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Best VPNs to get around YouTube TV Location in 2024

YouTube TV is excellent for cord-cutters who want to replicate the cable TV experience. It offers a great variety of content, top-tier DVR features, and superb performance. However, it's only available in the US, and even then, some channels are geo-restricted. Thankfully, you can bypass YouTube TV location with an industry-leading VPN.

A YouTube TV VPN will encrypt your traffic, ensure your privacy, and in the process, let you avoid any geographical blocks and firewalls. Additionally, with a top-notch VPN, you'll have access to more content on other streaming platforms and websites. Furthermore, you can use a VPN if you want to watch YouTube TV while traveling. Thus, let's find out which VPN can surely bypass YouTube TV location.

Best VPNs to bypass YouTube TV location: shortlist

  1. NordVPN: the best VPN for YouTube TV. It comes with loads of servers in the US, amazing speeds, and a dedicated IP option for easier streaming.
  2. Surfshark VPN: VPN with infinite connections. It will tear apart any YouTube TV location restrictions, whether you're at home or abroad. Surf through TV channels with a VPN that won't slow you down.
  3. Atlas VPN: VPN with an excellent free version. The provider will help you explore YouTube TV without any restrictions. Moreover, you'll get extra security features that will come in handy.
  4. PrivateVPN: YouTube TV VPN with free dedicated IP servers. Small, yet a very effective streaming VPN. It will unblock YouTube TV and many other platforms globally with ease.
  5. ExpressVPN: versatile VPN for YouTube TV. It comes with great security features, excellent speeds, and a substantial server fleet.
  1. Set up the best YouTube TV VPN. Our top choice is NordVPN, now with a massive discount!
  2. Join a server in the US
  3. Sign in or create a YouTube TV account
  4. Go ahead and watch YouTube TV outside the US!

Why do you need a VPN for YouTube TV?

First and foremost, YouTube TV is only available in the US, and the content is not distributed equally throughout the country. Due to copyright laws and distribution rights, this streaming service must place strict geo-blocks and limit access. Furthermore, some countries would ban the platform for political or religious reasons.

Youtube TV location restriction

Luckily, with a YouTube TV VPN by your side, you can avoid restrictions and access content from any part of the world. Even if YouTube TV is unavailable in your country, you can grab one of the Top 5 VPNs, kick back, and enjoy hours of content.

Secondly, your privacy and security might be at risk if you don't use a VPN. The government, your ISP (Internet Service Provider), or even cybercriminals can snoop around and see what you're doing on the web. Consequentially, this could lead to information leaks, hacking attempts, or even fines if you're using P2P. Fortunately, a YouTube TV VPN will encrypt your data and protect you from dangers.

Lastly, a VPN for YouTube TV can stop your ISP from bandwidth throttling. This might happen if you engage in data-hungry activities, such as torrenting, gaming, or streaming. However, a top-tier provider will shield you from ruthless ISPs and won't let anyone slow you down.

Best VPNs for YouTube TV: overview

Our main priority was to find YouTube TV VPNs that could easily bypass any geo-blocks. Additionally, we ensured that all providers offer incredible speeds globally and loads of servers in the US. Moreover, for extra convenience, all VPNs for YouTube TV are compatible with all major devices and have many simultaneous connections.

Not to mention, a perfect YouTube TV VPN should come with the core security features, like IP and DNS leak protection, a kill switch, and unbreakable encryption. Furthermore, a reliable provider should have a strict zero-logs policy to ensure your anonymity. Extra points if a VPN for YouTube TV is based in privacy-respecting jurisdiction and has been audited by third parties.

Thus, here are our Top 5 VPNs to bypass YouTube TV location restrictions.

1. NordVPN


  • Superior against geo-restrictions
  • Excellent security & privacy practices
  • Blazing fast speeds

NordVPN is the best VPN for YouTube TV as it can easily bypass any location restrictions. Additionally, you'll get 5900+ servers in 60+ countries, of which 1970+ are in the US alone. Apart from binging on YouTube TV, you'll have access to geo-restricted streaming, torrenting, and gaming content.

You'll also enjoy 4K-ready speeds on YouTube TV, thanks to the ultra-fast, proprietary NordLynx tunneling protocol. Furthermore, the service provides apps for all major devices for maximum convenience. And while NordVPN only offers 6 simultaneous connections, you can set up the VPN on your router and secure your whole network.

You can grab a US dedicated IP address for an extra fee to avoid any inconveniences caused by dynamic IPs. And suppose you want to stream YouTube TV in highly restricted countries like Russia or China. In that case, you can utilize obfuscated servers. They will help you avoid VPN restrictions and bypass YouTube TV's location blocks.

