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Best NordVPN Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in 2024

Online shoppers can rejoice as Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales on various products begin to crop up. Black Friday is slated for November 25th, while Cyber Monday follows on November 28th.

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are no exception to this time-honored tradition of unbelievable deals and discounts. And with NordVPN, the #1 VPN on the market, customer savings can reach 72%. So don’t miss your chance to purchase the undisputed market leader without breaking the bank.

  1. Pick the most appealing subscription plan. The two-year plan grants a 68% discount and adds 3 months for free
  2. Visit NordVPN’s website to claim the Black Friday deal
  3. Download the software once you’ve signed up for a premium plan
  4. Enable the VPN connection and safely shop online!

NordVPN Black Friday sale details

NordVPN offers an exceptionally-appealing Black Friday sale in 2022. If you’re not convinced, consider perusing our complete list of available Black Friday and Cyber Monday VPN deals.

NordVPN Black Friday deal

Prices start at only $3.39/month, and signing up for the annual or two-year plan grants customers:

  • Savings up to 72%
  • 3 extra months of subscription time
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Details will vary depending on which pricing tier (Standard, Plus, Complete) you choose. For example, the Standard plan is the cheapest option and includes only NordVPN. Meanwhile, you can cover more cybersecurity fronts by opting for the Plus (with NordPass) or Complete (NordPass and NordLocker) plan.

NordVPN pricing comparison

Here’s a detailed breakdown of all the NordVPN subscription options and the savings you’ll get with each.

2 years + 3 months$2.99/month (63% off)$3.99/month (62% off)$5.29/month (68% off)
1 year + 3 months$4.49/month (45% off)$5.49/month (48% off)6.79/month (59% off)

Why you should buy NordVPN on Black Friday

Many online shoppers are easily convinced by the enormous Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts to buy almost anything. But let me make a case for why the best VPN service needs to appear in your shopping cart above all else.

  • Access to region-specific prices. Using a VPN to change your location can unlock country-exclusive prices. This trick doesn’t seem like a compelling argument at first glance. Unless, of course, you know which regions get lower prices for specific products.
  • Protection against hackers. Hackers are fully aware of the increased online shopping activity during Cyber Monday and Black Friday. As such, they up the ante on their scam antics and search for vulnerabilities to exploit. Thus, you’re more likely to become a victim of cybercrime if your online activities aren’t protected by a VPN tunnel.
  • Anonymity and confidentiality. Online storefronts are known for following recurring visitors with the help of online trackers. Then you’re served personalized ads and different (usually worse) deals. You can avoid these pitfalls by hiding your IP address.

These issues are specific to online shopping, but a VPN is helpful in other areas too. For example, altering your location can unlock movies and TV shows normally unavailable in your country. On the other hand, encrypting your online activities makes you immune to mass surveillance by oppressive governments. So how does NordVPN fare in these scenarios?

NordVPN features

NordVPN is the king of the VPN industry because it excels in performance on multiple fronts. Whether your goals are digital security, online anonymity, or access to exclusive streaming content, you’ll be satisfied with this product.

Eager to know how NordVPN does this? With its staggering arsenal of one-of-a-kind technical features! Here’s an introduction to a few.

  • Threat Protection. The most impressive tools in NordVPN’s arsenal. It scans your device for infected files while blocking intrusive ads, trackers, and malicious websites.
  • Meshnet. You can use this feature to link up with other NordVPN users or remote devices. Then the VPN becomes the vessel for LAN parties, access to files on distant machines, and secure collaboration.
  • Obfuscated servers. Restrictive networks, such as the Great Firewall of China, block VPN traffic entirely via DPI (Deep Packet Inspection). Luckily, traffic-masking features like obfuscated servers can circumvent these limitations.
  • SmartPlay. NordVPN can unlock bonus streaming content on practically any device with the help of SmartPlay. It’s based on Smart DNS technology and changes your location by altering DNS requests.
  • Dark Web Monitor. Your data may already be circulating on the dark web because of a vulnerability in some website you used. Dark Web Monitor will notify you immediately if something with your data is making the rounds.

Want to know more? Check our extensive NordVPN review for detailed information.

What about Cyber Monday?

While Black Friday is known for discounts on physical and digital storefronts, Cyber Monday is exclusively an online event. It’s also the perfect opportunity to snag some VPN deals you might have missed on Black Friday.

So far, the NordVPN Cyber Monday sale appears to be the same as on Black Friday (68% discounts and 3 extra months for free). However, there is a chance of last-minute changes to cater to patient customers. So don’t rush into Black Friday if you don’t have to, and instead wait for Cyber Monday on November 28th.


While the onslaught of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals can make it difficult to think straight; it’s vital to stay vigilant against online threats. A VPN is essential, so don’t penny-pinch and get NordVPN, the best tool for secure online shopping!

What’s on your radar for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Will you use NordVPN to keep you protected while you hunt for deals? Share your online shopping tactics by leaving a comment!


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