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Prudential Financial discloses that data breach affected over 2.5 million people

Prudential Financial, a Fortune 500 company that provides financial services globally, says in a notice that a data breach affected over 2.5 million customers.

In a filing with the Maine Attorney General’s Office back in March, Prudential Financial estimated that 36,545 customers fell victim to a ‘cybersecurity incident’ that occurred on February 5.

A threat actor had gained unauthorized access to parts of the company’s network. He was able to copy administrative and user data from ‘a small number of company user accounts’ associated with employees and contractors.

Prudential launched an investigation to ascertain the extent and impact of the data breach. At first the company said there was no evidence that the threat actor took client or customer data. A bit later security researchers found out personal information like names, addresses and driver’s licenses were compromised.

In a recent update shared with the Maine Attorney General’s Office, Prudential Financial states that the data breach has impacted 2,556,210 customers.

The company offers 24 months of identity theft and credit monitoring services and encourages people to remain vigilant for any unauthorized or unexplained activities.

ALPHV claims responsibility for data breach

Soon after the security incident took place, the criminal hacking group ALPHV claimed to be responsible for the network breach.

ALPHV, also known as BlackCat and Noberus, made its first public appearance in 2021. The hacking group gained notoriety after hacking Colonial Pipeline and forcing the CEO to pay 4.4 million dollars in ransom.

The list of ALPHV/BlackCat victims seems endless. Dutch tank storage company Vopak, Japanese entertainment company Bandai Namco and Swiss aviation services company Swissport are just a few companies that fell victim to ALPHV.

The FBI links the hacking group to over a thousand victims worldwide, causing hundreds of millions in financial damages.

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