Bypass YouTube TV location block with NordVPN for $3.09/month, protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. Or, if you're cautious and just want to test it out, you can try NordVPN with a 7-day free trial.

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2. Surfshark VPN


  • Smart DNS feature
  • Fantastic performance
  • Great at bypassing geo-blocks

Surfshark VPN is another sublime tool for a YouTube TV location hack. The provider offers 3200+ pieces of hardware (600+ in the US) in 100+ countries, so finding a working server for YouTube TV will be a child's play. More so, you can protect as many devices as you want under the same subscription.

In addition, Surfshark is compatible with all major OS, including Windows, iPhone, Firestick, and many more. And suppose you have devices that don't support VPNs natively. In that case, you can utilize the Smart DNS feature and access geo-restricted content. Furthermore, you'll have no problems with connectivity, thanks to the WireGuard tunneling protocol, which also ensures incredible speeds and 4K video quality.

And if you live in a country where the cyber landscape is under a magnifying glass, you can use the Camouflage Mode. It will help you avoid Deep Packet Inspection, sneak through local firewalls, and bypass YouTube TV location curbs. Moreover, you might want to fully protect yourself with the Surfshark One package, including antivirus, unbiased search engine, and threat detector.

Surfshark provides a YouTube TV location workaround for $2.29/month. Moreover, you can test the waters with a free 7-day trial or grab a premium subscription with a month-long money-return warranty.

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3. Atlas VPN


  • Very affordable
  • No device limit
  • Streaming optimized US servers

Another excellent VPN for YouTube TV is Atlas VPN. Not only is it a well-rounded service that can bypass geo-blocks, but Atlas VPN is also one of the cheapest providers in 2024.

You'll find 1000+ servers in 42+ countries, many of them in the US. Apart from YouTube TV, you'll have access to Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and much more content. Atlas VPN also offers infinite connections that you can share with your household. The service is compatible with Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, and Firestick. However, Atlas VPN lacks router configuration or a Smart DNS feature, which is a bummer if you want to watch YouTube TV on consoles or smart TVs.

Luckily, Atlas VPN boasts superb speeds thanks to the WireGuard tunneling protocol. Additionally, all US servers are streaming optimized, meaning lagging and buffering on YouTube TV won't be an issue.

Trick YouTube location curbs and explore endless content with Atlas VPN for only $1.64/month. While there's no free trial, you can try the free service for as much as you want. Otherwise, you can grab any premium plan with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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4. PrivateVPN


  • Excellent device compatibility
  • Great against geo-restrictions
  • Pocket-friendly option

PrivateVPN packs quite a punch against YouTube TV's location restrictions as it's one of the best VPNs for streaming. Moreover, you'll be able to unblock other streaming platforms, for example, Netflix US, BBC iPlayer, Hulu + Live TV, and loads more.

With 10 simultaneous connections, PrivateVPN will protect all of your major devices. You'll have no problems watching YouTube TV on streaming devices or smart TVs because you can easily configure PrivateVPN with your router.

However, a considerably small server fleet and the lack of the WireGuard tunneling protocol might be concerning. Thankfully, with High Quality Network internet capacity, PrivateVPN can provide 4K-ready speeds. Additionally, it's one of few virtual private networks that gives free dedicated IPs, which is excellent for streaming services with hardcore geo-restrictions.

Get PrivateVPN for YouTube TV for $2.00/month, protected by a 30-day money-back warranty. Otherwise, you can test it out with a free 7-day free trial.

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5. ExpressVPN


  • Awesome for streaming services
  • Substantial server fleet
  • Great security features

If you don't mind paying a bit extra for service, ExpressVPN is a great choice for YouTube TV VPN. With 3000+ servers in 105+ countries, you'll surely find a server in the US that can help you bypass the YouTube TV location control.

ExpressVPN lives up to its name and delivers super-fast speeds thanks to the proprietary Lightway tunneling protocol. Moreover, it offers 8 simultaneous connections that you can use on various OS, like iOS, Windows, Linux, etc. Additionally, ExpressVPN is one of a few providers that offers an app for routers which is excellent if you want to secure your whole network and stream YouTube TV on consoles and smart TVs.

However, while ExpressVPN can quickly help you bypass geo-restrictions, you should reconsider choosing this service if you care about your confidentiality. You see, ExpressVPN is a part of Kape Technologies, which is notorious for breaching people's privacy.

If you think ExpressVPN is a perfect workaround for YouTube TV location curbs, grab it for $8.32/month. While the provider doesn't offer a free trial, you can test out the service with a 30-day money-back warranty.

