task is to capture as many of them as possible.

I hope my article will help make your photos even brighter, more creative, and juicier!

I was glad to create with you and add a little magic to these gray autumn days.

Would you please write which photo editor from the rating you like? I will be waiting for your feedback!

Stay on the bright side!

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