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Breached Daniels Hosting “onions” data is back

The Cooltechzone team incidentally stumbled upon a blast from the past regarding a famous breach of free hosting for dark web websites (onion websites) in March 2020.

On December 5, 2021, the infamous KingNull, who was behind the original attack on Daniels Hosting, posted the message on the popular forum with remainder to the past attack.

Message of KingNull from December 5, 2021

The hacker posted the leaked data almost for free. The hidden link can be revealed for the price of 2,00 USD.

The file with 34k+ lines of records includes:

  • onion links,
  • email addresses,
  • names,
  • private keys to admin panel,
  • logins and hashed credentials.

Leaked data

Sample and link to file

Even though the published data is quite old and most likely 99% of websites from the list are already moved, republished, and credentials are changed, the public on the forum is still interested in obtaining that data.

If somebody needs it, somebody knows how to use it against us.

How to protect yourself from being hacked

It is difficult to assess the scale of the leak again. It is clear, many owners missed their data, most likely together with data of their users or visitors.

In order do not to become a victim of hackers and do not find your data in a compromised database, I strongly recommend that you adhere to minimum cyber hygiene, namely:

  • Do not register on suspicious websites using any real data. In the case of accepted risk and deliberate use of dark web resources, do not reveal any personal data there.
  • Use safe browsers and search engines.
  • Hide your traffic with VPN services.
  • Use only unique and robust non-repeatable passwords stored in safe places.

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