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How we picked the VPNs for YouTube TV

Wondering how we chose the Best VPNs to unblock YouTube TV? Well, we tried and tested dozens of different VPNs according to essential criteria. Thus, if you want to do your own research and find a VPN that can bypass YouTube location restrictions, use this list as a guide:

    • Ability to bypass geo-restrictions. Essential for anyone living abroad. Otherwise, if a VPN can't help you avoid YouTube TV location restrictions, you won't enjoy loads of content that the platform has to offer.
    • Number of servers in the US. You want as many pieces of hardware in the US as possible. That will prevent you from bumping into overcrowded servers. Moreover, it will be less likely that you'll get an IP banned by YouTube TV.
    • Excellent speeds. If you live far away from the US, you'll need a VPN that offers ultra-fast connectivity. That way, you won't encounter any buffering or lagging. Thus, grab a VPN with the WireGuard or NordLynx tunneling protocol for the smoothest viewing experience.
    • Security and privacy features. This is actually the primary purpose of getting a VPN in general. Make sure your provider doesn't collect any logs. Even better if they are based in a privacy-friendly jurisdiction. Additionally, look for core safety features, such as leak protection, a kill switch, and military-grade encryption.
    • Price-performance ratio. You'll want a VPN that works, but it shouldn't break the bank. You can find a state-of-the-art VPN for less than $4.00/month.

    How to watch YouTube TV abroad with a VPN

    If you're looking to cut the cord, YouTube TV is an excellent alternative to old-school cable TV. It offers live TV, on-demand movies, full seasons of popular TV shows, and unlimited DVR space. However, there are some drawbacks. For example, YouTube TV is only available in the US, and some content is geo-blocked. Thus, enjoying the streaming platform will be impossible if you're traveling or living outside the US.

    Thankfully, you can bypass YouTube TV location restrictions with a reliable VPN. And it doesn't matter which device you use, a trustworthy provider will encrypt your data, give you a US IP address, and help you avoid any blocks. Hence, follow the tutorials below if you want to use a VPN for YouTube TV on any device.

    How to watch YouTube TV from anywhere

    • Pick a VPN that can easily bypass YouTube TV restrictions. Our #1 pick is NordVPN, with loads of servers in the US and ultra-fast speeds.
    Youtube TV VPN setup 1
    • Get a subscription, download the app, and sign in.
    • Wherever you are, connect to a server in the US.
    Youtube TV VPN setup 2
    • Go to YouTube TV and sign up. Use an address generator to get a fake US address and ZIP code.
    • Pay for the subscription.
    Youtube TV VPN setup 3
    • Go ahead and enjoy hours of movies, shows, and vids!

    How to watch YouTube TV in Mexico

    Unfortunately, YouTube TV is blocked in your area if you're from Mexico. But, whether you're traveling or living here, you can bypass YouTube TV location restrictions with a trusty VPN. No need to worry, as combining a virtual private network with YouTube TV is child's play:

    1. Pick a VPN with loads of servers in the US. Therefore, we advise getting NordVPN with an extensive hardware fleet
    2. Sign in to your YouTube TV account or create a new one
    3. Pay for your subscription if you haven't yet
    4. Enjoy everything YouTube TV has to offer while away from the US!

    How to watch YouTube TV in Canada

    If you're a person from up North, you might be a bit jealous of Americans enjoying loads of amazing content on YouTube TV. Luckily, you can bypass YouTube TV location restrictions and enjoy everything from NBC to NFL. What you'll have to do is:

    1. Choose a VPN that can easily avoid YouTube TV restrictions. One of our top choices is Atlas VPN
    2. Join a US server and get a YouTube TV plan with an American ZIP code and address
    3. Use a YouTube gift card to pay for the subscription
    4. Binge blockbuster movies and popular TV shows hassle-free!

    How to watch YouTube TV in Australia

    People from Down Under will have no problem bypassing YouTube TV location restrictions with a well-performing virtual private network. Additionally, you can watch YouTube tv while traveling if you're from the US. And don't worry, the setup process is easy as pie:

    1. Get one on the Top 5 YouTube TV VPNs. Thus, reel in Surfshark VPN with a huge discount!
    2. Launch the VPN and get a YouTube TV subscription with a generated US address and ZIP code
    3. Pay for the subscription using a YouTube gift card
    4. Enjoy ESPN, Fox, Disney, and many more channels on YouTube TV!

