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How to get YouTube premium subscription discount in 2024

There are several benefits to using a YouTube Premium account that is not available with a basic subscription. For example, it gets rid of irritating ads and enables you to download and play videos in the background while using other applications.

These extra features aren't free, they’re actually pretty expensive, with prices in certain areas, such as the US, costing $11.99 a month. But strangely, the price varies depending on where you are in the world.

Thankfully, there is a way around this annoying quirk – a VPN. By using a VPN, you can mimic your IP address to a place or server in a country with cheaper YouTube Premium plans, like Argentina.

Get cheap Youtube Premium with VPN
  1. Choose a solid VPN provider. We recommend NordVPN, now with 69% off.
  2. Create an account using your current email address.
  3. Download and install NordVPN on your device.
  4. Log in using the details you entered in the previous step
  5. Connect to a server in Argentina as they have some of the cheapest YouTube plans.
  6. Create a new Google account, even if you already have one.
  7. Add your payment details, if you can, try and keep them different from a previous card you may have used.
  8. Enter an Argentinian address by simply searching on Google Maps.
  9. That’s it! Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits of your cheaper YouTube Premium account!

How does a VPN help you get a YouTube Premium subscription for less?

A VPN allows you to mimic your actual IP address as if it belonged to servers and locations across the world. This means you can bypass the pricing set by YouTube for your current location by mimicking somewhere else in the world that has a lower price.

Countries like Argentina can access YouTube Premium for as little as $1.57 per month, whereas this fee jumps to $11.99 across Europe and North America.

By using a reliable service like NordVPN, you can spoof your IP address using its huge range of servers. NordVPN currently has over 5500+ servers in over 50 countries around the world, including 20+ in Argentina.

So you can easily bypass these restrictions and get YouTube Premium at a much more affordable price. It also means you can access geo-locked content on popular sites like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu!

It is also worth noting some additional features you will get when using a VPN – for example, you will benefit from top-notch security features designed to keep you safe when browsing online. This means your data will be safe from snoopers and hackers.

How to get a YouTube Premium subscription cheaper - extensive guide

You must first have a VPN account to enjoy this incredibly low YouTube Premium price. Many of the best VPN services offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide not to keep your VPN or if you only intend to use it for this purpose. Although its worth noting that you won’t be able to use your cheap account in the future without a VPN.

We're going to be using NordVPN, a top provider that enables you to connect to an Argentinian server, to make sure this procedure is successful, as they’re currently one of the lowest-priced countries offering YouTube Premium. To make an account, simply follow the instructions below.

  1. Pick your plan. First, head on over to the NordVPN Website and choose the plan that suits you best. All come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Pick your plan
  2. Create an account. Enter the email address you want to use for your account on the following page. Then, make a subscription payment. Create an account
  3. Download and install. NordVPN is available on all major devices. We suggest downloading the desktop program for either Windows, macOS, or Linux to complete this process. Use your email address and password to log in after the app has been installed. Download and install
  4. Connect to a server. Find and click on any Argentinian-based server (as this is where the cheapest YouTube Premium subscriptions are.) Connect to a server
  5. Create a new Google account. Even if you have an existing Google account, you’ll need to create a new one to stop Google from tracking your previous data. We recommend you use a different name when doing this. Create a Google account
  6. Enter payment details. Enter different card details to your other Google account if you can. If your bank offers a virtual card, try using that. You can use an Argentinian address as your billing address even if your bank card is linked to an address outside of Argentina. Enter payment details
  7. Create a fake Argentinian address. Make sure the address listed for your billing is in Argentina. Use Google Maps to find an address, or a random address website. Create fake address
  8. Start watching YouTube Premium. You’re good to go! Now you can enjoy YouTube Premium and all its uninterrupted videos and music for as little as $1.57/mo. Start watching YouTube Premium

Countries with the cheapest YouTube Premium subscriptions

The cost of YouTube premium varies drastically from country to country. This is often down the purchasing power of a nation or what is deemed affordable. But either way, it sucks if you have to pay full price.

The cheapest country to get a YouTube Premium subscription is India, with prices starting from 129 INR for a standard plan – this translates to around $1.56 at today's exchange rate. If you want to cover the whole family, this jumps up to 189 INR, or $2.28. As the plan can be shared between 5 members, this works out as just $0.45 a person!

Below is a list of the cheapest YouTube Premium price plans around the world:

CountryCost (USD)
Hong Kong8.77

*YouTube Premium subscription: prices by country. Last update: September 2022.

So if you’re based outside of any of these countries, use a service like NordVPN to connect to a server in any of the above countries, and follow our steps in this article to get it cheaper!

Why does VPN not work while trying to purchase YouTube premium

Sometimes things don’t work exactly as they should, and you may not be able to access YouTube Premium using your VPN.

Here are some common problems users might face:

  • Your browser cookies have given away your actual location
  • Your VPN provider is unable to unlock location-restricted content
  • YouTube has identified and blocked your chosen server
  • Your GPS location is different from your mimicked location

If you encounter any of these issues, try these steps:

  • Clear any cookies or cache in your web browser settings
  • Try a different VPN server
  • If using a free VPN, get a premium service like NordVPN
  • Make sure leak protection is turned on with your VPN
  • Contact your VPNs customer support team or look at their troubleshooting guides

If you want to access YouTube Premium or any other streaming services worldwide, download and install NordVPN today. NordVPN has servers all over the world, lightning-fast connection speeds, and unlocks everything you throw at it.

Does free VPN work for YouTube Premium?

We advise not using a free VPN to unlock a cheaper YouTube Premium plan as we always find them to be unreliable. Plus, you will have a tough time finding a free service with servers in Argentina, India, or other acceptable locations. They also come with risks.

  • Data logging. To stay free, these VPNs are often proven to collect and sell user data to third parties and advertisers – the opposite of a premium service like NordVPN.
  • Infectious. There have been instances where the VPN provider intentionally injected harmful software into their programs. These viruses, which can include keyloggers and spyware, can monitor your actions even while you aren't connected to the server.
  • Bad protection. The majority of these VPNs lack the necessary security tools, let alone the ability to mask your online identity. It's astonishing how many services use out-of-date encryption techniques, and there's typically no kill switch or IP & DNS leak protection.

We instead recommend that use you a premium service like NordVPN, with prices starting from as little as $3.09/mo. This provider offers super-fast connection speeds, reliable unlocking of location-specific content, and top-notch security to keep you safe online.

You can also try them hassle free with a 30-day money-back guarantee. For further savings, use one of our coupon codes - NordVPN coupon 69% OFF.

How to get YouTube Premium student discount

Students may be eligible for a YouTube Premium discount if they pay the eligibility checks in place.

To sign up for a YouTube Premium student membership you must:

  • Be enrolled as a student at an institution of higher learning in a place where YouTube student memberships are accessible, such as the US.
  • SheerID must authorize the institution of higher learning. The SheerID program determines the institution's eligibility.

To check if your school has student memberships available:

  1. Visit the YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium landing page for students.
  2. Select Try it Free.
  3. On the SheerID form, type in your school's name. Student plans are accessible if your school is included on the list.

You can get a student membership for up to 4 years if you meet the eligibility conditions. Every year, you'll have to re-verify your eligibility.

Final thoughts

So, using a service like NordVPN is the best way to get a cheaper YouTube Premium account from outside the country of its designation.

It’s really simple to sign up and install a VPN, and by doing so, you can unlock access to not only a cheaper YouTube Premium account but also a huge range of previously geo-locked content on popular sites like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer.

You also get a ton of excellent security features to help you keep safe online whilst watching the shows you love.