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Proton launches privacy-focused document editor Docs in Proton Drive

Proton announced a brand-new collaborative document editor with end-to-end encryption named Docs in Proton Drive.

Anant Vijay, senior Product Manager for Proton Mail and Proton Drive, states that billions of people all over the world use document editing tools like Google Docs and Microsoft 365.

However, there is a growing concern about Big Tech platforms having access to our content, tracking us across the web, and collecting our data to train artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

Most tech companies have their headquarters in the United States. That means they have to hand over any data to intelligence or government organizations if they ask for it.

That’s why Proton developed an end-to-end encrypted, privacy-focused, collaborative document editor. Docs in Proton Drive lets users write, leave comments, add media and store files safely in real-time. Even keystrokes and cursor movements are encrypted.

With Docs in Proton Drive, you’re not subjecting yourself to mass data collection. Also, because of the strong end-to-end encryption there’s no way confidential information is vulnerable to hackers and data breaches. Not even Proton can access your content or metadata.

“As with all Proton services, Docs put you back in control of your data,” Vijay promises. He points out that Proton has its headquarter in Switzerland and therefore is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws.

Docs in Proton Drive is free to use and available for all users worldwide. All you have to do is create a free Proton Drive account at drive.proton.me.

In June Proton announced that Proton VPN users on Android no longer have to create an account when they want to surf the web anonymously.

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