    How to watch YouTube TV in Europe

    No need to worry, you won't have to move to the US to enjoy everything YouTube TV has to offer. If you're from Europe and YouTube TV is not available in your country, you can simply get a top-tier VPN for YouTube TV and binge as much as Americans do. All you have to do is:

    1. Subscribe to the ultimate YouTube TV VPN. We recommend grabbing NordVPN, now with a massive discount!
    2. Create a YouTube TV account with a US address and ZIP code. If you don't have one, use the US address generator
    3. Pay for the subscription using a US payment method or YouTube gift card on Amazon
    4. Launch YouTube TV and kick back with loads of new content!

    How to watch YouTube TV on different devices

    Did you know that you can watch YouTube TV on multiple devices with a VPN? Whether it's a phone, laptop, smart TV, or streaming device, a virtual private network can help you unlock a plethora of content. Additionally, a VPN will shield you from many online dangers and privacy breaches.

    YoutubeTV on different devices

    However, each gadget is built differently and has its own quirks. Hence, learn how to bypass YouTube TV location on any device.

    Watch YouTube TV on your PC

    If you own a Windows or a Mac computer, a YouTube TV location hack with a VPN will work like a charm. Essentially, to enjoy exclusive shows and enjoy YouTube TV on PC, all you have to do is:

    1. Download and install the best VPN for Mac or Windows computers. NordVPN is an excellent choice
    2. Join a server in the US
    3. Go to the YouTube TV website or app and log in
    4. Stream and enjoy more content than you can imagine!

    Watch YouTube TV on your phone

    Whether it's an iPhone, Android device, iPad, or any other tablet, you can easily binge your favorite shows with a VPN that works with YouTube TV. However, the setup process will have a few extra steps, due to built-in GPS tracking. Not to mention, the installation process will depend on your OS and manufacturer, but, in general, you'll have to:

    1. Grab a VPN with geo-spoofing capabilities. The best one for the job is Surfshark VPN
    2. Create a new Apple ID or Google account and choose the US as your country
    3. Go to the YouTube TV website or app and log in
    4. Watch endless content on your mobile device!

    Watch YouTube TV on your smart TV

    While not all smart TVs support VPN apps, there's still a way to trick YouTube TV location curbs. You'll need a VPN that you can install on your router to stream shows and movies on the platform. Remember, the setup process will depend on your networking device and don't forget to check if your router supports VPNs. Here are the basic instructions:

    1. Subscribe to a VPN that's compatible with routers. We suggest NordVPN with a superb discount
    2. Manually configure your networking device with a US VPN connection
    3. Connect your smart TV to the router network
    4. Go to the YouTube TV app and sign in
    5. Find what you want to watch and enjoy what YouTube TV has to offer!

    Watch YouTube TV on your Kodi

    Kodi doesn't allow you to download a VPN add-on on the media player software. Luckily, you can still trick YouTube TV location by setting up a VPN on your router. Here's a detailed walkthrough:

    1. Sign up for a VPN with a vast server fleet in the US. We highly recommend NordVPN, currently with a great discount
    2. Set up the VPN on your router with a US server
    3. Connect Kodi to your home network and get the YouTube TV app
    4. Log in or register for a YouTube TV account
    5. Kickback and watch everything from NFL to Fox!

    Watch YouTube TV on your Roku

    Unfortunately, Roku devices do not support VPN software natively. Therefore, you'll need to set up your home router with a VPN and connect your streaming device to that network. Only then will you be able to hack YouTube TV location restrictions and get loads of content. Here's how you do it:

    1. Reset your Roku
    2. Manually configure your router with a US VPN connection. We suggest picking NordVPN, the fastest VPN provider
    3. Plug in your Roku and add it to the router network
    4. Log in with a US-based account and search for YouTube TV on the Roku Channel Store
    5. Install the app and sit back with some quality content!

    Watch YouTube TV on your Apple TV

    Unfortunately, Apple has imposed restrictions on creating VPN software. However, that doesn't mean you can't hack YouTube TV location control with a VPN. All you'll have to do is install a YouTube TV VPN on your router:

    1. Get a VPN for YouTube TV that supports router configuration. One of our top picks is Surfshark VPN with an excellent discount
    2. Setup the VPN on your home router with a US server
    3. Connect Apple TV to your network and launch the YouTube TV app
    4. Log in or sign up to YouTube TV
    5. Watch blockbuster movies and shows on the big screen!

    Watch YouTube TV on your Firestick

    Luckily, Amazon FireOS devices are compatible with most VPN services, with some having dedicated apps for Amazon Fire TV Stick. To get around the YouTube TV location with a VPN on Firestick, you'll have to take these simple steps:

    1. Snatch the ultimate VPN for YouTube TV. Our number one pick is NordVPN
    2. Connect to any server in the US
    3. Go to the app store and search for the YouTube TV app
    4. Launch the application, sign in and enjoy loads of content!

