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Meta’s Oversight Board issued 53 decisions in 2023

The Oversight Board published 53 content moderation decisions last year, covering topics like prisoners of war, extreme diets and discrimination against transgender people. In 90 percent of the cases Meta’s original decision was overturned.

In 2023, the Oversight Board received 398,597 appeals from around the world, including 39 cases referred by Meta. About 78 percent of the claims submitted last year were about Facebook, less than a quarter (22 percent) were about posts on Instagram.

Over a third of all cases submitted to the Board (38 percent) came from the United States and Canada, a quarter (26 percent) was submitted from Europe. 12 percent of the cases originated from Latin America and the Caribbean, only 2 percent came from Sub-Saharan Africa.

While the Oversight Board almost got 400,000 complaints about messages posted on the social platforms of Meta last year, it ultimately took only 53 decisions. To be as effective as possible, the Board selected these cases with great care.

“While we can only review a small number of cases, we continue to select cases that often raise underlying issues facing large numbers of people around the world and make recommendations to address them,” the Board states in its 2023 Annual Report.

Since 2021, Meta has fully or partially implemented 75 recommendations of the Oversight Board. As a result of that, the Menlo Park-based tech company launched a feature called Account Status, which tells people what penalties were applied to their account and why.

Furthermore, the term ‘Marg bar Khamenei’, meaning ‘death to Khamenei’, Iran’s spiritual leader, is henceforth allowed when users are talking about the protests in Iran.

The Oversight Board concludes that its recommendations continued to improve the way people experience Meta’s platforms. By tackling hard questions about content moderation, the Board pushed Meta to be more transparent with people who use its platforms.

In 2024 the Oversight Board will speak out on subjects as elections, conflicts and fake news.

The Oversight Board is an independent body that was founded in 2018 for promoting free expression on Meta’s social platforms by making ‘principled and independent decisions’. The Board’s main objective is to oversee Meta’s content moderation on Facebook and Instagram.

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