    Can't access Youtube TV with a VPN?

    A VPN is a perfect tool to bypass YouTube TV location restrictions and keep yourself secure and private. However, if you're using a random VPN, you might have some problems.

    The major one is that YouTube TV will detect VPN or proxy usage and prevent you from accessing content. Another common issue is poor connectivity while using a VPN.

    VPN or Proxy detection

    To solve these issues and trick YouTube TV's restrictions with a VPN, you can take a few easy steps before taking any drastic measures:

    • Join a different server. With a proper provider, server count in the US shouldn't be an issue. Thus, you should try a different server to see how it goes.
    • Restart your device. Try to turn your computer or smart device on and off. You can also try to reboot your router to be absolutely sure.
    • Check for IP leaks. A shady VPN can expose your actual location and IP address and prevent you from accessing YouTube TV. Thus, make sure that your IP and DNS leak is on.
    • Get rid of browser cookies and cache. If you're not using a VPN, you leave traces all around the web. That way, YouTube TV can determine your actual location and block you. Therefore, before you surf the web, delete your browser's cookies and turn on your VPN.

    If none of the above solutions works, contact your VPN provider's customer service. They should offer a 24/7 live chat option, so reaching them shouldn't be a problem.

    However, even if that doesn't work, it's time to opt for a new and reliable VPN service. We suggest grabbing the king of YouTube TV VPNs list – NordVPN. It has loads of servers in the US, offers amazing speeds, and, best of all, it's undetectable. Therefore, it's a perfect VPN for YouTube TV.

    How to watch YouTube TV with a free VPN

    We get it, a free VPN for YouTube TV sounds like an ideal solution. However, we don't recommend opting for costless services.

    Most of the time, free YouTube TV VPNs can't bypass hardcore geo-restrictions. Furthermore, you'll get a few overcrowded servers to choose from, and sloth-like speeds. Additionally, most costless services can harm you by collecting your data, selling it to third parties, or injecting your devices with malware. Thus, as you might have guessed, free VPNs for YouTube TV are not ideal.

    Nevertheless, suppose you're adamant about using a free VPN for YouTube TV. In that case, we can recommend a couple of reliable freemium providers, like Atlas VPN or Proton VPN. While they do have some limitations, they won't compromise your privacy and security on the world wide web. However, I do have to let you know beforehand that free servers are not streaming-optimized.

    Otherwise, you can choose the best free trial VPN for YouTube TV, like NordVPN. For 30 days you can use it as a free VPN for YouTube TV. That way, you'll surely bypass any restrictions, enjoy unlimited data, and get 4K speeds for over 30 days!

    What to watch on YouTube TV

    If you bypass YouTube TV's location restrictions, you'll have an opportunity to enjoy over 80 live channels for $64.99/month. Additionally, you'll get 6 accounts that you can share and a possibility to record and store your favorite shows and movies.

    YoutubeTV channels

    The subscription includes the most popular channels, such as Comedy Central, Disney, Paramount Network, FX, and many more. Thus, there will be no shortage of content that you can easily access.

    And if you don't know where to start, here are a few suggestions on what to watch on YouTube TV:

    ChannelsThings to watch
    NBCThe Office
    Adult SwimRick & Morty
    NBA TV NBA Finals
    BBC BBC World News
    NickelodeonSpongebob Squarepants
    YouTube OriginalsThe Age of AI.

    If you want to see what else YouTube TV is serving, don't hesitate and head to the official website. There, you'll find all the information about current channels and content on them.

    Apart from the regular subscription, you can grab various add-ons. Their prices vary from $5.00/month to $10.00/month each, and you can choose from HBO Max, AMC+, Showtime, and many other networks.


    If you want to enjoy YouTube TV, the best VPN will do the trick. It will provide you with a US IP address, trick the streaming platform, and give you access to over 85 channels. Moreover, a solid VPN will protect you from any threats lurking on the web. However, not all providers are capable of bypassing tough geo-restrictions.

    We suggest grabbing the best of the bunch – NordVPN. Not only will it give you access to YouTube TV globally, but it will also help you deal with privacy breaches and cyberthreats. Moreover, NordVPN offers breakneck speeds, loads of servers in the US, and other nifty features that will come in handy. Thus, it's the perfect VPN for YouTube TV.

    Have you tried bypassing YouTube TV's location restrictions? What VPN did you use? Do share in the comments!

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